Barron’s, a financial arm of The Wall Street Journal’s web network, passes on an interesting report today from Jefferies & Co.’s Peter Misek. The analyst has upped his stock price target for Apple to $800 per share on the back of new information regarding a TV set.

In an investor’s note, sent out this morning, Misek said that his recent trip to China has given him “increased confidence” that Apple will be launching a TV this year. He claims, among other things, that he saw television components en route to Apple suppliers…

These components, he says, are “polarized films, filters, and IGZO parts.” IGZO stands for indium, gallium, zinc, oxide — a semiconducting material that has the potential to produce a display with a resolution higher than full HD (1080p).

Sharp has been on the forefront of IGZO display research. And what do you know, Hon Hai, the parent company of Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn, reportedly just purchased a large stake in the company. Misek explains:

“Hai and its related entities are the largest shareholder (with a 6% stake) in Chimei Innolux, which is the largest LCD display manufacturer in Taiwan. Recent reports note that Chimei Innolux is running at 80% capacity utilization for its large-size panels, which leads us to believe that Hon Hai’s Sharp investment is less about securing capacity and more about its relationship with Apple and the upcoming launch of iTV. We believe that Sharp and Apple had modified IGZO technology to make much-improved HD displays. The Sharp relationship will enable Apple to diversify away from Samsung and gain additional display capacity with leading-edge technology.”

Except Misek doesn’t think Apple will call its television set the “iTV.” For some reason, he thinks Apple will go with the [unlikely] name “iPanel,” because it will be “so much more than a TV. It’s a display, gaming center, media hub, computer, home automator, etc.”

The analyst believes the set will go into commercial production in May or June of this year, with an initial run between 2-5 million units.

It sounds awesome. We’ll take two.


  • Anonymous

    The name.. Mhh… Not so much
    Then again, I would have though iTablet but then BAM iPad! Didn’t even sound right to me for a couple of week, then here we are like it’s just a another work we’ve been using for decades.

  • Anonymous

    iPanel really doesent sound right to me.

    Maybe itv (the television company) have scared them away from going with the “iTv” name.

  • Looking at the middle set in the image above that’s how the new UI should have looked on the new apple tv. By incorporating imessages and checking email instead of the new UI it has now

  • Using te remote on the iPhone cause you’ll have the keyboard that pops up

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, stop referring to it as “iTV” … Some idiot makes up a rumour calling it that and now every post you make you refer to it as that name, IT WON’T BE CALLED THAT !!! … The tv channel from here in the UK has been going far longer than Apple and certainly won’t relinquish the name, no matter how rich or arrogant Apple are in business.

    • If apple want it they ll get it…period..!!…

  • It’s like a oversized iPad (Probably without the touchscreen, although that would be pretty awesome) , so call it the iPad XXL.


  • will we be having “iwatch”, “icam” soon?

    • You’ll get up in the morning to go to iWork, put on your iCoat and your iGlasses (because obviously they are polarized as sunglasses as well as regular glasses), kiss your iChildren goodbye and then get into your iCar.

      Your neighbour, for contract, will make up, check his gMail, put on his gGlasses, get into his gCar that drives him to gWork using gDrive technology. Don’t worry though – your neighbour won’t have kids or a wife. Because he’s an ANDROID.