Macotakara points to a report this morning from TV Tokyo’s World Business Satellite. The TV show recently conducted an interview with a Foxconn personnel recruiter who had some interesting things to say about the next iPhone.

According to the blog, the recruiter told the news program that Foxconn is in the midst of a major hiring binge to prepare itself for production of Apple’s upcoming handset — a device, that he says, will be launching in June…

Here’s an excerpt from WBS’ report courtesy of Google Translate:

“Foxconn is known in the assembly of Apple products, and has been in the recruitment of 18,000 more personnel. Personnel recruitment office says it’s recruiting for the production of iPhone 5.”

This actually lines up with a report we heard late last month that Foxconn was looking to hire in upwards of 20,000 new employees in the near future. But we’re still fairly skeptical that we’ll see Apple unveil its next smartphone this summer.

Up to this point, the rumor mill hasn’t pinpointed a launch date for the sixth-generation iPhone. But fall seems to be the more likely candidate. This would allow Apple to be certain that early iPhone 4S adopters have had the handset for a full 12 months (most carriers will allow subscribers to upgrade their phones after a year), and would set it up for another blowout holiday quarter.

When do you think Apple will unveil its next iPhone? Summer or fall?


  • Siv

    My question: Is the release of the new iPhone synonymous with the release of iOS 6?

    • I hope so. iOS is due for some major changes.

      • After the hiring of jan Michael-Cart iOS 6 should be amazing….hopefully

  • Fall is the ideal time to do it.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, not for me. 😉

      • It’s the best time from a business standpoint. @genXhippie

  • iphone 5, iOS 6 jailbroken now is the ideal time haha

  • I think they should release it I the summer, because that is when my contract is up for renewal. Lol
    Also if they improve the camera anymore what is the point, when they release it when there are dark nights, summer would be better.

  • Anonymous

    I always enjoyed the June ( to kick off summers) releases. Last October SUCKED imo.

    • I agree! And I hope we’re wrong about it being this Fall, but it does not seem likely that it can be this summer.

      I also agree that last October SUCKED!!! That was so lame in my opinion, I was so ready for the 5, not the 4S.

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 4.5, coming out June (which means October)

    Main marketing points: fixed battery, iOS 5.2, new Siri voice, Flash, 3.6 inch screen.

    Yay -.-

    • Lol your so wrong, its gonna be a complete redesigns just like they went iPhone 3g to iPhone 3GS to the newly redesigned iPhone 4 to the iPhone4S and now a redesign again.

      • as history is our teacher, we must not ignore the lessons taught to us from their past history as you so clearly pointed out. good job.

  • What if the 4s was released later than previous iPhones due to Steve Jobs cancer problems. Do you think it was delayed out of respect for him? Being sick like that may have slowed down the release date?
    Maybe apple will return to its’ original annual schedule to be business as it was when Steve was in charge.
    Just a thought that I fail to have seen mentioned anywhere. People are too fixated on gadgets and not really thinking about human problems/illness.

    • I don’t think that Steve would allow that to happen. He kept his company running seamlessly throughout all of his difficulties. In my opinion he wouldn’t make us wait just because of his personal life.

      • Maybe, maybe not. I personally don’t know Apple and I definitely didn’t know Steve Jobs, so I’m not going to try to correct anybody on this.

  • I wonder if that means that the 4S will come down in price??? Depending on how the new iPhone looks, I might just upgrade to an unlocked 4S.

    • It will come down like $100 less from the 16gb to 8gb not the best tbh

  • Cody, you are right buddy! It will be definitely this Fall because of the two reasons you listed.

    Additionally, if Foxconn is looking to recruit 18-20,000 new people, it will take them several months to get them trained and up to speed for the production line.

    Also, the hiring process for 18,000 people I can imagine will take several months for interviews, competency tests, etc.

    So, once again, Fall 2012 seems much more likely! 🙂

  • Fall.

  • I’m betting on this year for sure. Can’t wait.

  • They need to start making the new iPhone soon because they need to make so many of them. iPhone 4 buyers contracts will be up in the summer and will wait until the fall for the new iPhone, and 4S owners will likely buy the new iPhone as well. And the added people who are new to the Apple ecosystem.

    So, I think production may start in like May/June on millions and millions of iPhones for an early October release.