AppMosaic is an upcoming jailbreak app that brings App Store App discovery to your iDevice by means of Cydia.

I believe this is probably the first app of its kind on Cydia, and for that, AppMosaic gets major props for originality.

Upon opening the app, you’re presented with a two sided column that composes a full mosaic of app icons. The left side of the column is dedicated to the top 200 paid apps, and the right side is for the top 200 free apps.

Check out our full video walkthrough to see how AppMosaic can help you discover hidden gems on the App Store…

Tapping on one of the app icons featured on the mosaic will provide you with a few brief details about the app via a panel at the bottom of the screen. Tapping this panel will whisk you away to the App in question via the App Store app.

As it stands, AppMosaic is an interesting (if not ironic) jailbreak app that provides discovery for App Store apps that you may have overlooked. AppMosaic will be a free download, and should be available via Cydia in the near future.

Let us know what you think about AppMosaic in the comments below.

  • they should inegrate a preview of the app only the name of the app doesn’t really help u find the app u were looking for..

  • Looks interesting…..we shall see how much so when its released.

  • Looks interesting…..we shall see how much so when its released.

  • Looks good, but needs more work.

  • This will be pretty useful, I’ve remembered a few times I’m on the AppStore just going through it to see if I find anything I need/could use.

  • Sweet! 😀

  • Anonymous

    What’s the point in releasing this in cydia? Wouldn’t it be much more beneficial to the developer to integrate directly with the app store and make money from referred apps? Seems redundant considering there are many apps like this already in the App Store with the only difference being the way the apps are presented.

  • There’s already an app like this in the AppStore it’s only for iPad but it works just the same in fact it’s even more informative because the size space on the iPad I actually use it to find cool free apps.

  • Doesn’t really look that necessary…. Is it really that hard to just go to the App Store?

    • app store is extremely slow. so its not a place to go to browse. use other apps for that. i recommend “AppShopper”…it gives the price history of apps so you know when it was free and how often. and update history. you can get notifications of when the app drops in price.

  • I think it’s neat because it’s a way to know all popular used apps from the Apps Store.. I would really like to see one done for Cydia though.

    • Anonymous

      I concur. One should really be done for Cydia, as opposed to the AppStore.

  • Anonymous

    I like it, but I think a name change would be nice.

  • Anonymous

    Make one for Cydia apps, please. 😉

    • isn’t that what Jeff is for? 🙂

  • I agree, a Cydia version should be made, however I think introducing a Cydia top 25 would be better for me, as it doesn’t have a chart yet.

  • thanks

  • Neat that it’s on Cydia, but don’t really see the point. If it did more than just redirecting to the App Store I would be interested — some sort of Genius-like algorithm perhaps.

  • There are apps like this (such as WallApp) that are provided in the official App store. I just don’t see the point in offering this via Cydia when it’s a wall of official apps. If it were specifically for Cydia tweaks and apps, it would be interesting, but that this point it almost serves no good purpose.

  • No iPad version!!