About 5 months ago we reviewed ClearLockNotifications, and it was pretty good. Now the developer has updated the tweak to make it even better, more intuitive if you will.

ClearLockNotifications now features ‘pull to clear’ functionality right from the Lock screen. This means that you can clear all of your Lock screen notifications by simply pulling down on the list of notifications.

For a sneak preview of how it works, take a look at our video walkthrough…

I know many users on Twitter, and even some YouTube personalities have been instrumental in getting this functionality added to this tweak. Big ups to the developer for taking heed and listening to the needs of his users.

If you want to give the updated version of ClearLockNotifications a shot, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can download it for free.

What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    I use ipsum but I might try this out.

    • abhay gulati

      Was looking for multiple clearing of notifications which ipsum doesnt offer.! This looks good.

  • You guys write about these tweaks
    But you didn’t write a post when zephyr or ncsettings was updated….

    • Anonymous

      ncsettings has been updated like 4 times in the past two weeks it would get annoying seeing that many articles about it. do you need someone else’s opinion on everything. just read the change log and it’ll tell you what’s new.

      • Yeah but there was one update where a lot of toggles were added
        Nah not really I don’t need others opinion
        I just though it would be helpful for people who for don’t have the tweak. It would help others become aware
        For example I read a lot of comments where people did not install zephyr when it was originally released because they thought the price was steep
        So when some functionality is added it would make them aware…..that’s my intention that’s all. It really wouldn’t personally matter to me if IDB writes about it ….

  • Brown/Orange text for the pull down to clear was clearly a brilliant design idea.

  • I actually like the idea a lot.. never had the version before this and i get a lot of notifications on my phone including when i wake up in the morning so I know that I will like this tweak a lot.

  • Eric Morgan

    Why not a setting to keep the badges? I’m trying to clear the lock screen. Not forget I have any notifications. Damn. Back to ipsum removing 1 at a time.