Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has finally addressed concerns that the carrier might drop its unlimited data plans for an upcoming sixth-generation iPhone. Speaking to CNET’s Roger Cheng, Hesse said his company has little interest in changing unlimited data plans by the time the next iPhone hits the market later this year, whether or not it is LTE capable.

Sprint is the only major United States wireless operator still offering an all-you-can-eat data plans to smartphone customers. This, as Hesse often puts it, remains the carrier’s “distinctive differentiator”

While we’ve known that Sprint will keep unlimited data plans for 4G LTE phones, it wasn’t immediately clear whether the offering would entail the next iPhone.

Commenting on the combination of unlimited and the iPhone, Hesse told CNET:

I’m not anticipating the unlimited plan would change by that point. That’s our distinctive differentiator. Frankly, it’s a marriage made in heaven. We’re clearly attracting customers from our competitors.

Sprint said today it activated 1.5 million iPhones during the first quarter of this year, 44 percent to new customers, amounting to 660,000 new iPhone subscribers.

But without the iPhone, the carrier would have actually lost 400,000 customers.

What do you think, is unlimited data Sprint’s distinctive differentiator?

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s false advertising, yes it is unlimited data but at what speeds? I guess if your okay with having a 2012 phone with 1999 data speeds then sprint is the carrier of choice

    • Anonymous

      Nice answer! At least right now Sprints iPhone speeds are way to slow. I wonder why their the only one’s still offering unlimited data. I thought the reason Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile cut back was because of spectrum issues.

  • Anonymous

    Well, if only Sprint didn’t suck, I would happily leave my bullshit AT&T “unlimited” plan for them. Such a huge regret I have not jumping ship to Verizon when they still offered unlimited plans…

  • It is for me. F— AT$T. They’re still a bunch of contract-breaking sons of b–ches!

  • Anonymous

    I kind of wonder what people are doing on their phones that they use up all 2 gigs. Ive watched whole movies in a month and used the gps almost daily, still didn’t break 2 GB.

    • Anonymous

      I’m have to call the BS flag on this one, i purchased 3GB of 3G on my iPad the other day streamed 3 episodes of “Law & Order” with some light web browsing and then i got the warning…..please refill your data…..10 days after i purchased my 3GB’s so how r you going a whole month on 2GB’s?

      • Anonymous

        Well first of all you are using the iPad which has different data plans and consumes more data. (bigger screen with higher res = more data)

        I thought we are talking about smartphones here?

      • ehhm magicDrumSticks ur pretty dumb if u really think that iPad uses more data.
        Same movie = same data. Let’s say one episode is about 350 mb big, how is the iPad gonna use more data when it downloads the same movie… Even streaming is about the same data…

        I agree with jgr627 u are indeed talking bullshit here. U must have w-lan at home ur definatly not using ur data plan !

    • Anonymous

      Yea, I’m still calling the bullshit flag on this. A movie on Netflix streaming on the iPhone is ~700MB. So if you watch plural movies, you’re already close. Using the GPS doesn’t use any data, so don’t be an idiot and try to act like it does in your listing.

      I uses to use regularly 8GB, and that was just from streaming Pandora 10 hours a day while at work.

      I refuse to connect my phone to a wi-fi network, and I laugh at every idiot suggesting I do it when at a public place. They clearly don’t understand how insecure your phone’s data is.

  • Luke Row


  • I’m so glad I’m with sprint! I get unlimited data! LA has good data speeds! Just in a week I used 2GB of data! I used Siri, YouTube, netflix, safari, teitter etc. It all depends on where you live. So glad I don’t have to worry about how much data I use… (cough) Verizon and AT&T subscribers! Hehe 😀

    By end of 2012 Sprint is gonna have there network updated, so speeds will be faster for people who aren’t getting advertised speeds.

    Thank god they are keeping unlimited data for now! I hope they never end it.