SBCoders — the same developer behind the highly anticipated Deck jailbreak tweak – is back at it again. Aero is the latest creation from SBCoders, and their aim is to bring significant style and grace to the mundane task of switching apps.

Do they succeed in accomplishing their goal? Check out our in-depth video preview of Aero for the answer…

The beta preview of Aero that we tested was three short of a dozen different animations. These ranged from your typical CoverFlow, to an extremely classy wheel animation that reminds us of your father’s rolodex.

Aero doesn’t necessarily do anything groundbreaking at this point, but it certainly accomplishes the task of spicing up an otherwise ordinary activity.

Expect SBCoders to take their time with this release to make sure it’s just right before making it publicly available. That’s a rarity these days, so we should appreciate their hard work to bring us well working tweaks.

Let us know what you think about Aero. Does it seem like the type of tweak you’d like to use?

  • I Hope the Developer ads a bar for changing the volume and the brightness

    • Anonymous

      you’re joking right? that’s getting redundant.

      • No, i mean to replace the app switcher in full you’ll need a volume control

      • and music and airplay controls…
        but i kinda like the app how it is, quite simple…

      • Anonymous

        Oh okay, I understand what you’re saying. But with all the tweaks available for Notification Center, SBSettings, Imperium, Card Switcher, Multifl0w, Scrollingboard, etc. there’s a lot to choose from. I guess each to their own right.

  • Can’t wait till I can use this!! My iPhone recently crashed and had to restore. Can wait to be jailbroken again to have this 🙂

    • ok, it was jailbroken and then it crashed, and now you want to jailbreak it again, i think that sounds pretty silly

      • Kiel Wallace

        onward and upward.

      • Anonymous

        It;s happened to me many of times. the iPhone is a good phone, but a jailbroken iphone is a superb iphone. I honestly would not have an iphone if there wasn’t a jailbreak available, so when I install too many tweaks or my phone crashes of course I’m gonna jailbreak again. I’m sure most people here feel the same way.

  • Anonymous

    Looks sweet. Can’t wait. That’s one of those head turners.

  • Anonymous

    Me like

  • How much will this tweak cost?

  • Anonymous

    These SBCoders guys are so good!! Their UI are so beautiful. Anything they come out with, I test. The Deck app is so good! I have it and don’t change it for anything.
    Can’t wait for this!

  • looks like the ipod nano 6g springboard

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jeff
    Really nice tweak.But do you know when the Aptdate tweak will be on cydia?

    • Yeah, so was I. However, the developer tweeted that he was not going to be able to release it because it would adversely effect the Cydia servers.

  • Anonymous

    Crappy .. umm how man y damn switchers do we need.. could someone work on something else else.. like a virtual memory tweak or a real volume booster

    • I agree, Cydia is becoming redundant as the App Store. Want a new one? Someone code a way to implement IM into the messages app. Or quick reply for Messenger. Something useful!!!! Or perhaps update Winterboards UI.

      • cydia could use a star rating system or a comment system for the tweaks.

  • Absolutely love this tweak just from the review and the video. And yes, its another app switcher – but so what, it looks awesome and i bet it really is. SBCoders always do an amazing job. Like Jeff said, look at Deck. Another awesome tweak. Cannot wait to get my hands on this. Massive thumbs up 🙂

  • Some many switcher apps. I try them all.. Always end up going back to stock.

  • Whats with it switching to the previous app a split second before the new one? Anyone else catch that?

    • Isn’t it still a beta? I’m pretty sure the final version won’t have that (:

    • Anonymous

      Yeah that was the biggest gripe I had with it too. Would definitely need to see that problem disappear before using this tweak,

  • I think Imperium is way more functional…and it is still purty good looking too 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Aw man… To bad that this isn’t released yet.

  • Anonymous

    when will it be released?

  • When this tweak is going online to cydia?

  • Anonymous

    What’s the rush? Why can’t you hold your horses and review the tweak(s) when they’re actually available for all. It just seems more considerate in general, to me One can safely assume that there will be an initial demand upon viewing the video (s), of course, only to be met by disappointment (not yet released). How does this approach positively facilitate the readers/viewer more than holding off a bit. Just my lousy 2 cents, I know. Btw, nice review I look forward to its release. 😉

  • Wild Star

    looks great

  • Anonymous

    Does it even kill apps? I ask this because you mentioned Deck and this tweak doesn’t, you can click on the kill apps toggle within Deck and they were still all there in switcher and plenty of other tweaks with a kill apps feature often don’t work.