Stride is a brand new jailbreak tweak from excellent jailbreak developer and designer Adam Bell. It allows you to unlock your iPhone using an 8-bit styled drawing for security, in lieu of iOS’ boring passcode option.

When you try out the tweak for yourself, it’s immediately obvious that there’s some highly calculated design behind this effort. Indeed, Stride allows you to unlock your iPhone with impeccable style…

Stride features a simple and straight to the point preference panel, which will have you up and running in no time.

The options allow you to enable or disable Stride, Skip PIN entry, and change your password. Tapping the change password button will bring up an 8-bit styled grid that prompts you to use your finger to draw a simple pattern. Once this pattern is confirmed, it will be your new password.

On the Lock screen you will now be presented with a “Draw Password” option instead of the more familiar “Enter Passcode”. Drawing the password correct will unlock your device, assuming you have the Skip PIN entry option enabled.

The nice thing about Stride is that it doesn’t omit, or break Apple’s fairly secure passcode system. The passcode is always available to fall back on in case you forget how to draw your password. If you’re feeling cautious, you can still force the passcode option by disabling Skip PIN entry in the settings.

Stride is a beautiful jailbreak tweak that reeks of style, but said style comes at a premium. At $2.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, it’s not exactly a knee-jerk purchase.

But if you’re tired of seeing the same old repetitive tweaks that serve no purpose, you need to support this effort. It’s obvious that Adam spent some serious time creating Stride, and he should be rewarded for his ambitions.

Stride is absolutely worth considering if you wish to bless your Lock screen with a breath of fresh air.

What do you think?

  • for $2.99? not quite.

    • It’s not really much to ask for considering that a lot of effort went into this tweak.

    • The guy put in a lot of work to make this tweak. Just getting the correct algorithm to track the movement would take a long time, and you say that 2.99 is too much?

  • jose castro

    is it compatibile with locksliderz

  • Yuri Sampaio

    Compatible with IntelliscreenX?

    • I don’t see why not.

    • its not compatible.. u have to slide away the lockscreen view of ISX so tat u can draw on the panel..

      • i liked intelliscreen , but now it seems to be a problem ..Since even Unfold Tweak is not compatible with this

  • Anonymous

    It looks like it makes unlocking slower, there was quite some lag.

    • nothing the developer can’t fix in an update

  • Locksliderz seems to work if there isn’t a passcode set.

  • Hey Jeff, do you know of a tweak that lets you control a docked iPod from the app itself? I get a white screen via my car USB

    • Anonymous

      NoAccessorySplash from cydia (free)

  • I’ll stick with ‘Android Lock’. Basically the same concept, works well with ‘Lock Sliders’, and is more accurate and secure.

  • Android Lock combined with ICaughtU Pro is my solution. And it works a treat except I get quite a few emails a week with my sons cheeky face, taken by iCaughtU, trying to get into my iPhone to play angry birds.

  • not a bluetooth tweak i wanted, so nah, no good….haha…airblue and celeste dont work for me…

  • 好想要這個解鎖功能喔~~~ :((((

  • On full reboots Stride causes my iphone to crash and respring in safe mode. If I respring again it’s totally fine, but still very weird.

    Anybody else get this?

  • I spent 2.99 on a sandwich today.

    • No Whammy

      Damn, that’s a cheap sandwich.

  • Karim Savage

    This tweak is somewhat pointless because no matter what settings you choose you can still skip the stride unlock by pressing the keypad option in the bottom lefthand corner…

  • nice one

  • woooooow nice action

  • Does anyone know why the tweak doesn’t work properly? (ie: a “V” shape, but i drew a “O” and it still unlocked yet that’s a totally different shape) iPhone 4 IOS 6.1.2.