Yesterday, we informed you of a bunch of Wi-Fi connection issues some owners of the new iPad continue to experience with their device, including intermittent connectivity, slow data speeds and inability to see Wi-Fi networks. Unfortunately, more network-related woes have been discovered.

Since last week, an unknown subset of international users have been reporting trouble connecting to 3G cellular networks with their 4G LTE iPad. Interesting enough, Apple appears to have deleted a thread at their Support Communities website that by this morning has already ballooned to well over a hundred posts.

Here’s what folks are saying…

Users were describing various problems connecting to 3G networks with their 4G LTE iPad. The issue was first reported by AppleInsider. According to the publication, this problem is specific to the new iPad.

I was able to access the related thread on the Apple Support Communities website this morning. However, just a few hours later, as I was preparing this post, the thread appears to have been deleted.

Here’s what I got:

It appears you’re not allowed to view what you requested. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake.

Although most of the posters appear to be international users, a smaller portion of iPad owners from the United States are affected as well.

Apparently, resetting settings and replacing the SIM card would do nothing to fix the problem. One user indicated that cycling the power on the iPad between three and five times each day helped.

On a related note, other threads describe cellular reconnectivity issues, full signal bars when there’s no connection whatsoever, GPS not working, inability to connect to 4G when switching from Wi-Fi, to name a few.

It’s unclear whether any of those are just teething problems that could be fixed with a software update or a sign of a possible flaw with the new Qualcomm MDM9600 3G/4G wireless baseband chip.

Are you experiencing any cellular- or Wi-Fi-related issues with your new iPad? If so, please share your experience down in the comments.

  • I have a new iPad and sometimes (very rare) it just disconnects from the wifi even though I get full bars on all other devices. After a while, though, the iPad reconnects and it’s fine… it’s happened about 4 times so far.

  • Jim

    Since 3.0 iOS this has been a problem. Wifi up and down on signal strength.
    It’s the iOS that the problem resides in.
    Apple does not want to own up to this.

  • Anonymous

    my new ipad is 100% perfect but apple really need to beef up quality control at its manufacturing plants.. every new item has some big silly prooblem

  • Blake Edge

    I got the 64gb wifi+4g iPad, in the uk obviously we have 3G only and even though I have 5 bars 3G I can’t connect, resetting network settings fixes the problem for about 48 hours, quite annoying as I have to re enter my wifi password all the time! Please fix apple!

    • Same thing happens here hope it can be sorted with an update

  • Yet again apple have sold another product riddled with problems which they always seem to do by failing to properly check before selling to the public. I say sold and won’t say made because apple don’t make anything. They just ask other companies to supply everything and get somebody else to put it together and then are happy to suck your money out of your account even though it’s not working.
    SUCKERS! Sucked in by apple’s marketing and misleading products’ abilities.
    Then they delete a post on, what they say is a good way to get help ( because they can’t be bothered to deal with it themselves ) from other customers that have no idea how to rectify the problem just so their company doesn’t look bad and everything’s hunky dorey. “nothing to see here”
    It’s lucky apple isn’t a government. They would just cover up everything to protect themselves. “nothing to see here”

  • I have the 3G issue, when I connect to a wifi network I seems to break the 3G connection, so in order to use it again, I need to reboot and it reactivaes 3G. That really my only issue, it runs everything else brilliantly.

  • wifi, 3g, battery issues…..being among the first batches always give user problems…..strangely, this would make many ppl shun other pdts, but for apple….users do not mind and willing to wait for issue to be resolved.

    • You don’t mind paying for a product that doesn’t work properly?
      More money than sense.

  • Welcome, ptičica? 😀

  • NewForce, that’s me Chris!

    Wow, me and all other victims of this problem hardwork now finally been paid-off! I’m in tears. This problem has been scorching my head up and down everyday. With every single tips from many users across 4 continents t…ried, but did not manage to permanently fix this “3G cellular data not connected” problem we have been seeing since 16/03 Day-1 New iPad launch day.

    Despite Apple Support Communities host has been constantly deleting my growing threads with many victims listed in their forum, and did even banned my “NewForce” ID there, my will never died. I’m still keeping the namelist of the victims posted till 04/06/2012.

    Chris, I thank you for mentioning my thread was deleted by Apple Support Communities.

    From : Kenny Chew aka NewForce

  • I also posted on Kenny’ NewForce thread on the apple support forum and noticed it had disappeared!! Rather than delete would it not be more appropriate for Apple to comment on the thread to advise the many iPad owners who’ve spent hundreds of pounds/dollars etc on something that doesn’t function correctly that they acknowledge the fault and will be resolving!!

    • Dom, thanks for your support over my thread in ASC. Even though the thread has been deleted by ASC host, but our will already continue set on fire with many onternet media reporting our case. Hopefully in the short future Apple WILL acknowledged is their fault. Remember the fault are real. Apple choosed to be silence can be regard as they’ve already admitting is their problem. Now is the question how they responding to the issue officially and how they should compensate our lost.

  • Faced this issue today for the first time. Had to reset twice to get 3G in Tmobile in Poland. Fingers crossedfor it tobe an OS issue… :/

  • Anonymous

    i have 0 issues as usual. Never had an issue with an ipad ( Had every one to date). Never had a problem with an iphone also had every one to date. Also no problmes with my current imac 21″, 11″ mac air or my 13″ macbook pro. Huh guess I am just lucky or ….. yeah I am just lucky.

  • Anonymous

    i have 0 issues as usual. Never had an issue with an ipad ( Had every one to date). Never had a problem with an iphone also had every one to date. Also no problmes with my current imac 21″, 11″ mac air or my 13″ macbook pro. Huh guess I am just lucky or ….. yeah I am just lucky.

  • I live in Venezuela and I have 3G connectivity. In the same place my wife tha owns a Ipad2 have perfect connection and I that owns a new iPad can’t acces Internet. Obviously is a problem with the new iPad.

    • First Sriname user, now Venezuela user also the same fate.
      It’s truly “WORLDWIDE ISSUE” on the new iPad.

      After rethink of all users situation on the problem we’ve seen so far, I’m having more suspect & remedy suggestion to our cause,

      1. iOS 5.1 having bugs.
      2. Qualcomm radio chipset issues in design, driver & firmware.

      3. New iPad power regulating IC & circuitry having problem distributing adequate voltage & power to Qualcomm 3/4G radio chipset & Broadcom WiFi chipset. This may due to new iPad high resiolution 2048×1548 screen consuming too many power and Apple are trying hard to save power from all possible ways. Look like Apple aimed for beyond Full resolution HD has took a set back and jeopardized it own product performance.

      4. New iPad 42.5W battery pack poor quality, voltage & power inconsistency.
      5. New iPad internal heat dissipating issue, resulted poor chipsets and battery pack performance.

      For item 1, Apple might able to fix it with iOS 5.2 or 5.1.1.
      For item 2, Apple could partially fix on the driver & firmware change, but not on radio chipset design issue. A New iPad Recall or Replacement can help.
      For item 3, A firmware changed may help to re-distributing adequate voltage and power the Qualcomm & Broadcom chipsets.
      For item 4, A New iPad Recall or Replacement or just Battery pack replacement can help.
      For item 5, ONLY redesign of new iPad can help. Or a step back solution like Apple help to drill some holes with our warranty still intact. Some users may object this idea though.

      When a States Corporate with this attitude, arrograntly ignoring their users feedback & was silent on the requests to fix the problem, does it prompt Apple for an Congressional hearing?

  • In greece I’m having constant problems with the new ipad. 3G is a mess requiring a restart of the ipad almost every time i need to use it. Wifi has less problems but it loses and gaining signal all the time. Very disapointed so far. Thank God I kept my ipad 2!

  • @Marcin: Thanks for your help keeping the namelist. If it wasn’t for Apple Support Communities host deleting my thread, the namelist will evnetually go much much longer. Let’s hope Apple can stand forward and face the reality with sincere heart under the name good Christian, Catholic, Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslim (sequence are arranged in alphabets order, nothing behind) and so on..

  • I have experienced the 3G connection issue right from the start with my new iPad third generation. I cannot connect to the internet with 3G when moving from Wi-Fi covered area to the 3G area only. The signal strength is excellent and what’s more, the carrier name and 3G sign are shown normally. However, no connection. Sometimes the reboot helps sometimes not.

    This is truly a serious issue and I am considering to return and demand a full refund if Apple does not step forward, explain and fix this very soon. My carrier is Sonera in Finland.