As most of you know, we love a good iPhone concept here on iDB. Concepts allow us to see what kind of features could be implemented in the handset if conventional design rules didn’t exist. And they’re fun to look at too.

This latest mockup, which comes from designer Choi Jinyoung, is certainly no exception. The iPhone Pro, as he calls it, comes fully loaded with a 4.5-inch display, a built-in nano projector and a DSLR lens mount…

Other than the lens mount, the rest of the features seem like they could find there way into a future iPhone. We’ve heard rumors that Apple is ordering up 4-inch+ displays for an upcoming product, and we’ve seen countless Apple patents regarding nano projectors.

To be honest, this concept’s design doesn’t seem too far-fetched either. While no one knows for sure what this year’s iPhone will look like, there has been some talk of it having an aluminum rear casing, and that it will bear a resemblance to the iPhone 4/4S.

What do you think of this iPhone concept?

  • Anonymous

    eh looks messy

  • hahahahahahahaha. Man that is ugly. Cool idea, but definitely not Apple’s style.

  • ::facepalm::

  • Actually… I have a DSLR and since I got my iPhone4 I’ve gotten super lazy, especially since the iPhone has HD video as well (my DSLR was before they had video), which would mean that not only do I need to bring my DSLR, but also my HD video camera, so the iPhone4 usually is enough. If this lens was in a small case and you can shoot 1080p video and great pictures with the lens… I’d buy it, because then I just need to grab my iPhone5 and the lens and I’m good to go!

  • just too ugly, pleaze take that image away from my mind..

  • Ugh…. My eyes are on fire…

  • Anonymous

    A couple things, first, a 4.5″ iPhone would suck, would be way too big.

    Second, with that camera lens attached, how the hell are you supposed to hold that thing? It would be so back heavy you’d almost have to hold the lens! While I’m cool with an even better camera with a larger sensor, attaching an extra device to use the thing is a major flaw in this concept.

    • Third, how’s that supposed to fit in your pocket?

  • That phone is not proportional at all. Way too big. 4 inch screen tops.

  • Dan

    I’d consider getting a Galaxy S3…

  • recyclebin_atr

    So crazy!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lol that would defiantly be an expensive drop

  • If you know anything about sensors and DSLRs you know this cant actually work.

  • Michael Allen

    And again…. there will never be a 4.6″ screen on an iPhone.

  • So exclusive.. But.. Button home must touch.. Not button yet.. Mby more expensive n more exclusive.. Hehehe.. Btw nice ..

  • I think this is a great idea! I was thinking o getting the new Sony nex-7 but if the next iPhone has this then apple has saved me a lot of money. Do it apple, do it.

  • Someone’s compensating for something …

  • squid

  • Apple probably won’t have 5 icon rows, not even the iPad has that.

    • It should have like 6 icon rows though