SwipeDock is a new jailbreak tweak available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo that allows you to hide your dock with a swipe.

The tweak includes nearly a dozen dock hiding animations along with many more options to customize it to your liking.

If you’re searching for more Home screen real estate, or simple want a cool tweak to show off to your family and friends, be sure to check out our video walkthrough…

By default, SwipeDock allows you to hide the dock with a single finger swipe, but there are options to enable 2 fingers or even 3 fingers. If multitouch gestures aren’t really your thing, there’s even an option to use Activator instead.

SwipeDock also lends an option to allow an additional row of icons on your Home screen. Normally this would be a tight squeeze, but because of the tweak’s dock hiding capabilities, it allows for one to adequately navigate between his or her favorite apps with ease.

For $0.99 on Cydia, you can give SwipeDock a try for yourself. If you decide to do so, you know the drill by now; let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • jose castro

    does not work on 5.1????

    • Either way why do you want this?

      • jose castro

        at least try it out.

      • Lol your right!
        Btw IDB should have another post on the updated ncsettings…I wonder why nobody uses that….I feel it’s te best tweak next to zephyr…very very elegant..!!

  • First comment… I rock….

  • I have a question can sombody plz check if this is compatible with androidloader, would make it a while lot better. . . Thanks in advance.
    Oh and don’t bother being negative about android fan shiit. It’s a really nice tweak.

  • And the Cydia tweak … Dock hide .. Is free and does the same thing .. Hides the dock..
    Yet another tweak that has been done before as been done again and it’s not free ..

    • jose castro

      but no trasitions, and it seems smother then hide dock

      • But they both do the same thing ..hide the dock ..

      • jose castro

        ya but with style lol, but i get what your saying lol. i got hide dock installed too. but i want to at lease try it. it looks more stable then hide dock.

  • That’s pretty neat. I like how it adjusts space between icons when add row is on and dock is not present

  • Eric Morgan

    Does it conflict with Zephyr?

    • Seems to work fine with zephyr, infinidock and dock flow installed

  • jose castro

    hey jeff what are the killbackground icons on the apps?

  • These tweaks terribly slow down your device!

  • Does the dock stay hidden once you lock your device and turn it back on? That’s one reason I let go of Dockhide.

    I’d like to make the purchase if I know the dock stays hidden on lock!

    • Kok Hean

      It does. Do know that this particular developer spent almost 2 months working on this tweak and yes, he’s a teenager 😀

  • Belu Mira

    I would love to see a similar Tweak that hides the black Tabs bar in apps (the one at the botton) to have a bigger area.