The big news last week was of course the new iPad and Apple TV launches. For that reason, we supplemented our normal deluge of jailbreak videos with some iPad and Apple TV unboxings, comparisons, and the like. But that’s not to say that there weren’t some striking jailbreak videos created last week, because there were.

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‘CamFast’ lets you open the Camera app quickly

How to install iPhoto and iMovie on iOS 5.0.1

Visualize your now playing song with ‘Hud’

‘Imperium’ is an app switcher replacement

‘App Activation Audio’ adds sound to app launches

  • Install iphoto was the best one but it made me lose my display recorder 🙁

  • Sara Pilling

    Trying to install iMovie ******* up my iphone and now it’s being repaired so thanks to trying this stupid video I am iPhoneless until thursday!!!!

    • There’s always a risk when playing around with system files and you chose to take that risk so blame yourself and not Jeff.

    • Repaired? There is nothing you could have done there that would have required repair if you followed the instructions step by step. By repair I’m assuming you mean a restore that you can do in iTunes?

    • Anonymous

      All you are doing is basically tricking your iDevice to thinking its on a different firmware. No reason for your iPhone to get “****** up” You must have tampered with other files or deleted something but either way it could have been restored on iTunes. Good Luck!

      • After tricking my device to 5.1 i already reset it to 5.0.1 but still i can’t install display recorder. I’m willing to sacrifice iphoto for display recorder if i had to. Does anyone know how to get display recorder back.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve done the same :p

  • I have a question for you , when is the 5.1 jailbreak for iphones 4s going to come out?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t ask, don’t tell