If there’s one thing that the iPad accessory space isn’t short on, it’s keyboard cases. There are a number of them available from several top-notch manufacturers including Zagg, Logitech, and Kensington. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more.

Meet the Brydge, an aluminum bluetooth keyboard case for your second generation or third generation iPad. Made from the “highest quality materials,” the accessory makes your tablet look (and function) an awful lot like a MacBook Air…

We saw a similar product surface earlier this month, but what sets the Brydge apart is its patent-pending hinge. This allows you to position your iPad at nearly any angle while you work. The case even comes with optional built-in stereo speakers.

The Brydge isn’t available yet. Its creators are currently running a Kickstarter project to try and raise $90,000 to bring it to market. If you’re interested, a pledge of $150 will get you one of the first units off of the assembly line (without speakers).

What do you think of the Brydge? It’s a bit pricey.


  • yay macbooks for half the price

    • What is it with KickStarter projects lately and their prices… First the pebble for $150 and now a bluetooth keyboard with speakers for $210?

      Make a quality product for a “reasonable” price to sell more in quantity instead of a quality product for an expensive price. Wouldn’t the reasonable price one sell the same if not more since it’s available for those who don’t want to drop more money than an iPhone?

  • Nice but I wish they made one for the 1st gen iPad 🙁

  • shannonw6290

    $210 for the one with speakers? No thanks. I do like it though.

  • Half the price?
    Think again

  • Eric Morgan

    Much nicer than that Japanese one from last month. Pledging now.

  • Nice but pricey.

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    • That was a very deliberate and wonderful ass shot. Thanks for the tip lol

    • Glad to see your concentrating on the product

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  • Good concept .. n work…. hope to see in the market soon..

  • Anonymous

    A bit pricey, and doesn’t charge the ipad a la Transformer Prime keyboard. Looks nice though

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  • Anonymous

    Clam case is better

  • For $210 that case better be delivered by that ass between her cheeks on my lap : )

  • To much for what it does.

  • To much for what it does.

  • Too much, too beautiful. Apple worthy.

  • Can it charge my iPad??

    • no, it’s pretty much just a keyboard. you have to charge the keyboard with a usb plug.

    • no, it’s pretty much just a keyboard. you have to charge the keyboard with a usb plug.

  • Dan

    too expensive

  • I’ll pledge for that girls ass if you send me her?

  • I’ll get this for my dad for his birthday! Along with a new iPad to replace his 1st gen…

  • Robert Goldberg

    is it aluminum or plastic?