Ok sure, a lot of us readily hand over hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars of our money to Apple each year in exchange for their latest gadgets. But how many of you would ever trust the Cupertino company with all of your money?

Times Moneyland spotlighted a recent survey, conducted in the US and UK, that aimed to answer that very question. How many people would trust their finances with an Apple-owned bank? Keep reading for the results…

KAE and Toluna jointly polled more than 5,000 tech-savvy consumers last month to see if they would bank with Apple if given the opportunity. Initially, a dismal 10% of the participants said they’d allow Tim Cook and company to watch over their money.

Unsurprisingly, however, that number sky rockets when you narrow the field to include only folks who have previously owned Apple products. Percentage of Apple users that would happily bank with the iPad-makers: 43.

The idea of Apple entering the financial services market isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. After all, it’s had its own iTunes payment system for several years now. And we continue to hear rumors that it’s planning to take the service mobile.

But common sense tells us that we won’t be seeing a ‘Bank of Apple’ anytime soon — the company has too much work left to do in the consumer electronics space.

That being said, we wouldn’t mind if Apple brought its notorious user-friendly interface to the otherwise complicated banking world.

What do you think? Would you trust Apple with your money?

  • Seriously?

  • hellome


  • Anonymous

    I dont trust anyone when it comes to $$$$$

    • So you dont have atm, PayPal, CC or debts?

  • The real question is, would Apple trust me with their money?

  • Apple already has my money XD

  • Anonymous

    depends who the backers of this bank would be. if its 100% Apple controlled then maybe but a lot of companies, at least in the UK, who offer financial services are actually supported by a major bank. if Apple were just like one of those companies then no.

  • nabil nasir

    lol. this has gone too far. if apple do i think they better get themselves a country >.<


    Yeah Maybe… As long as it doesn’t get Jailbroken

  • Tim cook said “we treat ever penny as if it was out last” apple definently knows how to manage there money, so I trust apple with money

  • Trust Apple with my money? No. Trust Steve Jobs with my money? Absolutely.

  • Well…..It’s bullshit they got more money than the 1%ers. Give us something truly magical for being so loyal. We the people who bought your products over the years deserve something more than just mocking us with your tiny(incremental) upgrades. Something i posted before…I have gave them my money and do I trust them? I don’t think so, jus for that reason. Apple is almost evil as it is. Apple has great products and they should just stick with electronics!

    • I wouldn’t call it tiny. That display on the iPad 3 and 4G LTE are not tiny upgrades those are pretty major stuff. Not to mention 9hrs of battery life on 4G LTE which is pretty amazing

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    • Anonymous

      we do not get anything u do dont do it

  • I have done jailbreak my iphone… but in cydia have notice in top (This device is in the pending TSS queue??) What this??

    • Don’t worry, that’s normal 🙂 Just Cydia backing up your SHSH blobs.


  • i truley belive

  • First you send me an APPLE iPhone / an APPLE iPad. i have most essencial iphone/ipad.