Just when we thought we had heard it all, this story surfaced. CBS New York is reporting that an 83-year old woman has filed a lawsuit against Apple after she sustained injuries walking into a glass door at its Manhassett Store in Long Island, NY.

The woman’s name is Evelyn Paswall, and she’s going after Apple for a staggering $1 million dollars in medical expenses and punitive damages. Apparently Evenlyn broke her nose during the incident, and is now suing the company for negligence…

“Paswall claims that she didn’t realize the she was walking into a wall of glass as she approached the store, and says that she broke her nose as a result of the collision. Her suit claims that “The defendant was negligent in allowing a clear, see-through glass wall and/or door to exist without proper warning.”

As MacRumors points out, Apple has white stickers installed on the transparent glass of all of its retail stores to help keep collisions like this from happening. But according to the plaintiff’s attorney, these markings are insufficient.

Ok, even if we overlook the fact that this woman walked into a glass door (we’re still not sure how she was able to tell the door apart from the rest of the glass wall), we’re not sure a broken nose equates to a $1 million settlement.

What do you think? Is Apple really in the wrong here?

  • her grandson just wanted the new ipad..

  • Matt Lewis

    Lol! Stupid is in the tags! xD

  • Anonymous

    Wow… No ofence, but this is one of the things I dislike about Americans. She is just going for “easy” money…

    • Anonymous

      Americans? I dislike that the most about them. How they refer to themselves as “Americans” when America is a continent, not a country.

      • Than, what should the citizens of United States of America call themselves?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know, maybe US Citizens, people who reside on the US, US people, people that live on the United States of America, I don’t know. But America is a contenent, and to call the US population “Americans” is wrong to me. Americans are all of us, the ones who live in Mexico, Argentina, and Canada. Not only US

      • Ryan

        I have never called myself an American, in fact the majority of people that refer to us as Americans are not citizens of the United States.

      • jose

        I watch US TV shows all the time…. you DO refer to yourselves as americans, don’t tell me you don’t.

      • united states of american citizens? nah…every knows when you say americans you mean those from USA. only people who get upset are those from latin america. dont be upset, call yourself guatemalan if you are guatemalteco, not american. thats for us “USA people” haha

      • Anonymous

        Get a little bit informed, kid. America is the whole thing, in which it divides in north, south, and center. Never mind, I was told that in school they already teach you that there is no “America”, that there are “north america” and “south america” but no one as a whole, as it actually is. No point arguing

      • Hey Gunther, just wondering, what about when Europeans call themselves Europeans? Or Asians call themselves Asian? Or even (this is a good one) Australians call themselves Australian? How are they any different from Americans calling themselves Americans? Just wondering here; I’m a bit confused as to what exactly it is you are complaining about.

      • red necks or white trash… ppl love to call them both ways…

      • Anonymous

        North America is continent, South America is continent, America itself isn’t. I’m from Canada and I would never want to be called American. You don’t refer to people by continents.

      • i would never call you an american (even though canada is americas 51st state)

      • Anonymous

        There is where you are wrong. America itself it is. Do a little research or at lease read some books before saying such things. You don’t refer to people by continents? Ok, so if I say “Europeans” you would not understand what I was saying, right? Right. “Americans”… what a self centered term … You are not the center of the universe, you know.

      • @gunther…he needs to read books to know that he can call germans 1)germans, 2)europeans 3) nazis?

        on a serious note, quit being so hate filled. thanks dude

        can’t we all just agree to hate the french?

      • Anonymous

        I am not hate filled. On the other hand, I admire your country man. And I would love to someday visit it. I like your tv shows, movies, and in general all your industry. That is why I learned English. I just think that you are wrong there. Because it affects me and all the population of America. We are just giving opinions, I am not asking you to think like me. Have a nice day

      • you are getting so sentimental…:o

      • Dan

        lol I hadn’t thought about that dude from Friends in like forever

      • Hey retard, can you shut the hell up now and stop bitching over the internet about your opinions on country’s and what people should call themselves? Nobody cares what kind of TV shows you like, or what you THINK we should call ourselves. This is an Apple blog, not a website where ignorant imbecilic little kids who have nothing else to do besides complaint about country’s on a tech blog.

      • Anonymous

        Why are you being agressive? Of course you are an uncle sam lover. Not wasting my time here- have a nice day kiddo.

    • Jeremy Spencer

      Wow, I have to agree. People are suing fast food restaurants for “getting them fat”. Just everything is sad. Like how some old woman sued McDonalds because the coffee was too “hot”. And how would you know not to walk into the wall? Or wouldn’t you assume there is a door there.

      • Anonymous

        While I was living in the USA (cause apparently, calling it America got a few people sensitive), one thing I noticed was that most (if not all) of the teachers and parents were scared about that word, suing. One example: My sister’s middle school wouldn’t play dodgeball anymore cause a student got hurt and the parents sued the school district.

  • well, shouldn’t have to take her last name to seriously.. “pass wall”
    Haha 😀

  • stuff like this enrages me… *skin turning green* Hulk Smaaash!

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if it’s a typo, but why put the “$” if you are also going to have the word “dollars”.

  • What does she really think keeps out the weather pixie dust or something I think this is BS this women either needs a life or glasses or better yet put here n a nursing home

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to due the old lady because after reading this article I feel stupider…more stupider…

  • apparently ms. passwall fail to pass the wall :-D…

  • Another example of someone (in the US, of course) suing a company for not considering their own stupidity…! So in the future all glass structures will need to have those stupid bird stickers all over them…?!

    Also how do they come up with these frivolous figures — one million dollars for a broken nose…?!

    • i’m from the US and we aren’t all like that. this crap ticks me off SO much! people don’t take responsibility for their own actions and their own stupidity. everyone is out for a quick buck.

      see the problem is in the legal system…that lawyers are allowed to take these frivolous suits on contingency. they need to make that illegal. if you can’t afford to pay a lawyer up front then you shouldn’t be allowed to sue. a lawyer shouldn’t be able to represent you for free up front then take 1/3 of the money you win. if lawyers were restricted to only charging their normal fees and it had to be paid up front, no win fall in the end, then this crap would stop.

  • She must have ran into the door, ain’t no way you can walk into a wall and break your nose -___-

  • Lol……

  • I guess she was play angry bird too much, and yet here come angry granny (real version)

  • So she is going to sue apple because of her lack of good sense/intelligence!? Well, then I am going to sue apple for having a 4 digit security number lock on my iphone, and I`ll just tell the judge that I didn`t realize I had to choose 4 numbers to secure my iphone unlock, TOO HARD TO REALIZA RIGHT?
    That woman probally was using her iphone looking downwards(horrible english I know), and now because her lack of common/good sense, Qi and her big and stupid EGO she will sue apple just to not feel that much humiliated, huh.. selfish people, argh..

  • And why is she the only one suing Apple for being stupid, ops I mean, facing a big glass wall!? She is probally the only one that was stupid and distracted enough to not see difference between he area of the glass door, and the glass wall, or she thought the apple logo was floating there? Damn that made me laugh hard, a huuuhah for the stupid people with a big ego!

  • Apple needs to stop using windex lol

  • bet you there was 2 crows perched outside laughing their asses off lol!!!

  • Lol this isn’t the men who stare at goats and she failed to walk tho a wall!!

  • what a cry baby

  • Anonymous

    I think with 100billion dollars in the bank, Apple can afford to string this lawsuit out and bleed her and her attorney dry….Which I hope they do.

    • won’t cost her a dime. i’ll bet my car the lawyer took the case on contingency.

  • Anonymous

    *walks into glass door at Microsoft store* hello Mr. Gates. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    “Only in America, you say? Pity!
    1 million dollars? Yeah and her lawyer will get 990,000 in contingency fees.
    Maybe she should have worn her granny glasses?

  • Dan

    what a douche

  • Apple better sue her for getting the glass dirty with her stupid nose.

  • Another, It’s somebody else’s Fault!!! syndrome. Plus They’ve got plenty of money I should have some of it because I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. She would probably have walked into it if it was painted Apple Red with flashing lights.

  • Justintheoutdoorsman

    Here is a simple solution, never let an 83 year old woman enter an apple store. Also, you have to be blind to not see glass. I’ve been to apple stores and although the glass is very nice and clear it can still be seen very easily. In my opinion this isn’t apples fault and this lady probably didn’t even hurt her self, she just wanted a reason to sue the most valuable company in the world. How in the hell can walking into a door break your nose???? Mabe if her nose extended like 1 foot from her face, but I dont know. To me this is just a lame excuse to sue apple!!!

  • Asking $1 million for walking into glass is just insane!


    lol this is funny!!

  • I can’t believe it , but apple did PULL millions on B moves suing everyone who made a tablet or phone.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao, *sigh*, moments like these is when I am ashamed of being American smh