9to5Mac spotlights an interesting iPad accessory that appears to turn the popular tablet into a miniature MacBook Pro. The NoteBookCase houses your iPad in a clamshell-like case with an Apple-style keyboard.

Of course, there is no shortage of keyboard-packing iPad cases on the market — both Zagg and Kensington make some pretty popular models. But none of them pack near the amount of features as the NoteBookCase…

Aside from its keyboard, the case also features a Lithium-polymer battery — which can charge your iPad, and two USB ports. No, they aren’t for connecting peripherals to the tablet. But they can be used to charge other devices via the built-in battery.

As the site notes, the NoteBookCase is available through Rakuten, a Japanese retailer, for roughly $75. The case is made for the iPad 2, but given the small differences, there’s a good chance it works with Apple’s latest tablet.

What do you think about the NoteBookCase?

  • Would be the reason for me to get an iPad 2 and use it to my liking 😀

  • Aaron de Silva

    i’m not surprise if next generation MacBook Air has an IPad for a Screen Running Mac OS X (Honestly, i think iPads are capable of running Mac OS x instead of iOS)

    • They’re not. Even iOS on iPad has problems loading some PDF’s and it’s insane how many apps crash on mine. Just adding jailbreak makes everything sloooow, so right now, it’s a no for OSX.

      • Anonymous

        That’s because you load it with bunch of useless tweaks and apps…

      • Unless MacOS runs through the cloud on the iPad

  • Looks nice although I always get confused with these because I forget it’s a touchscreen so there isn’t a trackpad. I still want to give the CruxLoaded $250 case a try though.

    • Same here. But sometimes I use my MacBook and I reach for the screen to do things like show Menu Bar in Full Screen’ed apps 😀

  • Anonymous

    Okay, get a Mac, Ubuntu, or Linux theme from Cydia, and fool people.

  • I don’t think it would work with the iPad 3. ): I bought a “backing” case for my iPad 2 and it doesn’t fir on the new iPad 3. The photos make it look like it attaches similarly to a “backing” case so for that reason i don’t think it would work on the iPad 3

  • I want one asap.

  • Well, if you have an iPad and an iPhone or iPod Touch, assuming your jailbroken, first install “Veency” from cydia on your iPad, then download “iTeleport” on your iPhone or iPod from the App Store. It is a VNC connection that allows you to use a mouse arrow on your iPad with your keyboard. 🙂

  • What do I think? Well first I really really want it how do I get it?

  • now that’s the reason to buy an iPAD AGAIN!!

  • Anonymous

    They could have been smart about it and integrated some of the “dongles” that you can buy for the iPad, like the Camera connection kit, HDMI and VGA link, etc.

  • Bad news!! this site does not deliver this case in foreign countries. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    the sleep magnets in the iPad are not in the same place as the iPad 2 so may prove to be a little irritating if you accidentally leave it on