Video ringtones have always been more of a novelty than anything else, and Vuziq doesn’t change that. What Vuziq does well is make it extremely easy to assign a video ringtone to your iPhone.

That ease of use makes this novelty worth giving a shot. Take a look at the full step-by-step video walkthrough straight ahead…

Vuziq includes an interface that lets you download, trim, and select a specific video to use as your ringtone.

Although the source of the videos isn’t identified, I’m assuming it’s getting the videos from YouTube.

Interestingly, upon launching the app, its asks for your name, email address, favorite artist, etc. I’m not exactly sure what all it does with this information, so you may want to use a junk email address just in case.

Other than that concern, I’m fairly impressed with Vuziq. On my iPhone 4 there was no “startup lag” when receiving a phone call — it played the video immediately with no slow down.

If you want to try Vuziq, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be had for free.

What do you think about video ringtones? Will they always be a novelty?

  • wow i just tried this and it is pretty amazing…bigups..

  • doesn’t work for me… the app gets stuck in the middle of the download

    • well it did work for some reason on 3G and not on Wifi. wierd but those stupid iADs ruins the experience

  • Will it work with Callbar?

  • Works good but i noticed its a little laggy when accepting or declining a call. Also, I seem to have an advertisement bar/link on the bottom of the screen when a call comes in. I didn’t see that in the video above. Anyway to remove it?

  • I glad to see someone started this back up. There was an app that did this back around the late stages of ios 3x but the dev quite updating it after a while. Plus it was like a 8 dollar app. I think it was movitones or something like that. Regardless this looks twice as good and it’s free (all though I would pay a few bucks to remove those ads).

  • It have some issues with vibration. It wouldn’t stop after declining a call!

  • Anonymous

    just tried on iPhone 4s 5.0.1…. works but had some problems. First theres ads when u receive a call and took forever to make the call. used another cell phone to call mine and it ranged to many times before finally displaying the call and video. Great idea maybe possible fix later…

  • Same thing with me…I get an ad bar when the video is playing..and if I’m on vibrate, my phone will keep vibrating until I turn it off

  • ok, after testing it out some more the ad bar is gone and it runs a lot more smoother…. Maybe you just need to test it out some to “break it in”. And maybe the ad bar is only every other call or something

  • I have call bar, doesn’t seem to work with it, or maybe it’s because i have a winterboard lockscreen.

  • epic fail! Not only does it take an additional 8 seconds to answer the phone, if you miss the call the phone will keep vibrating until you either respring or uninstall the app!

  • Scott McLeod

    worked for me, but had an advertisement bar so was deleted pretty quickly

  • Not working on 5.1 tethered jb

  • Max

    It works alright but the ads on the bottom make it an average tweak.

  • Jeff great app but gets crippled for me by an IOS limitation.
    BEWARE if you use your headphones (like i always do) the ringtone sounds only through them…
    That is a big minus for me, which also happens with sms messages which i still haven’t found a way around it. Maybe someone at iDB could help out.

  • it works on my iphone 4..5.0.1,but cant assign different videos per contacts…

  • Reeally nice idea/app…but I just wish it would work properly

  • This app kills my individual ringtones even after its removed. How do I fix this? Doesn’t work with Call Bar either. Iphone 4s 5.0.1. I want my individual ringtones per contact back. Please help

  • Hey Jeff any idea how to get the individual ringtones to work again after removing this app? Please help

  • Please edit this review to include something to the effect of “free due to ad support” and “ad-free version should be available soon according to developer twitter”

  • i noticed a major lost of battery life after having it for a couple of hours, so i took it off

  • Works fine for me, except for the ads.

  • Awesome, i am trying it out now!

  • Hey im using vuziq but every time I try to down load a video it keep saying no connection is it in my settings keeping me from dowmloading videos