SwipeBack is a brand new jailbreak tweak from Ryan Petrich that allows you to navigate back within apps using a simple swipe from left to right.

Although the tweak isn’t available on any public repos, and is still relegated to beta status, I can confirm that it works quite well.

Check inside for the download details, and a brief video demonstration of SwipeBack in action…

SwipeBack can be found on Ryan’s beta repository. Simply add the following to your Cydia sources: http://rpetri.ch/repo/

Once you add the beta repo, you can download SwipeBack, along with a few other tweaks that we’ve already covered on iDB. What’s even better is that all of the downloads are free of charge.

What do you think about SwipeBack?

  • does this overlap with zephyr?

    • Anonymous

      Works fine if you set Zephyr to two finger swiping

  • I guess you’d have to forget swiping between apps with zephyr, at least with one finger.

    • Kok Hean

      我选择这个。Seriously, this is the type of “one pixel line” sensitivity on the edge. He did it better than Zhepyr’s “tiny” sensitivity.

    • Maybe a future update for this tweak will include multiple finger options

  • This is a great idea but it doesn’t seem to work well when trying to swipe with your thumb, which is 95% of the time the way I’m trying to swipe.

    If I’m moving my finger sideways on the screen at all, chances are I’m going to want to be activating the SwipeBack thing. So I don’t see why the developer doesn’t make it do that. Hmm. Maybe there’s a technical limitation.

    • There plenty of moments where you could be swiping left-to-right on the interface. Deleting apps via swipe gesture, panning on an image, playing a game etc.

    • Jay

      I see your point! Try using your left hand… Works for me! Hope the Dev adds the option from right to left. Then it would work better with a thumb of a right handed person.

    • Kok Hean

      You don’t have to put your thumb exactly on the edge of the screen. Just slide into the screen from the “non-screen” part.

      This is to prevent accidental swiping. I like this sensitivity even more than Zephyr’s.

  • Anonymous

    Does this work in safari?

    Is Zephyr worth 5 bucks?

    • Anonymous

      no, but im sure i had a tweak installed on an old jailbreak that allowed that function, i’ve gone looking for it but can’t remember it’s name sorry.

      • Try Full Screen for Safari

      • Anonymous

        Lol, i have that but hadnt noticed extra options in the settings.app, only been using it for full screen option. excuse my dumbass-ness 😛

  • Anonymous

    I use Zephyr with two finger swipes on my iPhone 4 so I presume these tweaks will cooperate? And will this work on the iPad as well? Too afraid to try it on my iPad2…

  • Anonymous

    A bit off topic I know, but just have to say Ryan is the man when it comes to tweaks. They are always original and genuinely useful (unlike a lot of other crappy tweaks we’ve seen recently). Not to mention this is free! 🙂

  • Worked Great – No Problems!

  • how can i activate it?
    i don see option in setting

  • Can you confirm this is still available via Ryan’s Repo? I have his repo but can’t find it. Refreshed and Refreshed still nothing….

  • James Endacott

    Kim, it should be active on installation, was for me.

  • Does this work with zephyr installed?

  • Anonymous

    I download and reinstalled and resorting several
    Times. Says its installed before respring but I can’t find any settings and it’s not active out the box. Do I need zephyr to make this work? Any help is appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      Ok I see. I just does not work when using thumb. Have to use index. Nic feature but not for one handed swiping.

      • Iml

        For me it works using the thumb. Make sure swiping from the edge of the screen first.

      • Anonymous

        I played with it a bit more then decided it was cool but not great for me because I do everything with one hand. Using my thumb meant several swipes to get it to work. I’m a woman so my hands likely are smaller than yours. I deleted it. (Decided to put my energy into that Pandora downloader which is the tweak of the year.)

  • there is a tweak that works just like that and works well with zephyr (can’t use swiping between apps with one finger though). it’s called SwipeNav and you can cancel the swipe left to right for deletion in the tweak’s menu.

  • some bugs in photos app and messages

  • Anonymous

    a nice tweak that would be perfect if i could swip through safari (although im sure there’s a tweak for that but can’t recall it’s name) and it would be good to be able to sweep out of settings.app, for example, back to the Homescreen – if possible.

  • SwipeBack or SwipeNav ????!!!! Who is the Winner?? 🙂

    PS: It works great together, without conflicts =)

    Jeff make a compatition! 😀

  • Awesome tweak… Just that it does not work in mobile safari to go back one page…. It’s still in beta…. So much more features can be expected…

  • Zephyr is still better

  • woe

  • Anonymous

    Does SwipeBack have an option to exclude apps of your choice. That’s crucial and SwipeNav does.

  • Works nice with index finger. Having trouble with thumb and this is what I would normally use. Can[t wait for an update to resolve the thumb issue and have other features that I know Ryan would add.

  • nice tweak

  • Anonymous

    NON of these program works with flipboard…. on my ipad2. That is where I really want that back button to be in the middle of the screen to the left. FACK.

  • It works with Tweetbot as well.

  • Max

    Great tweak, even thought there is a space for improvement, especially in photos.

  • I just installed swipback, very nice…so far is awesome, it does what it says!

  • After installing this tweak, it removed all my downloaded apps. Why?