Rumors of Apple building a smaller iPad with a 7.85-inch display have been around for several months. Pundits believe that the Cupertino company would do well to release a smaller version of its popular slate to appeal to the budget tablet crowd.

Well known Apple-insider John Gruber fanned the flames last week when he said that he was aware of such a product being tested in Apple’s labs. And today, the folks over at Ciccaresedesign poured even more gas on the fire with this iPad mini mockup…

The 7.85-inch display is rumored to have a resolution of 1024 x 768. This is the same screen found in the first and second generation iPads, so it makes sense from a manufacturing perspective. Apple could use the same panels, but just cut them a bit smaller.

Ciccaresedesign’s concept gives us a good idea of what this smaller iPad could look like. And we must say, it doesn’t look bad. This definitely looks like a product Apple could release, and, if priced right, use to grab a large share of the budget tablet market.

What do you think?

[Cult of Mac]

  • Anonymous

    With the amount of discourse from android fragmentation why would Apple go down that path? Doesn’t make sense at this point in time.

    • Anonymous

      Where would the fragmentation come in if the display had the same ratio and resolution as the iPad 1 and 2?

      • Kok Hean

        True. If it does have a retina display, it will be slightly sharper than the screen on the 4/4S.

    • with the same resolution as iPad 1 and 2, apps would look and work perfectly. no fragmenting.

  • Apple wont do that, They will find ways to make high quality products for a smaller price. Remember apple thinks different, there not going to follow the nook or kindle fire

    • Anonymous

      Are you on crack? have you checked out the prices of Apple products recently, they are far from cheap and Apple don’t think different ffs, why do people talk such shit, I suppose you think they are pioneers and innovators aswell don’t you, most fanboys do … There is 1 huge flaw in that logic though and it has even been said by Jobs himself, Apple don’t innovate, they copy what is already available and make it better and this is the exact opposite !!

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, and he’s wrong. But did you have to cry like a little bitch?

      • Hahaha

      • You sir, just don’t want to see how big apple truly is^^ Without Apple Smartphones would not be as good as they are now, without Apple Tablet PC’s would still be a thing of the future, without Apple buying Music from the internet would still be as annoying as it is anywhere else than iTunes… If you just want Apple to sound like a company that copies and is to expensive be my guest… but I think you might be in the wrong place here then 😉 Grow up and stop talking bullshit like “Are you on crack?” in a AppleBlog because someone says “apple thinks different”.

      • -First multi touch full screen phone without a stylus CAUGH (IPHONE)

        -First company ever to release a successful GUI yep apple

        -google chrome based off webkit, guess who made webkit? Apple

        Let’s be real here, most tablets are based off the iPad, and for a retina display, A5X chip, powerful graphics, and 4G LTE I am willing to pay 499$.

      • Spot on!!!…

      • name a smartphone/tablet that didn’t copy some aspect of iPhone/iPad.

      • hmmm, Samsung Gridpad came out before the Apple Newton

      • I think i dont have to proove u wrong this tym…as there are many of legitimate replies…:p
        Ps: this guy won’t reply u back…

      • Dan

        I’m with you on the price thing. But innovation is a question of perspective. The way that they ‘make things better’ is innovation in my book. For me, it started with the ipod mini.

        Also you could try to write your comment without sounding like an @ss…

      • Eric Morgan

        what did the iphone copy? crackhead

  • i would never downgrade to a smaller ipad. whats the point? now if the smaller one is like $200 cheaper i could understand why they would make one. but bigger is better in the world of electronics.

    • Anonymous

      I think cheaper is the whole point here. I don’t think Apple would price a smaller iPad over $299.

      • Victor Micelli

        Apple want to get Amazon/Nook tablet users, and, with her market value, there’s no problem in losing a little amount of money for getting others consumers.

      • Apple and cheap dnt go hand in hand…:/

  • Anonymous

    “And we must say, it doesn’t look bad.” I have to agree, looks like a ground-breaking design concept.

    “This definitely looks like a product Apple could release” Hmmmm, it does look similar to one of apples other products. Oh wait, thats it, the iPad 3 (and 2 and 1).

    Genius 😀

    • Anonymous

      Looks nice, but I think the whole point of the iPad was to have a larger screen. Going by that, this is kind of pointless. And please don’t argue about how it’s still bigger than the iPhone

      • Anonymous

        Your comment is kinda pointless aswell, don’t argue though, just accept that some people want a device bigger than a phone but smaller than the (hardly portable and compact) iPad and a device in the middle, size wise, is a good idea but you do know that no matter what a company produces you do always have the choice of not buying it … Just because you don’t like an idea doesn’t mean it should never come to light, after all Apple don’t just make products solely to satisfy what you want.

      • Anonymous

        In my comments, I put my opinions. I never said that everyone who liked this is evil and whatnot, I said it’s a bit pointless IN MY OPINION. And I’ve seen you make comments I think are pointless, but I don’t complain.

      • they would make it to directly compete with the tablets like the Nook.

  • Apple Starts the trend, not follow them.

  • It’s hard to imagine that the smaller screen would make the iPad that much cheaper… they probably would have to drop LTE on it or something to make it significantly cheaper.

    • maybe have it only available as a wifi model? and less ram, flash storage, etc… kind of like a bigger iPod touch.

  • zack htut

    will small ipad has new features than the rest ipads ? … if not , it not worth to buy ….no new design , no new features… no huge difference things …. its kinda rip off…

    • maybe not to someone who already owns an iPad. but if apple priced this at say $299, it would be a huge competitor with the Nook, etc., and open up a huge market for apple.

  • I hope this doesn’t happens otherwise I’ll spend more money lol

  • I’d rather go for the iPodtouch HD

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the difference is so incremental from a 10″ iPad that it seems almost pointless. Why bother?

  • ??? “Apple could use the same panels, but just cut them a bit smaller.” Um, no if the display was to have a resolution the same as the original, they would have to make a new, smaller screen with a higher pixel density. Otherwise, when they “cut them smaller” they would be losing pixels, and it would no longer be a 1024 x 768 display.

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  • Any other company releases a 7 inch tablet: “This is a horrible device that just adds more to android fragmentation and the screen is too small”

    Apple releases a 7 inch tablet: “Oh sweet Jesus this is revolutionary and beautiful. the screen is perfect!”

    • Your a troll.

      • Not really, I love apple. Some sites are really biased when it comes to apple products. I remember when the first iPad came out everyone was bashing 7 inch tablets while begging for a 7 inch talet from apple

  • Anonymous


  • anyone can tell me why they make the bazel so big on the iPad? I think it would be nice if Apple could reduce the bazel around the screen to a bare minimum.

    Any1 agree or is that just me?