9to5Mac points to an interesting presentation given at the recent Barcelona Informa MVNO Industry Summit by Whitey Bluestein. The wireless industry analyst believes that Apple is about to launch its own wireless service courtesy of MVNO.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors regarding the iPhone-makers becoming a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, but Bluestein believes this is set to happen in the “near future.” And he makes a pretty convincing argument too…

For starters, what is a mobile virtual network operator? It’s a wireless communication provider that doesn’t own any spectrum or infrastructure. It essentially rents these things from a larger carrier. If you’re in the US, think Boost Mobile or Straight talk.

Whitey lists a number of factors that have led him to this conclusion, including: a patent application, recently renewed by Apple, regarding MVNO technology, Apple’s Nano-SIM battle with Nokia, and the company’s strong retail presence.

The analyst believes that Apple will begin by offering mobile data plans bundled with iPads, and then move on to offer voice, data and messaging plans to iPhone users. All sales would go through the same iTunes accounts used to purchase music and apps.

To be honest, this sounds awesome. A carrier run by Apple, who happens to have the highest customer satisfaction rating out of almost any consumer electronics company in the world? Sign me up. The problem is, as with all Apple rumors, we essentially have to write this off as make-believe until we see concrete evidence, or hear something from Tim Cook himself.

What do you think? Would you join an Apple-run wireless carrier?

  • Hmmmm. This might become a problem from my point of view. As Apple grows stronger each day, the government is keeping a close eye on them. If they pose a threat and believe to me building up a monopoly, they will get dismantled by the government.

  • sounds great, if they have much better plans and prices than the other competitors, Ill surely sign up.

  • I don’t like the idea of Apple owning its own network. It’s product are all ready over priced. Plus AT&T & Verzion plans are crazy over price. I think it would just be to much.

  • in US probs possible in other countries wont survive…lolz

  • Dan

    I would be willing to give them a shot, I’ve always been impressed by their customer service.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing I’d be excited for with this is the fact that, I presume, they’d get rid of phone numbers. I can’t wait for the day I’ll be able to call someone to their email address just like today I’m able to message them (iMessage) and video-call them (Facetime)

  • But would you open Cydia on there network ? They could quite easyily stop the Cydia address on there network .. Or they could even have it flag up and from what device .. But than again would they be allowed to stop you ..

    • Apple need cydia.

      • Apple don’t need Cydia..it’s people Lille use that need Cydia.. There are more non jailbroken devices than there is jailbroken… True apple get at lot in its idaers from Cydia , but I think that can cope with out it..

      • Yes, that’s true, apple do get ideas from cydia. Let’s say apple don’t need cydia. A lot of people jailbreak their iPhones to alter the way their phone behaves almost similar to the way android/google phones work. If a lot of jailbreakers are/were unable to do this then I think a lot of people would move to other handsets that are to their preference thus apple would be selling less phones and other companies increasing their sells and most probably put apple even further behind the competition.
        I like my iPhone for the pure reason that it’s jailbroken, altering the way it performs. If this was not possible I would most probably be using a different handset.

      • so your saying you got a iPhone is because it can be jailbroken ? With each iOS that comes out the device is getting better and better.. Yes a jailbreak cam make your experience more enjoyable . But its not the B all and end all to owning a Idevice…

      • At the moment, for me it is. Anyway, let’s see how things go. Maybe phone companies will grow up and start accepting competition instead of saying “we thought of that so you can’t use it” and what have you, producing phones that don’t need to be jailbroken/modified in any way.
        That’s how I would want it anyway.

    • Anonymous

      You have a point there.

  • I love the idea also, especially if the price for their programs was competitive!

    I also can see Apple making a bid for T-Mobile…..

    They do have enough cash for it, and currently T-Mobile does have the largest 4G network!

    Something to also think about…..

  • As long as the price is right ( cheaper than i’m paying now ) and service has zero problems ( like I have now ) then, yes.

    • Until Apple bans porn or other offending words/stuff from their network (like they do it in iTunes).

      Another problem could be that Apple suddenly sells it’s mobile gadgets/devices exclusively (atleast for 6 month) on AppleNetwork.

  • i will sign up with them but the problem is that maybe the apple will block the network of cydia

  • Anonymous

    No Verizon forever