A new report out of the Wall Street Journal claims that Sharp is closer than ever to being able to ramp up production of Retina displays for Apple’s new iPad.

Current shipping iPads feature Retina display panels manufactured by, ironically enough, Samsung, with both Sharp and LG supposedly set to join the fray sooner rather than later.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that Sharp may be the first to offer backup for Samsung, with mass production set to be underway “as soon as possible,” according to a source…

Even though Apple has launched with just one display supplier, Samsung appears to have been able to keep up with demand with iPads being launched in multiple countries across the globe. While stocks are now running short in those territories, anecdotal evidence suggests that happened much slower than past iPad launches.

The Retina displays are presumably more difficult to mass-manufacture due to their extremely high resolution of 2048×1536 for a panel of just 9.7-inches big. Samsung, it seems, has the process down to an art, with Sharp apparently struggling to meet QC standards.

And we all know how Apple’s design and manufacturing teams are sticklers for a spot of QC!


  • Kok Hean

    Impossible that they can manufacture retina displays for their own products, Apple will sue and win them :/

    • Anonymous

      As if, the word “Retina” might be all Apple but the technology, like almost every other component in an iDevice is not.

    • Anonymous

      You didn’t understand the article

      • Kok Hean

        I’m just adding on, Sharp doesn’t have the permission to manufacture them yet.

  • Anonymous

    I just LOVE it, and it is truly the right thing for Apple to do even if they were not in a Lawsuit WAR with Samsung.

    This just makes excellent business sense.

    Any Supply Chain should have a minimum of 2 suppliers for each component, especially “key” components – and having 3 suppliers is that much better!

    I was always amazed that Apple only had Samsung.

    Talk about putting all your eggs in to one basket.

    I can’t wait to hear when Sharp starts shipping their screens!

  • Imagine if apple could actually “make” something.

    • Anonymous


  • I have bad feeling about this; if you know what I mean…..