This is kind of interesting, AppleInsider is reporting that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was spotted at Valve’s Bellevue, Washington headquarters this morning.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the company, Valve is a PC game developer responsible for massive hits like Half Life and Team Fortress. It also maintains the popular Steam gaming platform…

Much like the App Store, Steam serves as a hub for several different applications. The platform caters to around 30 million gamers, and offers automatic updates and other App Store-like features.

Cook’s visit to Valve’s offices has spawned speculation that there’s some type of collaboration between the two companies. If you’re the CEO of the world’s largest company, you don’t have time to take a trip up to Washington for something non-important.

On that front, Apple has been steadily increasing its efforts in the gaming space over the past few years. It’s mobile division, headed by popular devices like the iPad and iPod touch, have taken the handheld gaming market by storm.

Of course, this could end up being nothing. But if it did turn out to be something, we would kick ourselves for not mentioning it.

What do you think Tim Cook was doing at Valve’s headquarters?

  • New gaming console?

    • Anonymous


    • Matt Lewis

      Naah. The i devices kind of are the gaming consoles. Apple wouldn’t really need to make one.. But it could be app related.

      • For soft core gamers. Games like Angry Birds. Nothing crazy like Crysis 3, or the new grand theft auto that is supposed to come out.

    • No way… Valve has never been part of the console world. Steam, a little while back, was released for mac, wasn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    He was playing Episode 3 of course.

  • Anonymous

    maybe valve will help apple make a proper controller so we dont have to with silly touch screen controls that suck for hard core games..fumble

    • Tell me about it. Try playing Grand Theft Auto III on an iPod/iPhone using touch screen. I barely beat the game on computer, and using cheat codes.

      • But a iPad……! 😉

      • It could be a 32 inch iPad/Apple TV for all it matters. It is touch screen. You can’t control the sensitivity. Your finger slides off the control, and you wouldn’t know, boom, you crash, mission failed! Not everything in touch screen is great.

  • maybe the rumors are true about apple creating a controller for iPhone and iPod?

  • Anonymous

    Steam for iOS and mac

  • Raj Sandhu

    Perhaps apple wants to buy Valve??

  • Marvin Oida


    • Marvin Oida

      Or another Valve FPS…

  • Portal would be awesome.

  • Hopefully striking the deal to get GLaDOS as a Siri voice option.

  • Anything thing hardware related is wrong. Valve makes games, not consoles or devices. I think that they may make a partnership were valve develops a few games just for OSX or iOS

  • new console to beat xbox and ps3

  • Robert Goldberg

    Kicking their asses for not releasing hl3.