Download music from Pandora with Pandora Downloader [updated]

By , Apr 1, 2012

As most of you know, Pandora is a free streaming service that allows you to listen to an unlimited amount of music, as long as you don’t mind dealing with ads and a few other caveats. Unless you’re jailbroken that is.

Enter Pandora Downloader, a new Cydia tweak that removes many of those caveats and allows you to download full songs from within Pandora’s iOS app for future playback…

The tweak itself is pretty straight forward. Once installed, you can launch the Pandora app and get right to work saving music. To get started, tap the triangle-shaped menu button situated between the thumbs up and down keys.

You’ll notice that there is now a new ‘Save Song’ option in the menu, and selecting it will open up the Pandora Downloader manager where you can see your downloads and play back music. But this isn’t the tweak’s only trick — it also blocks ads and enables unlimited song skipping within the Pandora iOS app. Cool.

As far as we can tell, the app works as advertised. But it’s not perfect. Music seems to be downloaded in extremely low quality, and it doesn’t appear to be playable in any other app. And then there’s the whole “copyright violation” thing .

Nevertheless, if you want to check out Pandora Downloader, it’s available in the Big Boss repo on Cydia for free.

What do you think of Pandora Downloader?

Update: It looks like the app has been pulled, as it is no longer showing up in Cydia. We’re not certain, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with the above-mentioned violation of copyright, as it does involve illegally downloading music.

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  • Mr. President

    Love this! I have a bunch of new songs now.

    • Elick55

      Actually to download pandora music, i use Tenorshare iGetting Audio, and it works for me as well. So what is your opinion of it?

  • Max Kaslick

    Apparently you can download the songs to your computer if you SSH to var/mobile/Media/Pandora

    • Shawn Nineteen-Eightyseven Rey

      You are awesome. i was looking for that folder. lol.

  • Quoia B.™

    Can’t find it in cydia.

    • Mitch

      same here

  • Anonymous

    So you don’t promote application piracy, but you have no issues promoting music piracy? Interesting….

  • Jason Masters

    April fools!!!

    • Metroview


  • Vih Preti

    when i open pandora in my iphone , this app says that : ” sorry, Pandora is not available in this country ” how fix it ? thank you

    • Anonymous

      Move to a country where it’s supported.

    • Luis Gorgonio

      Go to cydia and download locaholic and open that app and set it as u are living in the U.S

      • Luke Christodoulou

        Does that really work?

    • ML

      Use a VPN server.

  • Mitch

    This is crap. I dont have time for games

    • Metroview

      u mad? it was in cydia wether you believe it or not.

  • Tony Ta

    If you don’t want low quality music then turn on the high quality option in Pandora. Genius.

  • Casey Morrow

    Where did u find it? I looked in Big Boss.

    • Anonymous

      April fools?

  • Eddie Ng

    i managed to SHH but you cant add it to your music library because iphone cant play it.

  • Eric

    It will be in another Repo soon. Lol

  • Anonymous

    Works great. Use Ifile and email the song to an account. Easy.

  • Luis Gorgonio

    The app has been taken down

  • Francesco Suarez

    thnx god i knw how to install it thru .DEB file :D and now i have it too

    • Hugo Martinez

      where did you find the deb file??

      • Francesco Suarez

        I googled download Pandora downloader crack and came a website witht he deb file juat open it thru ifile and there will be more optiona jus choose installer and then just respring and done :)

  • Hayden Jenkins

    Why Would this get pulled? There are tons of illegal download apps in the app store

  • Christopher Garcia

    Works as advertised.

  • Justin Marshall

    Buy your damn music. Ridiculous cheap asses who have an iPhone can’t afford a song download. Unclalled for.

    • ricardo

      U Mad Bro?

  • TP Folair

    link for the .deb file (if it’s legit?)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been a fan of iDB for a long time, especially because of your stand on piracy. I know this particular app is not stealing anything from iPhone devs but it is still stealing. Pandora is meant to be listened to with those ads because it pays for that music; whether you like to think artists and labels are overpaid or not. This type of tweaks/apps should not be promoted here.

    In case anyone asks based on the comments:
    “Yeah, I’m mad, bro”

    • somaxd

      you do realize that 99% of all artists make their money on tours and live shows right? the amount of money actually lost via downloading music is almost 0… common sense “bro”

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for that…?
        Oh, they lose almost $0 so let’s download music illegally. That totally justifies.
        I have no idea why you would include the phrase “common sense” in there.

      • Ernesto Carrillo

        Cause its my decision to download illegaly or legal. Who gives a fck wat u do. I dont. U pay if u want. Im not. Let ppl decide on wat they want to do instead of telling ppl wat is wrong or not.

    • Anonymous

      Who cares? Are you the pandora police? Do you make money off those ads. Even if the artists do lose money, boo hoo. Now they’ll have to settle for 60′ yacht instead of 64′ or a G5 instead of a G6.

      Also an illegal download doesn’t equal a lost sale. Even if I couldn’t pirate all the music I have downloaded I wouldn’t have went out an bought the cd or downloaded through iTunes.

      Lastly this was in the bigboss repo which is completely legit and installed by default. Yes I know it’s been removed and clearly is breaking copyright laws but the whole pay for music argument died 10 years ago. Get over it. iDB has no control over what their readers do and don’t download.

      you mad bro?

      • Anonymous

        haha typical pirate argument. You go, girl!

      • Anonymous

        You keep enjoy listening to those ads and wasting your money on music. I honestly think people like you start these stupid arguments so you can feel better about yourself because you paid for a song.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve been made. I repeat, I’ve been made.
        Yeah, dude, you saw right through me. I even liked your comment and everything. Going to cry to mommy now.
        Why did I ever spen $1.29 on that song?!

      • Manuel Molina

        Serious, why do you even care? If a person pirates; that is his choice to do so. You pay for your songs – okay and the point? Stupid arguments like this just tell me how much time you have sitting by your computer to argue about something which isn’t going to stop a person from pirating nor stop them from saying “he’s stupid, I’m still going to download”.

      • Anonymous

        I have to no idea what you mean by ‘I’ve been made’

        I just don’t understand why you want to pay for music. Because it’s illegal to pirate? So is driving over the speed limit, driving and using your phone, smoking weed, and a bunch of other things. I don’t know you but can assume you do at least one of those. So if you don’t follow those laws what makes paying for music more important?

        w/e you’re next comment is this is my last and I won’t reply to what you say. Tweaks like this aren’t going to hurt pandora or the artists. Pandora actually got its start on the iPhone by developing for the jailbreak community before Apple introduced the App store. They haven’t even bothered patching against these tweaks w their latest updates.

      • Anonymous

        if everyone “wasted” money on music, there’d be no (good) music, as it takes money to make good music.
        Pirating music is like sneaking past the security guards at a concert – if everyone did it, there’d be no money paid to the artists.
        So your point that “artists hardly make any off downloads anyway” is BS.
        1) they would make money off downloads if we all paid
        2) saying an artist makes more money in one area doesn’t justify not paying them in another area.

        PS I pirate music, so I’m in your same boat, but I do not defend it. If all good music disappeared tomorrow, I would blame myself.

      • evbedf

        Thank you! How bout this: I make a cool app. SO I FUCKING PROTECT IT FROM UNLIMITED SKIPS (via checksums, encryption, hash checks, etc….) If a dummy in his basement can crack…

    • evbedf

      Should we also save the whales, global warming, and eat dirt? People are pussies now days…

  • Pablo Garay Balducci


  • Brandon Hooper

    This is amazing! It’s everything I wanted! BB is the best. Reply me for help, I figured out how to install it (finally).

    • kerensa cadiere

      how did you install it i can figure it out

  • Anonymous

    Tweak of the year easy

  • Nicolas Loots

    It has been pulled from Cydia. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

  • steven Hadjez

    I love Padnora but cant you use it because I live in Paris. Do you know if there is any way to cheat it and make my Iphone or the pandora app believe that I am in america?

    • Dor Hirschel


  • Anonymous


    • Jason Masters

      It’s in myrepospace repo search and you will find

  • Anonymous

    Or don’t be a cheap ass and pay the $36 a year to Pandora to remove the ads, give you the high quality stream, and give you a 5 hour time limit to listen before timing out.

    A little shocked that iDB would condone the music piracy whenever their stance is very clear with regards to Installous.

    Also, to those idiots arguing that the music execs will only get a 60′ yacht instead of a 64′ (ie: @JerseyD), Pandora is free with minimal ads, and it’s not making money. Pandora is struggling with licensing issues and royalties; however, you feel entitled to scam them, and will ultimately make them fail. Fucking idiots.

    • Jason Masters

      Maybe you should keep your opinion to yourself and not call people names that you normally wouldn’t say in person to them for fear of a slap or ass whooping if you do not represent pandora then you should be quiet because your not their representative and aren’t being paid which actually makes you the idiot because why would you represent someone for free lol? Either way the pirate argument will never be solved because all parties have their own arguments either for or against it is still a matter of opinion and no one is right or wrong the only ones that matter are the companies involved and if they aren’t screaming out loud about a tweak then why are you it’s ludicrous?

      • Anonymous

        I have no fear or recourse for what I’ve said. I’ve defended Pandora to several idiots such as yourself apparently. I’m struggling a little bit to read your illiterate babble; however, Pandora’s main revenue stream is from ad revenue, which is then in return completely spent on royalties and streaming capabilities. Their typical income is derived from those who pay the $3 per month of their “One” services.

        And only a fucking delusional idiot would believe the pirate argument is a matter of opinion.

      • evbedf

        Skips bad,ok I see that. Saving music? That is legal you prick! Is it also illegal to record music I hear with a input device into my laptop (w/ audacity)?

    • will

      Clemson is gay anyways.

  • Hany Ragab

    Where can i find pandora??

    • KraKsX


  • Bu1137
  • Sam Pollo Torres

    If you like to play the music downloaded from Pandora on iFile, change the song format to .m4a to play it!

  • KraKsX

    What’s the difference:

    20years ago, I bought a stereo, that had duel cassette and radio. And I was able to tape the radio, because of a little button called Record! It had no input jacks or anything, so it was for only recording radio and other tapes, THIS IS WHAT IT WAS MENT TO DO.

    Skip to today, things are digital. What’s the big deal if I still record what is given as FREE?
    ?because it’s easier?

    I’m not saying to steal anything, if there is no free option, and you ‘get it for free’ that’s still bad in my book, (iv done it). If it is free (publicly) and u keep it, what’s really wrong with that?

  • I Think It’s Luis…

    Is anyone else having trouble playing or importing the songs downloaded into iTunes? I even changed the format from mp3 to m4a

  • I Think It’s Luis…

    Has anyone else had a problem playing or importing the downloaded songs into iTunes? I even changed the format from mp3 to m4a.

    • dfunky me

      yeah, i can’t get the file to import into itunes, it plays in downcast and other apps on iphone but will not play on computer.

      • Martin

        thats what i came here for. . im trying to put them on my itunes but wont show up

      • Harmony Kennis

        Use Bridge. You can pull any audio files from your phone and make them playable from your music library. I think it also makes it able to put back on iTunes.

  • Jon Legend

    This shit doesnt work for pandora 3.1.5

  • mimi

    my Pandora one wont load every time I click it it just takes me back to my home screen I tried closing the app and turning my phn off and on it still wont load

  • elijah

    if you want the app you have to download the insanlyi repo in the sources list in cydia.

  • will

    hey guys i used to have the downloader for my old iphone 4s, i cant remember which os it was i think 6.0 or something ridiculous like that,, but i had no problems then,, now the new jailbreak came out for ios07 and i have the downloader installed via insanelyi but the arrow to save the songs on pandora isnt showing up anymore… any ideas??, ive tried reinstalling the downloader, and pandora, but nothing seems to work

  • Elick55

    Actually to download pandora music, i use Tenorshare iGetting Audio, and it works for me as well. So, what do you think of it?