Apple’s frenemy Samsung is gearing up for the upcoming Mobile Unpacked 2012 event due May 3 in London. In order to pique interest, the company posted a new YouTube advert teasing its upcoming third-generation Galaxy smartphone.

The device is aimed at stealing the spotlight from Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone due later this year. As has been the case with Samsung’s advertising as of late, it subtly likens iPhone users to mindless sheep, but doesn’t refer them directly.

Instead, the clip wraps up with a line suggesting the Galaxy III smartphone helps one stand out from everyone else, spiced up with an image of sheep. As the iPhone is the iconic handset by the world’s top smartphone maker, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out to whom ‘everyone else’ refers to.

Check out the teaser video right below and tell us what you think…

The advert closes by saying:

With technology that fits in this easily, you can now stand out from… everyone else.

The ‘everyone else’ being illustrated with the above image.

The South Korean consumer electronics conglomerate also set up a mini-site with the countdown timer for the upcoming handset. Surprisingly, both the English-language version of the site and its Korean counterpart were unavailable at press time, presumably folding under heavy load indicating high interest.

Yup, that’s the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack.

Neither the video nor the mini-site reveal much about the phone, but it’s rumored to be a rehash of the Galaxy SII, packing in a 1.5GHz processor, four-inch AMOLED display and 1GB of RAM.

The biggest new feature is said to be eye-tracking technology which will use the device’s front-facing camera to detect if your eyes are looking at the screen or when you are writing text.

The official unveiling is scheduled for the next week’s Unpacked event in London.

What do you think, am I reading too much into it or is this yet another jab at iPhone fans? And is it fair to say that Samsung in a sense is calling its own customers sheep?

Or perhaps iOS users isn’t their target market?

I’m obviously not alone in thinking that Samsung is talking about iPhone users.

  • No imagination.

    • Is it jusr me or when Android devices come out and I’m reading the specs, all I see is-
      “blah blah .5 better processor, blah blah blah another AMOLED, blah blah blah RAM, and a plastic body”.

      • I agree ….all these companies just keep adding higher specs(bragging rights thats it!) and they make the stock android even worse by adding sense UI and making it lag even more
        Despite all those fancy quad cores it still lags and crashes
        It’s just not smooth and stable
        …however I wouldn’t mind higher specs in iPhones and more ram….it’s very disappointing that I can’t play Avi, mpeg at 720p on my ip4

  • You could be right, you could be wrong. If they’re pointing out the sheep as being people and their phones then I think it could be aiming at all of the common phones out now. But I guess all of the iPhone lovers will without a doubt disagree.
    Like I said above, you could be right, you could be wrong.

  • the whole ad seems uninspired, how about some strait facts about the phone samsung?
    eeeerrrr… fail, again!

    • Anonymous

      It’s a ‘teaser’ it’s meant to tease, not provide “strait facts” (sic).

    • Anonymous

      YOU FAIL.

  • JayKay

    The last two pieces showed ceremic finish, but the more samsung using cheap marketing tactics the more im hating samsung.

  • Didn’t even get to see the phone. If samsung release a quad-core processor, apple better up their game. I just had enough of the slight upgrade rubbish.

  • I find this trend of tech commercials pretty jarring. They seems to say that the product will bring you the power of the world, the whole galaxy! In the end all the consumer is going to do is facebook with it. Though it is the same with most car commercials and all toycommercials.

    • Kok Hean

      Samsung GALAXY SIII. GALAXY.

      • So what? Motorola Razr should show dramatic scenes of razors? Do apple product commercials ever actually feature the fruit?

        Call me crazy, but I just wish commercials to reflect the actual product or it’s capabilities, not interstellar phenomenon.

  • Yasser Kaskas

    Maaa a a a a

  • Who do they get to do marketing for their ads? Samsung just doesn’t get it. How about they advance their technology and show people “WHY” they should buy it. If you look at all their phone ads, they either have ‘feature’ heavy specs that they tout, or they go make fun of other companies. Just tell me WHY I should buy your crappy phones!

  • Anonymous

    I believe it is making fun of iPhone users and I find it hilarious!

    Sent from my 4S

  • Apple will bring something amazingly magical. iPhone is 60% of apples profit so I’m sure there going to make it revolutionary again.

  • Jude Johnpeter

    Anyone else noticed the irony in the galexy being able to fit into your hands

    • Anonymous

      Never watched Men in Black have you?

      • Jude Johnpeter

        I meant the phone Samsung “Galexy”

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know what a galexy is.

      • Anonymous

        You live in a Galaxy you know. Might be wise to learn how to spell it.

  • If they do this shitty teaser, I can’t imagine how they could do a better phone, and they are always thinking of better than the iphone, why they just can have progress by their own and not always looking for the neighbour ahah

  • Whatever it is….I just hate the way Android works & it’s Playstore!! Am a Nexus user with ICS. Just got myself an iPad & 4S. I just love how it works,the required specs and mainly the iOS!!!

    • Anonymous

      Well that’s just not true. You don’t go back from Android unless you are a hipster, or have TEXTBOOK hipster complaints about screen size and OS complexity.

      • Kok Hean

        Android fanboy spotted :/

  • Anonymous

    Guys we are all Apple fans here, but lets not be incredibly biased against the commercial. For what it’s worth, I think a little healthy competition is a good thing and will lead to innovation and better products from both Apple AND Samsung.

    • Competition is of course very good! Unfortunately Samsung is not competing but compcopying.

      I consider such ads very lame, do they really think that insulting thier wannahave customers of being sheep is the way to grab thier interest? I think they are only managing the opposite!

    • Kok Hean

      I consider myself a user, not a “fan” 🙂

  • Robert Goldberg

    The best never compare themselves to anyone, but always get compared to and most of the time in a negative perspective. That is just another demonstration that iPhones is so far ahead of all other smartphones and Apple kicks other company’s asses, so Samsung is just trying to get more clients by playing a “boring, like everyone else” card. Cheap trick, always annoys the hell out of me. Making an original commercial or at least concentrating on creating a better device is much more effective.

    • Not only is Samsung copying Apple’s devices, they are now cloning everyone else’s Sheep!

    • Apple comparing itself to Android on every keynote. The one I remember is their comparesing between amount of iPad apps and Honeycomb apps and I’m pretty sure there’s more examples because Apple Keynote Rule #4 (as Evil Handbook of Evil Inc. says) is to tell everyone how much you’ve progressed.

  • rotting christ

    Nice they call me sheep… thwy are forgetting that iphone users also buy other equipments, like tvs, dvd player, blu-ray, laptops, and so on… perhaps peolple do not forget the “sheep” issue when they need to change any equipment at home…

  • I ain’t buying that SH*T anyway, sheep or not sheep! My iPhone 4 is still better in everyday, especially thx to the smoothness of IOS 🙂 Apple 4 life! <3

  • As long as Samsung will not provide their own OS, I can’t appreciate their devices…

    • Anonymous

      Do you actually give a f*ck?

      *sigh* Haters

  • Really? The mass effect sound track? I love mass effect but Samsung just lost all of my respect. Go get your own damn music. Be original for once.

    • Anonymous

      Really? Complaining about music in a commercial? What about Franz Ferdinand songs on Apple App Store’s commercials? Or do you think Tim Cook and Scott Forstall get together to compose Apple ads’ songs?

      • I’m not just complaining about the music. The general idea of the comercial isn’t original, And when other companies use music in a commercial they usually don’t take it from a current-hit video game. They take an easily likeable song that not a lot of people have heard before. That way the commercial still feels like an original idea.

  • May be it means the other brands’ android devices?

  • Anonymous

    This is really a blow to apple fanboys. Nice one, samsung.

  • If we iPhone Users are Sheep,
    how should I call the assh*le Samsung who’s galaxy idea is copying from Sheep’s phone?

  • i wonder what Operating system they used to render this video? seeing how a lot movies are created on mac pros i would imagine mac os