The iPad Vs Android tablet argument is one that has been waging for longer than we care to think, and it is one that shows no sign of going away anytime soon.

As if the fire really needed any more stoking, PC World’s Sasha Segan has sought to fan the flames of fanboyism by comparing Android tablets and the iPad in the app stakes, with the number of apps and their perceived quality being put to the test across a range of categories.

The result? Well, the iPad comes up trumps as we would probably expect, but did we really expect a different outcome? Nope…

The takeaway from Segan’s lengthy post is that the software in Google’s Play market just isn’t up to the standard of Apple’s App Store. It may be the developers, it may be Apple’s handling of the whole store experience, but the caliber of apps just doesn’t match up. The fact that apps are listed as tablet-compatible but are really just blown-up smartphone apps doesn’t help, either.

While Android tablets are in the midst of a specification race, and the newest models will undoubtedly compete favorably with the new iPad, software is where it all falls down for Google’s tablet strategy, and the sooner the search giant realizes that the better for all us technology geeks.

So where does this leave the tablet landscape moving forward? Well, Google is now beginning to rejig its smartphone software and experience with the aim of trying to match Apple’s polish, and when that renewed passion for quality moves over to the tablet things could well improve. Apps are where it’s at though, and Google needs to improve the situation here first and foremost. Proper tablet-designed apps are needed if Android is to compete with the iPad in a space where there really is only one choice these days.

And right now, that’s the iPad.

  • Kok Hean

    Android fanboys chose Android because it is cheaper and has “more free apps”.

    They want everything to be cheap or better – free. These are Android users.

    • Anonymous

      Speaking for an entire platform user base purely on your own opinion, there’s a huge sense of irony in what you are saying because you sound very much like an Apple fanboy.

      I’ve used both and my reasons were never about money, considering many people like yourself praise Apple yet that is purely down to their ability to jailbreak their device actually doesn’t surprise me anymore, what does is that probably 90% of iDevice users wouldln’t like their products if they were stock because iOS is unbelieveably boring, especially with its lack of customisation options as stock.

      It seems i’m flogging a dead horse by ever thinking half of you guys could ever grasp the concept of people liking different things and wanting different things from a device, personal choice has fuck all to do with what is better, just because somebody might want an Android tablet doesn’t mean they are poor, cheap, lacking in taste or anything else but there seems to be far more immature Apple fanboys that are probably spoilt 14 year old Americans but hey, such is life, i’m just glad we aren’t all as naive and closed minded as you.

      • Anonymous

        Major ownage, sir.

      • Kok Hean

        You do know that I’m just trolling, right?

    • *sigh* I wish I could slap the fanboy out of you. Meanwhile, Apple kids jailbreak their devices to install free apps, that cost money.

      • Anonymous

        In addition, they DOWNGRADE to older version just to jailbreak.

    • Nathan Griffiths

      I don’t know where you live mate but here in Australia Good android tablets cost the same as the iPad and sometimes more your statement is stupid  also a lot of the apps on iOS are cheaper on android take angry birds space for instance it’s completely free on android with a hd version for 3.95 and on iOS the basic non hd version is 99c I own both android and iOS devices  I like my android devices a bit more as there is a lot iOS cant do but then I love the iOS feel  hay if I can save a few $ then why the hell not.

      This was posted using my Ipad

    • Anonymous

      Nope. cause I’m not as boring as you are.. one simple example, 5 years in the market and still same good all whack-an-app design.. how can you live with that? maybe your an 80y/o guy.. lol!

  • Most app cost 99 cents .. A few dollar most. How cheap can you be …

  • LikesBacon

    I want to switch to android. But there is so many glitches. Malware. How can they announce v5.0 when like 30% of androids don’t have 4.0 yet. The potential is there. I’ll switch when they remove the studder when scrolling.

    • Anonymous

      I had an iPhone 4 until a few weeks ago. Woke up one morning, realized the iPhone battery was driving me out of my f*cking mind, realized I’m not a fan of “simplicity” or “minimalism”, and didn’t want to, in a way, be part of a company that doesn’t give a damn about its customers. So I got my shit together and traded my iPhone for a Galaxy S2. Pretty straight forward, no money involved.

      BEST DECISION EVER. Good battery, constant support from Google/Samsung, EPIC Store, smooth, expandable memory, fast, paper thin, no glitches (don’t know where you got that part from), about to get a major update, and with a promising future ahead of it.

      So I recommend you to buy, if not a Galaxy S2, at least an Android phone. You WON’T go back.

      And yes, you can pirate apps, fyi. 140% of my apps are cracked 😛 Just sayin’

      • LikesBacon

        In no way am I trying to fight. I’m not a fanboy of either. I just will use whatever works.
        And about support from apple. They ranked #1 for years in customer satisfaction. Anyone can walk into an apple store. There is no Samsung mobile store. Where else can you walk into a store and get a new replacement phone?

        I don’t have an apple product btw. I use symbian!!! The true mobile OS!! (jk)

      • Anonymous

        There’s a reason people can walk inside Apple stores, turn their devices in and get a replacement before you can say “Hi”, and that reason is NOT customer satisfaction.

        Yes, youre right. There is in some way, a fairly good customer support from Apple. But let me ask you something: does the company REALLY give a damn about its customers?

        Remember Antennagate? Did they really think $15/a free bumper would be enough?! Maybe they were able to fool the ocassional hipster iPhone owner, but not most of us. And the CURRENT battery issue with iOS 5 and the iPhones 4/4S? Oh no, they’re so past it, not even blogs talk about it anymore.

        Sorry for the long post, and im not here to fight either, but lets not confuse Customer Support with Customer Satisfaction.

  • Meh, they are both competent platforms. I prefer iOS, but certainly will never put down Android in some fan-boyish, pseudo racist (against Androids, I guess) rage.

    I love my iPad 3, and my Android & iOS phones.

    This was posted using my Windows 8 metro tablet.

  • Anonymous

    You can still pirate Android apps, Symbian style.