Siri’s popularity has been somewhat of a controversial topic over the last 6 months. Although the digital assistant dropped some jaws when Apple introduced it to the public last fall, a lot of folks have since written the feature off as a novelty.

But according to a recent study from Parks Associates, a consulting firm, Siri is much more popular than you probably would’ve guessed. Surprisingly, 87% of iPhone 4S owners surveyed use at least one Siri-related feature each month…

Parks polled 482 iPhone 4S owners to try and gauge how popular Siri is 6 months after its introduction. As aforementioned, almost 90% of the participants admitted that they used the assistant on a monthly basis to complete one or more tasks.

It seems making phone calls and sending text messages were the most popular Siri-driven activities — roughly a third of those polled used the service for one of these actions. In contrast, 35% of the survey participants said they’ve never used the assistant to play music or schedule a meeting.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic from the report were the user satisfaction ratings. 55% of the iPhone 4S owners reported that they were satisfied with Siri, 9% claimed they were unsatisfied, and the rest were somewhere in the middle.

Apple still has Siri labeled as a ‘beta’ product, and is expected to drastically expand the digital assistant’s capabilities at some point in the future. It’ll be interesting to see where the feature is at two years from now.

What are your thoughts on Siri? Are you satisfied, unsatisfied?


  • Anonymous

    I use Siri to ask about Chuck Norris

    • Chuck Norris’s rice krispies are too scared to snap, crackle and pop!

  • I think Siri is helpful most times when I use it. Im happy with it.

  • Anonymous

    87% use it at least ONCE A MONTH and they only surveyed < 500 people. But from that we can write the headline 90% of 4S owners use Siri. Keep trying

    • it says almost 90%, ALMOST

      • Anonymous

        87% use it at least ONCE A MONTH and they only surveyed < 500 people. But from that we can write the headline ALMOST 90% of 4S owners use Siri. Keep trying

        Does that make you feel better? The point is Siri is not used anywhere near as much as this sensational headline is trying to make it seem.

      • whats the percentage of users who use it daily? i would say less than 1% anyone else? I like siri, but don’t love it. it has it’s uses but as an american here in korea it’s lacking 🙁

        i’m looking forward to trying it out when i go to america (yes i said america and not united states of america-dont be upset) ill visit for 2 weeks and i want to try some location based inquires. especially with some of the tweaks i can use with maps

      • Anonymous

        I feel sorry for the rest 10%

  • Anonymous

    Assuming those iPhone owners are British or American, then yes, maybe they do use Siri. But with Siri being absolutely useless outside of the US (and a few other countries), it’s not AS popular as they say it is. Siri is hands down THE most overrated piece of “technology” I’ve seen in years. Had it been made by Samsung, it “would suck”, because “Samsung sucks”, bla bla.

    Only reason people use it is because they are hipsters, but then again, that’s why they bought an iPhone 4S in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed & liked. I have a 50% hit rate and a 100% surprise rate when it actually gets it right :/

    • Kok Hean

      Your logic says that I’m a hipster…

      • Anonymous

        It does.

      • Anonymous

        Then there’s a 90% chance your logic is wrong.

  • Siri is cool… I believe it shouldn’t need a server to open up apps like a jailbroken Siri

  • using it once a month is right for me too.. i used her today to call my mom but i haven’t used siri for anything else in a while, at least not with an actual purpose (i’m not counting ‘where to hide a dead body’ requests)

  • Great for math questions but still lacks the social questions.

  • Such a useless service I really. I never used it and well don’t see a need for it. I feel like and idiot using it if there are people around. I think the study is really not accurate.

  • I have been using Siri more and more after I jailbroke my iPhone

  • Anonymous

    Lol pointless survey if u ask me. Once a month? If its used on a daily basis I would say its successful. I can’t even remember the last time I used Siri? I find if a product has a chance for failure ( voice reconfnition has I high rate) it will never be used on a daily basis.

    • 87% of people in Africa eat at least one meal per month <—if this were true, should we be happy about it?

  • i use siri all the time. very helpful. looking forward for update.

    • Anonymous

      The way Apple is moving, we’ll have to wait until the next phone release for any update imo. I mean, the iP4S has been out for a half year and Siri has barely changed for the better. It was just a gimmick to sell iP4Ss.

      • it will be updated for the next iphone and we will be screwed. this will be the lacking feature we will be missing out on. as iphone 3gs users didnt get native HDR (tho its capable) and 3gs users didnt get Find My iPhone (tho it was capable) and iphone 4users didnt get siri when the devices is more than capable even with a weaker mic. i want to punch apple in the face

  • I use it daily and seldom have issues with it getting what I say right. I say it is a great feature to have. Those who want to use it do. Those who don’t won’t. Personaly I feel it is a lot like the stock app or the news stand. Some people want it, need it and use it others don’t . Personaly I have no use for either of them but I am not complaining saying it is useless. Grow up people.

    • Anonymous

      Agree, it’s not useless for some/many. At the same time, it definitely was over hyped by Apple to push the iP4S. Six months after release, and there is still virtually no location support for the millions of users outside America, that’s just shitty of Apple imo.

  • Dan

    heh I’m an iPhone 4 owner and even I use Siri!

    • pipe down…once a month doesn’t count

      • Dan

        Your message makes no sense, was it intended at someone else? All I was saying is that even people without an iPhone 4S use Siri (thanks to jailbreaking).

  • I am the 10%

  • siri is nice when it works, but I had to abandon using it because the reliability of it has been so sketchy…sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I do use it a lot to open apps.

  • I remember the Last time when i used siri was to try the hands-free tweak. Since then i almost forgot i even have siri.

    • hahah same here…i get reminded i have siri when i hold the home button too long then i get annoyed at her saying “YES?”

  • I use Siri mostly to send and listen to text messages, but I had to make myself do it so I will get my moneys worth. Sad part is when I say reply it tries to find a store close by

    • Dan

      I find it useful for texts when I’m walking around town, I find it annoying to walk and use the touch keyboard (maybe it’s just me).

  • I think that’s just because most iPhone 4S users, are new iPhone users so they excited to use it. Most of us old school iPhone users wouldn’t use it like me. Don’t even know why I upgraded from my iPhone 4.

  • Anonymous

    500 people lol
    Out of the millions of hand sets
    Hmmm epic fail on that one

  • I’m in the 10% that don’t use it.
    I’m also one of the however many that tried it on day one and has never gone back to it.

  • Anonymous

    I barely use it. I only do sometimes when Im half asleep and have to reach over to set an alarm.

  • Anonymous

    I have a jb iP4S and hardly ever use Siri now, the novelty has worn off. Imo, it is a marketing gimmick. It’s basically a toy at this stage, that’s why Apple list it as “beta”. I rarely use it. It lacks convenience and practicality at this point even in America.

  • Kok Hean

    EDIT: This was supposed to be a reply.

  • out2late

    It would help if Siri was updated for Canadian use.

  • can anyone tell me how to reinstall cydia? because my iphone font error

  • Love Siri, Best thing I ever bought

  • Craig Evs

    Agreed – Siri is, in my experience, useless outside US. I’m very disappointed to have changed from my Galaxy S2 to iP4S.
    I thought it would be useful for reading and sending texts when driving, but Siri’s errors (prob due to background noise) make it so distracting it is dangerous.