I’m absolutely sure that I’m in the minority on my thoughts about iOS’ Spotlight feature. I actually find it useful and helpful for launching apps, finding emails, contacts, etc.

Many of you, however, loathe Apple’s inclusion of Spotlight; deeming it absolutely worthless, useless, and a waste of time and energy.

For those who fall into the latter category, then maybe this jailbreak tweak will make you happy. It’s called WebSpot, and it allows you to completely replace Spotlight with a customizable web interface…

WebSpot has been updated since our video footage was taken. Since then, more options have been added to the fray: such as the ability to navigate to URLs directly from WebSpot, along with the inclusion of a new toolbar.

For those of you who outright refuse to acknowledge the existence of Spotlight, then WebSpot is certainly for you. Not only does it remove Spotlight, but it replaces it with something “useful”.

What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    About to make it my Twitter spot

  • Siv

    Good concept

  • Your not alone on this Jeff , I find it very usefull when your trying to find a app in a folder but you forgot which folder it’s in

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure we are indeed in the minority but I too think Spotlight it immensely useful. It allows me to have a clean Springboard (read: hidden apps) and it’s a quicker methods to find contacts to place calls than the Contacts or Phone apps. It saves you a step or two of each.
    Needless to say, this app is not for me.
    You should write an article about the ways Spotlights adds to the ease of use of the phone, contrary to common opinion.

  • spotlight & web (both) = scrollingboard

  • Anonymous

    If I want an URl that I use a lot i just use “Add to Home Screen.” No need for useless spotlight.

  • Dan

    nice i’ll use this, never use spotlight

  • This tweak reminds me a lot of the Facebook / Twitter / etc…. widgets used in dreamboard themes. It was cool then nd even cooler now bc I using a winterboard theme now.

    My only grip is that I wish the dock would go away just like when u scroll onto spotlight so that the web page being jewels could use more space. jmo.

  • Love it

  • This add on is great. I use it as a weather “widget.”

  • I’ve been using this tweak for a couple of days now. I had always disabled spotlight, I couldn’t find any good use of it. WebSpot gave me a good reason to start using it. I’ve been reading iDB on spotlight since the day I found the tweak in Cydia. One press of the home button takes me straight to my favorite blog.

  • I like it. Just wish it went full screen.

  • Anonymous

    Been using this tweak since several days back. It is all right imo. 😉

  • Anonymous

    I use spotlight all the time. Can anybody recommend a tweak that enhances further what spotlight can do?

  • i dont use spotlight i disable it now i will use this wow

  • Is there any way to do something like this while keeping spotlight as well? I’d like spotlight to be the furthest page to the left, with a fullscreen webpage replacing the spotlight page position. Is that possible?