Siri speaks Hindi with a little help from a proxy server

By , Apr 10, 2012

Last month, Apple released iOS 5.1 to the masses. The update included few new features, but it did bring Japanese Siri support. This brought the digital assistant’s number of compatible languages up to a whopping… four.

But if Siri doesn’t currently support your language, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Developer Kunal Kaul took matters into his own hands and taught Siri to speak Hindi — with a little help from his proxy server…

Using proxy servers to enhance Siri’s capabilities has been a popular hack since the digital assistant debuted last October. Early on, developers used these servers to enable Siri to control lights, TVs and other appliances.

For those interested, we have an in-depth tutorial on how to setup a Siri proxy server. But don’t get your hopes up about teaching the assistant to speak Hindi just yet, Kaul says there is still “lots of work to be done.”


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  • Amad

    Siri speaks Hindi wow, maybe siri will find the cure to cancer or end israeli-palestinian conflict. Maybe the UN is using siri to make peace in Syria?

    • Roy Cohen

      I am Israeli , u have problem with that??

      • Amad

        Don’t waste my time with rubbish comments.

      • Roy Cohen

        סתום תפה יהומו בנזונה מוצץ יערבי מניאקקק בן שרמוטה מוצץ לבדואי בתחת ימקבל יהומו ימנייק ימקבל מדרוזי בצומת אמשך עושה לי במיטה יגיי!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mordechai Eliyahu

        i am also israeli so what?, what does that have to do with anything? seriously STFU.

      • Roy Cohen

        אלהן אחי מה קורה?

      • Mordechai Eliyahu

        achlah aval lama ata mekalel po

  • Sanil Chitrakar

    Indians are liars, fakers, and disgusting businessman. So if i ask this indian siri “where buddha was born?”, it’ll probably say he was born in india when the truth is nepal.
    Do not trust this indian siri?

    • Neil Sardesai

      Fun fact: Nepal was part of India when Gautam Siddharth (buddha) was born.

      • Sanil Chitrakar

        Nepal is an independent country. We dont celebrate independent day like yours because we are always independant. We were never the part of india.
        When buddha was born in kapilvastu it was neither india nor nepal. It was a small country in itself and he was the prince. Later on that place became the part of nepal.(where the hell india came in between? )
        You people have wrong idea about the history because you were taught the wrong way in your school. And i’d blame your government for that.

      • Neil Sardesai

        Someone’s mad.

      • Priyank Nauni

        Ram Bahadur gussa kyun hota hai ?? chinta na kar developer tumhaare liye bhi banayega Nepoli Shiri 😛 .. start hotey hi bolega salaam shaab aaj kaise madad karega mein .. 😛

      • Sanil Chitrakar

        @Priyank Nauni arey mey gussa nahi hun bhaiya. meine siri se khelna kuch mahine pahele chhoddiya. aajakal utna majja nahi aata hain. arey bhaiya tum bhi jyada bakbak mat karo aur mere liye ek peera chatpate banado.;P

      • Lakhwinder Singh Gill

        yes you are right nepal was niether a colony of uk nor a part of india.Ans one thing why nepal was not a colony of UK as even india,mostly europe,USA was also a colony of uk. why not nepal. answer me WHY

    • taran

      Chor ko chor nazar aata h…meaning a theif sees a thief in everyone…

  • Rudolf Lichtner

    I bet he uses my AnyVoice tweak for the Hindi Voice 😛

    • Sanil Chitrakar


  • Priyank Nauni

    @ Sanil Chitrakar tere pe ek joke yaad aaya ye le sunn….

    Nepali ko raat 2baje phon aya:> Aap so to nhi rahe

    Nepali Gusse me: Zaruri nhi k har nepali Chowkidar ho

    Indian > Haa pata hai Kuch MOMOS wale bhi hote hain ….

    Siri majjey lene k liye nahi hai tabhi Indian businessman hai ..

    • Sanil Chitrakar

      Tere jokes mein dum nahi hay. Kuch majja nahi aaya. Tu chatpate bechne waale nahi hain to chaye bechne wala ho kya. Thik hay 2 cup chaye mero office ma bhejdo. Dhood kum paani jyada mat dalna, tumlog harchij me milawot karte ho. :p

      • Priyank Nauni

        Tere ko majja nahi aata toh teri mein MOMO’s waali laal mirch nahi lagti … aur tu post naa maarta..
        office ?? .. chowkidaaro head hai kya tu ?? jo office milaa hua hai ?

  • Arshad Khan

    Ultimate Siri come with Hindi language ,,quit decent