We haven’t really heard much on the jailbreak front since iOS 5.1 came out. The software update patched all previous exploits, meaning anyone who upgraded, lost their ability to jailbreak (well, A4 devices can still be jailbroken).

But we have good news today for the folks that have updated their devices to 5.1. Pod2g, who was largely responsible for Absinthe and Corona, says that he now has all of the exploits necessary to start working on a new jailbreak…

The hacker posted the following message to his Twitter account this morning: “News: we have all exploits required to do a new jailbreak. I’m working on bypassing ASLR at bootup.” ASLR, which stands for Address Space Layout Randomization, is a complex security method used to randomize data on the RAM to help prevent exploits from taking control of the system.

Don’t get too excited though. As Chpwn reminds us, just because all of the exploits are found, does not mean we will see a jailbreak anytime soon. In fact, the hacker says that the new jailbreak is still “likely months away from working at all.”

The good news here is that hackers are making some progress. And judging by how quickly they were able to exploit the new iPad, we are assuming that any jailbreak designed for iOS 5.1 will work across multiple devices.

  • I guess this is i0n1c’s nightmare come true what if pod2g’s JB contains his exploits. All that hard work for nothing. I guess this is what happens when you start dissing the JB community.

  • Anonymous

    Uhm, months away from even working? Didnt we see 3 different jailbreaks the first day the iPad 3 came out? And months away? That is some big bullshit. In months the iPhone 5 will come out.

    • Dan

      maybe they were lying, Photoshop is a great tool

      • Anonymous

        I would love to see you make a fake jailbreak video in photoshop.

      • Dan

        Didn’t know they had a video :p

      • Anonymous

        Yep, i0n1c posted a video of his iPad3 jailbroken on 5.1 the day it came out, it’s definitely not fake 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Yep, i0n1c posted a video of his iPad3 jailbroken on 5.1 the day it came out, it’s definitely not fake 🙂

    • Abdullah Alhaddad

      U mean iPhone 4GS ? 😉

      • Anonymous

        4SGS? 😛

    • Packaging a jailbreak for regular people to use is a very difficult task

  • Oh my God!? .. It struck me the boredom of waiting .. I thought he might stay a week or two weeks for release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Its rather odd. I can’t seem to jailbreak the newer iPod 4G’s…

  • Anonymous

    But Semitethered is possible on iOS 5.1, right?

    • only on A4 or lower devices not A5 4S and new ipad and ipad 2

      • Anonymous

        Thank you!
        It is stable on 5.1 hopefully… (right?) I dropped my phone face down on concrete today when getting out of my car and unplugging it from the stereo :(. Apple Im sure will be supplying me back an iOS 5.1 phone (if all goes well)… and I dont want to be completely jailbreak-less

      • apple dont give replacements for accidental damage

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait. I just got the new iPad. And the new iPad isn’t the same without cydia.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see sebastians comments on this. 

    The jailbreak community seems to be dwindling. The demand is still great (users) but the supply (hackers) are having a difficult time keeping up. It seems like its taking forever between jailbreaks now and the “waiting interval” is just getting longer and longer. 

    Eventually we might reach a point where apple will be patching exploits faster than we can find them. I realize that there is *always* an exploit but just look at how long the PS3 took to jailbreak, I’m losing hope for future jailbreaks and I don’t want to move to android for the sake of freedom 🙁

    • The PS3 took so long to jailbreak because there was no need to jailbreak. Once they took away OtherOS the jailbreak was not far behind. At least that’s my observation.

    • Remember when the first iPhone came out, it was jailbroken 3 day before its release?

      Remember how Corona/Absinthe took like 3 months?
      Remember Spirit, for 3.1.3? Yup. That like… never came out.

      • Luis Finke

        yeah it did, but it took forever

      • Anonymous

        The Spirit jailbreak was one the best and easiest jailbreaks ever, I used it after I downgraded my 3g from 4.0 to 3.1.3.

  • Anonymous

    nothing as far as i know for the 4s 🙁

  • Anonymous

    i know this is not the right post for this question, but could you guys help me out?
    i just jailbroke my iphone 4 (ios 5.1) i installed multiple tweaks etc; installed semi tether, when i rebooted my iphone to see if semi tether works, my iphone just went to a black screen after apple logo, and the computer does not reconize it, i cant put it into dfu mode nor recovery mode. does anybody have any ideia of what should i do?
    (btw, sorry for the mistakes if any,… english is not my native language.)
    thx for your time.

    • Anonymous

      do a restore with TU

  • iOS 6 will be out by then

  • I don’t believe the JBs from the release day of the iPad. How could you get a jailbreak and Cydia and have months till this announcement and months more to to go?

    • Jim Tate

      I did a search on how to find exploits one time, and came across a presentation given by i0nic at a Con, and he shows how to make a special usb interface tool that hooks up to the dock connector. You can then feed the iDevice commands directly from a prompt.

      Apparently, having that degree of manual control is a lot different than packaging all those different steps into a fully automated tool like Redsn0w where the kernel patch and ramdisk are applied from the computer and the rest of the process takes place on the device itself. Although, I’m not a developer, so my “understanding” may be off.

  • Y u guys bother to wait for jb. I can use cack app just spent $6/ year then can install any apps on new ipad3

    • Because my friend, not all of us jailbreak for cracked apps, we jailbreak for tweaks, and apps that modify the OS, to our liking, not for pirating apps.

      • I think you won`t belive me, but I`ve done for my iPhone untethered jailbreak (my iPhone is 4s)
        ooooooooooooooh,you must wait the hackers!!!

        Everyone must knows how becomes a hacker for do jailbreak by himself(this is just an advice from me )

      • Anonymous

        more than not believing its difficult understanding what you are saying

        video or it didn’t happen!