So it took a while, but I can confirm that my iPhone 4 has been officially unlocked by the fine folks at AT&T. It looks like my online chat with the AT&T representative paid off after all.

All I had to do was pop in my T-Mobile SIM and load up iTunes. I was then presented with a beautiful message that stated: Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.

Oddly enough, this unlock has nothing to do with the SAM unlock method that was revealed earlier this morning. This is a follow up to AT&T’s promise to unlock out of contract iPhones…

This unlock is more in line with a factory unlock, and it is permanent. No jailbreak is required to accomplish this type of unlock.

To be eligible, you must have an out of contract phone that was used on AT&T.

I think I’ll relegate my iPhone 4 as my go to travel phone going forward, since I’m now able to freely use it with any GSM SIM card.

Has AT&T unlocked your iPhone yet? Let us know what your experience has been thus far with AT&T, and how you plan on using it going forward.

  • AT&T did unlock my iPhone 4 about a week from the start date of Easter. Very happy that I don’t need to rely on ultrasn0w anymore!!

  • so you you dont need to back up and restore your iPhone? all you did was pop in the non-att sim, plug it into itunes, and poof?….it is factory unlocked?….

    cool 🙂

    • actually, if you pop the sim card in the phone and it not show you this message in itunes, u can run redsn0w as you were doing a jailbreak and choose the “deactivate” option, you dont even need to jailbreak your phone for this, just choose “deactivate” and open itunes and thats it 😀

  • Anonymous

    Going to see if Rogers will unlock my iPhone 4. Just have to check and see if they’ll do it for an out of contract corporate phone.

  • I got mine unlocked here in ireland after one email about two months after it came out. Carriers are a bit easier over here I feel. No hassle whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    I have an in-contract iPhone4, that AT&T just unlocked… also an older iPhone 3GS. They said it could take up to a week but it only took a few days.

    Oddly, I got an email confirming my iPhone 4 was unlocked, but not the 3Gs. I just restored it and it was unlocked.

  • What’s the number again for unlocking iPhones? I’m gonna use MagicJack app so i can call AT&T from the Philippines.

    • Vix

      You won’t be able to unlock your phone unless your iPhone was from AT&T and you have a good record with them.

      • Yes it’s from at&t i bought this last october 2010 at Apple store 5th ave. NY during my short stay in the u.s. i bought this out of contract from them so i think i’m qualified on this unlock :))) i already got my case number and the rep saud wait until the 30th for the email. I hope this is it!

      • Vix

        I’m glad to hear that then. 😀 you should have bought an unlocked iPhone that time.

  • I called AT&T via Skype and received an email with unlocking instructions in less than 48 hours, Kudos to AT&T for great service.

    • Anonymous

      What number did you call?

      • it can’t be true. They send info only in 7-10 business days.

      • Can’t be true? Statement FALSE. I got my 4 emails from AT&T with in 28 hours after my initial request over the phone. My 3GS, 2 iPhone 4’s, and my 4S were all unlocked. The rate at which the request is completed depends on how well the account standing has been so far. If payments were made on time and no problems what so ever, maximum I would say is 48 hours.

      • +18003310500

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Marc, appreciated. I was able to press 1 followed by 0 to reach an operator and initiate an unlock request for for my iPhone4 as well as my old 3G and 2 of the original 2G’s.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Marc, appreciated. I was able to press 1 followed by 0 to reach an operator and initiate an unlock request for for my iPhone4 as well as my old 3G and 2 of the original 2G’s.

  • still waiting its been 4days now….

  • AT&T said thy won’t unlock iphone 4 because it has been out for 2 years yet (will be at end of June). They won’t even unlock it if you upgrade to a 4S and the 4 become an out of contract phone.

  • I have a question
    Will AT&T unlock an iPhone locked to its network but bought without a contract by paying the full amount (initially all the iPhones available were locked even without contract)

    • hey .. i think they would because i have iPhone 4s and i called them today . and im not even in america and they told me ill receive an email in about 20th of may .. so you should try even if u dont have contract i didnt have anything 😀

  • Why would I even need it? T-Mobile has 1/4 the network footprint and it’s non existent here.

  • i called at&t on 13.4.12, they gave me a case number but i still didnt recieve any email! did it happen to anyone else?

    • Yes, I called them 7 days ago and they still didn’t send the email!

      • at me i called today and they told me because there are too much demands it might take while till 20th of may which is about month ..

  • Anonymous

    sadly upto now, i didnt received any mail from att..ive called them since 04.11.2012, i call them but they said just wait..anyway nothing to do..they are unlocking it for free,so the best thing is to wait

  • How can anyone be out of a 2 year contract on the IPhone 4 with AT&T if they phone did not come out until June, 2010???my contract ends July 2nd

    • Anonymous

      Because if you’re a long time AT&T customer, you have the option to upgrade earlier than 24 months. For example I got my 4S in Nov 2011 but I can upgrade in Jun 2013.

  • Anonymous

    I got my iPhone 4S unlocked on the first day they started doing it by calling them instead of chatting. I got my 3GS unlocked as well.

    • Anonymous

      How can a 4S BE UNLOCKED? I called they simply said no.

      • Anonymous

        I had to call twice but I finally got the person to do it. You have to get an old one unlocked first then when they say is there anything else I can help you with you tell them you have one more iPhone for them to unlock. Don’t tell them it’s a 4S and they should do it. I plugged it into iTunes 1 hour later and got the “congratulations your iPhone has been unlocked” screen.

      • Can You help me( or Anyone) unlock my 2x iPhone 4 ? I have the IMEI number but I don’t have a ATT contract ( I live in Brazil).
        Thank You Very much!!!

      • beny698

        Is your phone AT&T? And is it out of contract?

      • Yes x2. Could you help me?! Thank you very much

      • beny698

        What are the IMEI’s?

      • beny698
  • I’m still waiting…I called them the Monday after they started doing the unlocks…

  • Got my iPhone 4 unlock on Wednesday. Even though they said it would take up til 4/20/12. Thanks AT&T

  • i call +1(916) 843-4685 and submit request on 16 April 2012… but still didn’t unlock my iphone, case NO. CM20120409-XXXXXXXX and date XX-XXX-2012
    any idea !!!

  • Anonymous

    Do anyone have a email address to AT&T as I don’t have a contract with them, so I don’t think I can use the chat

  • Can i unlock the IPHONE4 Out of ATT contract ?

  • What if I bought my iPhone 4 from Ebay?

    • I bought one of my iPhone 4’s from eBay brand new a few months ago. Told them I bought it out of contract. NOTE that I did NOT tell them that I got it from eBay. They will ask you for receipt, but say that you lost your iPhone 4 box and the receipt was inside it. Tell them to submit your unlock request anyways and they will. Also I would HIGHLY recommend you tell them that you are going overseas for a trip or something with in like 2 weeks. That speeds up the process. At least it did for me. I got my unlock emails with in 28 hours.

  • I’m still waiting on my unlock code…the chat went well..will see the outcome..

  • Siddharth Desai

    Went on AT&T chat, told the person i need my iPhone unlock (Still under contract for another 1.5 years) also mentioned how i have been a loyal AT&T customer for years. 2 days later, received the email with unlock instructions and BOOM! phone is unlocked within minutes! Nice and easy process for me. Not sure about you guys.

    • what instructions did they send you in email if you dont mind me ask. ?

      • Siddharth Desai

        Plug my iPhone to iTunes and do a restore. After the restore was done, i got a nice message in iTunes saying “Congratulations!, Your iPhone is now unlocked.”

  • Just got my iPhone 4 unlock today. I call AT&T last April 10 till now I haven’t receive an Email tired of waiting I try to use the SAM method when i finnish with the procedure and connect to iTunes It automatically unlock the phone with out any message from iTunes. I think my phone is factory unlock because I use two sim card with different carriers.

  • Anonymous

    I got the ” Congratulations, Your iphone has been unlocked ” after using Sam unlock method… what does it mean? Is it fully unlocked?…

  • Vanessa Vargas

    So I just unlock my iPhone 4 and restore it…its working perfectly except for the mms…I called T-Mobile and they helped me now I can send pic messaging but I can’t receive them from a non iDevice. How can I fix this?

  • Jamadj Neely

    at&t unlocked my iPhone 4 yesterday 4-24-12, i did the whole chat thing but it took a little less then a day. I’m still on contract with at&t as we speak so i would definitely try the chat because when i called over the phone back on easter they told me i had to wait until june 24 or around that date for my phone to be unlocked.

  • ATT just unlock my iPhone 4s 😀 I’m soo happy

  • Midge Rhodes

    It took about 5 phone calls and demanding to talk to a supervisor, but mine is unlocked! I am a T-mobile user and am hoping to be able to connect 3G here in Utah!

  • got my iPhone unlocked by AT&T, pls is my iPhone unlocked permanently.
    or do i need to preserve the baseband anytime i need to upgrade

    • Anonymous

      It’s unlocked permanently, don’t worry about it.

  • i called at&t on April 22, and waited for a week for an email about my unlock. after a week they told me that they a large number of unlock request so my request will be delayed. next i called again, the CSR said i need a proof of purchase for my iPhone 4. so i faxed it to them even i’m from the Philippines. so after receiving an email stating that i am not eligible for the unlock because i don’t have an at&t account or have been on a at&t. they said that they only unlocking iPhone’s who has an at&t account. WTF??!! i purchased my iPhone “no commitment” as stated there in their website that it is also eligible for an unlock.. WTF AT&T!!! i have a very bad experience on this unlock. thou i’m using the SAM unlock of course it’s much better that i have the official unlock. Effin pissed of to at&t right now!!!

  • i don’t have ID AT&T! What should i do?

  • Hey i receive the email from at&t says Completing Your Authorized iPhone Unlock i do all the steps and nothing happend. What should i do?

    • beny698

      Call 611

  • i have receive att email with instruction but i have ipad bb in mu iphone 3gs what i do

  • Turbat Davaakhishig

    Hello everyone i’m from mongolia. how to unlock my iphone4. But i havent got a at&t account help me guys.

  • Katie

    So, I need to techy advice. I have t-mobile. My dad is getting the IPhone 5, and giving me his IPhone 4. He is calling At&T to ask them to unlock the IPhone 4 before he switches over. If he gets it unlocked, while still using his AT&T plan, will I just be able to pop in my T-Mobile SIM card and be okay? Or do I still need to go through downloading firmware and redsnow and all that jazz? Any help would be appreciated!


      If he unlocks it u can pop in any sim right away and it should just connect to the carrier without Redsn0w or a jailbreak