Oh great, it looks like next-generation iPhone part leaks are starting early this year. Apple Bitch points to TVC-Mall, a Chinese parts vendor, who has listed “iPhone 5” home buttons for sale on its website.

While the buttons look fairly similar to those found on current iOS devices, the vendor claims that they are in fact noticeably different…

From TVC-Mall’s description:

“Are you interested in the iPhone 5 which will come out soon? Different from iPhone 4S 4, the iPhone 5 home button is round in the centre and square outside as the pictures show. The two parts are indivisible.”

A couple of things: For starters, China is known for its bounty of counterfeit Apple products. We wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if these buttons belonged to a black market “iPhone 5” handset, rather than an actual Apple-made device.

Also, with the next-generation iPhone launch likely 6 months away, it’s doubtful that a third-party parts vendor already has finalized components from a finished product. If anything, these home buttons are more likely from a prototype.

And finally, as MacRumors points out, these could very well be old iPhone home buttons. If the round piece in the middle is the only part that protrudes upward, then the square outer-bezel would be invisible to the end user — like it is now.

Regardless, this still doesn’t speak well for the rumors of a completely redesigned handset. Until we start seeing tick-tack shaped capacitive home buttons and 4-inch display panels surface, speculation of a revamped iPhone will continue to be unwarranted.

  • These are iPhone 4S home buttons. I say that from experience, as an iPhone repair technician.

  • These are iPhone 4S home buttons. I say that from experience, as an iPhone repair technician.

    • mordechai eliyahu

      These are iPhone 4S home buttons. I say that from experience, as i use my iphone 4s everyday

    • Agreed. The so called “square outside” is the rubber that the user does not see as it is behind the digitizer glass and is part of the membrane that interacts with the internal ,poly dome or metal dome that makes the home button work. Anyone that has ever worked on any iDevice should see that.

      • Absolutely correct. The 4S uses a similar home button as the 4th generation iPod touch, with the rubber back guard being mainly designed to eliminate the chances of liquid, dirt and other foreign residue getting into the device.

  • I must be blind, but what’s new here?

  • The good old chinese, what can you say they will make a counterfeit tim cook if they could.

  • Looks the same as iPhone 4S………….

  • iPhone 4S buttons no doubt.

  • iPhone 4S Home Button!!!
    Looks exactly the same…

  • Well if there all saying it .. I’ll say it …looks like a 4s button to me …
    I know this cause it’s just below the keyboard i’am using to type this on ..