Brightslide is a jailbreak tweak that lets your quickly adjust screen brightness and invoke the iPhone’s LED flash using a simple Activator action.

It’s a good tool for those who find themselves often adjusting screen brightness, or for those who rely on using the LED flash as a flashlight.

View our full video walkthrough for Brightslide inside…

Once installed, simply navigate to your Activator settings panel, and assign an action to Brightslide.

If you want to try it for yourself, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can download it for free.

What do you think?

  • I would prefer ncsettings any day…

  • useful!!

  • OH OH!!! My phone is stuck respiring!!!!!!!!! :/

  • wtf?!! 191 notifications on tweetbot ?

  • Anonymous

    Access to brightness etc is available through so many tweaks it makes this 1 yet another waste of time. Jailbreak tweaks have seriously gone downhill, infact Cydia is heading the way of the AppStore, full of shit with a handful of really useful and innovative tweaks.

    • Dan

      Actually I like this one, sometimes tweaks in notification center don’t appeal to everyone. That’s the great thing of having options, this one suits me. Also, this tweak is free, unlike dumb tweaks that have been showcased recently with a price of tag of 2.99.

  • leslie Lau

    Still love SBBrightness the best!

  • Hey, a little offtopic.. Does smsstamps work for anybody? I saw it in your settings Jeff, but it doesn’t work for me..

    • I tried it – you need to respring for it to work.


  • It Actually has more features! Try swipe sideways 🙂 you can also adjust your volume and even toggle some settings!

  • Imahottguy

    I prefer Dimmer + Activator to this. Two finger slide in from the right makes my screen dark, and two from the left makes my screen bright again. Simple, easy and always accessible (as in no Notification Center to pull up, Switcher to activate or SpringBoard to go to in able to access)

  • I adjust brightness settings a lot, so used the setting in SBS a lot. Recently I got NCSettings and started using that instead. This tweak is a lot easier/quicker than both of those. However, I don’t like the new version with the extra options (ringer slider, toggles), but got very quick response and support from the developer to get the original release