Earlier we reported that a new jailbreak tweak was on its way to Cydia to enable push notifications in Sparrow. That tweak has finally touched down on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free, and we’ve taken it for a thorough spin.

Do the push notifications make Sparrow a legitimate Mail app replacement, despite the flaws that we uncovered in our previous video review?

Check out our video walkthrough of Sparrow Push for the answer.

  • should be on nc.

  • Sparrow works good, but if you want to replace the defoult mail app, try mBoxmail from the appstore a little spensive in my opininon but it does intergrates with notification center!!!Jeff i suggest u try it and do a review on it!!!

  • Unfortunately, while the push tweak is nice I am no longer jailbroken and will be sticking with Apple Mail

    • Anonymous

      The free app Mail Minder does push notifications for any POP or IMAP account. It uses an external server to send the notifications so it doesn’t have to run in the background on your device or anything. Dislaimer: I’m one of the devs of mailminder.

  • Also, I am curious why Apple made them
    remove push notification in the first place. Hope they are able to allow it in a future release.

  • This tweak is cool but it kills my podcast player Downcast!

    I hit play on audio podcast plays fine hit home and it dies so I go back plays again! If I hit lock it dies too… Never had this before. So I resprung and restarted and still doing it. So uninstalled the tweak resprung and it works fine now!

    So this tweak is busted…

    • Hi,

      I am the developer of this tweak. The problem has been fixed and an update submitted. It should be available on Cydia soon! Sorry about the inconvenience!

      Please follow @IpuIpuApps for more updates!

  • Anonymous

    Now that Sparrow Push is out I’ve switched to Sparrow. The notes for the tweak in Cydia do say that the developer is working on adding Notification Center integration and the ability for Sparrow to handle mailto: links so hopefully once they’re added this will be the perfect client. This works much better for me as my mail service uses IMAP idle which the Mail.app doesn’t fully utilise. Now I get the badge notifications even quicker.

  • malek fata

    once installed i had a problem while playn music then hitting home button the music pauses…fix this and try addn notification to nc

  • Rasheed Samite

    If you Sparrow app is close, no notification will come out…mmm keep working

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I respring a couple times a week because of new downloads or something. I will sometimes forget to open Sparrow so the push works. Any chance on getting this to push like the real mail app, so when Sparrow is closed it still pushes.

  • Having the same problem as otgers with music app,exiting the app stops the music,music is only playing while im in the ipod (or music) app.

    • Chris Vanderhorst

      Yep i have some issue. ipod app stops working once phone is in standby. bugger i nned music while im working and i love sparrow app.

      I might try backgrounder for the app and maybe music i will confirm

  • Chris Vanderhorst

    Sweet! using backgrounder fixes the ipod app issue’s

  • I am having similar problems while this tweak is installed while using the iPod app, Instacast, Pandora or Spotify.
    When I go to the homescreen or lock my phone, the music stops. Then when I re-open the app it skips to the end of the song.

    • Chris Vanderhorst

      backgrounder will fix this issue

  • After installing this tweak spotify paused when I hit the home button. I restarted the device and now it boots up into safe-mode and then springbord chrashes after 5-10 seconds and and it keeps doing that. Yay! o/. (Not sure this is becase of this tweak but I never had this problem before.)