The Nest Learning Thermostat is one of those products that makes it finally feel like we’re living in the future that we envisioned as children. One step below Jetsons level tech, the Nest harbors contemporary tech in a pseudo-retro styled metal and plastic body that’s a bit unassuming, if not altogether ironic.

When you sit and contemplate about what the Nest is doing, it doesn’t seem all that groundbreaking, especially considering some of the advancements in technology that we’ve witnessed over the last decade. The wow factor comes from the fact that the creators of Nest found an industry that didn’t dare veer far from the status quo, and essentially turned it upside down…

Give credit to former Apple engineer and iPod creator, Tony Fadell, who leads the team at Nest. It’s no coincidence that Fadell headed up the creation of the iconic iPod while tenured at Apple, and it shows in nearly every facet of the Nest experience. From the packaging and unboxing, to the build quality, to the click wheel — this is the thermostat that Cupertino would have created if they were into that sort of thing.

Thankfully someone was into that sort of thing, because walls worldwide have been begging to get these ugly contraptions off of them for decades. Up until now, even if you wanted to have something a bit more functional than your average rock, you were just left wanting. Now we have a choice, and as you will no doubt see, having a choice is a wonderful thing.

Things I love about the Nest

  • If you have the correct base wiring, it’s incredibly simple to install
  • Technical support is top notch
  • It features solid build quality, and feels like it could last a long time
  • The stylish design will work in any environment
  • A 5-year old could figure out how to set it up, program it, etc
  • It features universal iOS apps, an Android app, and you can even control it from a web browser

The verdict is still out on

  • Yes, it’s very expensive for a thermostat
  • How long this particular device will be supported?
  • Will it really save me money in the long term?

At this point if you were to ask for my recommendation, I’d say walk, no, run to your nearest computer and order a device if you can afford to do so. The Nest isn’t something you need by any means of the imagination, but it’s so much better looking than thermostats of yesteryear, and so much more functional, that I don’t see how anyone could regret the price even at $249.

I’ll be back with a more in-depth look at the Nest’s free iOS app, the lauded learning capability, and more, once I’ve had some adequate time to put the Nest through its paces. I also plan on completing my installation by patching up a few of the holes left over by my old thermostat. Until then, check out our unboxing video, and let us know if you’d consider dropping $249 to bless your walls with this incredibly functional work of art.

  • wow… i like this

  • Sina

    Looks interesting but the price is really high (for me) !

  • I don’t give a f*** how much disposable income I have; there is no way in hell I’d be spending $250 for a thermostat. There are so many products (including some Apple ones) that I’d rather buy than this. But hey … that’s just me.

  • Anonymous

    As far as thermostats go this is a mid range one feature wise. Until it supports at least a humidifier I can’t buy one. Shame really.

  • buying 5 of these for my equipments ^_^

  • No contest to give this away? I retweeted JIC

  • Anonymous

    I need to buy a house first.

  • Kenny McLean

    I want one, I’m waiting on the UK launch.

  • KewlDewd

    “When you sit and contemplate about what the Nest is doing,”

    What is the Nest doing? You talked about everything but what it actually does. What makes this functionally different from a standard thermostat? I know there’s google, but this seems like pertinent information that should be included in an article like this.

    • if you listened and/or read the title of the article you would know it’s just an unboxing and first impressions video and not a in depth review, which he said he would post “in the very near future” to quote Jeff, geez figure it out

      • KewlDewd

        If you read my comment you’ll see that I’m not asking for an in depth review. Just a quick explanation as to what the thing does. What good is an unboxing and first impressions, if the reader doesn’t know the basics of what the thing does or why it’s different from your average thermostat. Geez…

    • It’s just an unboxing and brief impressions: “I’ll be back with a more in-depth look at the Nest’s free iOS app, the lauded learning capability, and more, once I’ve had some adequate time to put the Nest through its paces.”

      Short answer it’s a thermostat that you can control with an iOS app, and it has the capability to “learn” usage habits and save you money.

      • KewlDewd

        Thanks. That’s really all I was looking for. I’ve noticed some articles (or writers I guess) seem to assume the reader knows all about something, where it should be assumed they don’t and a basic explanation given.

  • actually just installed one today(got it yesterday in the mail). Have not used it long enough to give a very good review of it yet.

  • Can i use it only to show me the acctualy tempeture outside and inside?!

  • Aric Bolf

    When you write the in-depth article, please add an energy savings comparison on how spending $250 on this saves money keeping my house at 64 vs a cheap model keeping my house at 64.

    What if a person doesn’t have WIFI? (yes i have it, I’m just curious)

  • I have a Nest in my home and I love it. I imagine that the biggest barrier for many is the price. If so, I will share a story. Last week I had my a.c. serviced and I decided to show the repair guy my recently installed Nest. He seemed impressed with the features and when I said it was expensive here is what he said: the programmable, learning, Wifi enabled thermostats he installs in homes run up to 1200 bucks and also charge a $10-15/month subscription fee for remote monitoring. So is $250 expensive? Compared to basic thermostats with very little functionality , of course. However, compared to similarly functioned thermostats, none of which look as good, then the answer is a big yes.

  • I have been watching this with great interest. Really want one, not sure about the $249. I do think it is a great invention especially for a vacation home, nothing like using the iPhone to turn on the heat before you arrive.

  • a smit

    what an absolute, total waste of money!