Controlling your Music app from the Springboard has been done before by the jailbreak community, but I guess the developer of PodControl felt they needed to put their own spin on the formula.

PodControl is a simple jailbreak tweak that places three buttons on your Home screen. The buttons consist of Next, Play/Pause, and Previous, and they perform just as one would expect.

Take a look inside for our video of PodControl in motion…

As you can see from our video, there really isn’t much to PodControl. You get the three buttons on your Home screen, and that’s about it. There are no options to configure, and it plays nice with iOS 4 and iOS 5.

Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo if you’re interested in trying PodControl — it’s a free download.

What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Jeff, you should check your Tweetbot app :p

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Jeff, you should check your Tweetbot app :p

  • As with any tweak, it’s all about personal preference. Cool idea.

    I’d go with ScrollingBoard to put the iPod controls directly in the dock personally…

  • Did anyone grab the Pandora Downloader app? It popped up on my iPad right around the same time this tweak did, but I couldn’t find it on my iPhone…

  • Eh….I use Activator for this. Slide right-to-left on status bar to play or pause, slide left-to-right to skip track.