The new iPad finally landed in consumer hands on Friday, March 16th and it looks like there are already people noticing an issue with Apple’s newest tablet.

A growing number of users over at MacRumors forums and Apple support forums claim that the lower left-hand corner of their new iPad gets warm, or evern extremely hot in some cases…

The new iPad has a larger battery and a faster and larger processing chip, so the device getting a bit warm isn’t out of the ordinary, since it is to be expected with any tablet or cellular device.

As of yet, there is no definite reason to why some users are experiencing overheating issues with the new iPad. It could be the new LTE chipset or even the new larger battery Apple has implemented. Apple has yet to comment on the reports.

I’ve been using my new iPad 16GB 4G version almost nonstop, and have not noticed it getting hot or even uncomfortably warm.

Is your new iPad getting a little toasty?

  • No issue’s here. 64GB 4G + WI-FI

  • Mine gets warm after a while, but with the warmth of my hands combining with obvious system heat, it’s to be expected. Nothing I would remotely consider “hot”. 64gb white.

  • It gets much warmer than the iPad 2, but far from Hot or even uncomfortable. When people post that theirs is getting “hot”, I’m not sure if they are just exaggerating or not choosing their words carefully. In any case, I find that disabling the LTE radio and turning brightness down to 50% reduces warmth. Good idea anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Mine (32GB WIFI+4G) got extremely hot during heavy use. Yesterday I was draining the battery and after a few hours it was so hot that I wasn’t able to comfortably hold the iPad. It went from iPad to iPan. I really hope this is something fixable at a software level.

  • Anonymous

    I only have the iPad 2, and when my wife lets me use my ipad, I don’t feel any heat.

    However, I would LOVE to be the winner of your iPad 3 give-a-way and then find out for myself if the new iPad 3 does indeed overheat. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    My issue with my iPad 3 is that when charging it, the back of the iPad starts vibrating a little bit

    • Anonymous

      For some that is a benefit.

  • I got my 16gb wifi black on Friday and within bout 20min of using it it got very hot but haven’t experienced it since…mustve been trying to restore from iCloud

  • Mine gets intermittently hot even after short periods of use. And by that I mean uncomfortably hot, hopefully this isn’t going to be an ongoing problem that needs resolved.

    • Anonymous

      its only a matter of time until some body get a burn and sues apple.. can you say

  • Anonymous

    16GB WI-FI.. mine get warm but. not hot
    . if i play a graphic heavy game for a loooooong time… BUT i have noticed that my charging plug gets very very hot.. though mine charges very fast i dont have the slow charge issue that many folks complain about.

  • No issues at all when using normally, Its an absolute joy to use, only a slight warmth when plugged into the charger, but that’s to be expected, the new battery is a lot bigger.

  • i noticed this when i was in the Apple store trying out the new iPad. I figured this is from the display constantly being on and playing videos, hence using the processor and causing it to generate extra heat. I just got my 32 GB white iPad (3rd Gen) so ill report back if i notice this, as this is one of my concerns. Thank goodness for the Apple Care Plan and warranties. 🙂

  • No issues at all here
    iPad 64gb 4G

  • I checked it out in one of those ipad store and used the ipad 3 that was kept for display and as i got a grip i felt so hot. Couldn’t hold it for a minute. There used to be ipad 2 on the same place before but i never felt that much of heat on ipad 2 and ipad 1. This is definitely a issue for heavy users.

  • Ok thats the heat issue. What about the battery?? Several users report a need of a 10-11 hours charging for a full 100% charge. How long yours take to charge completely from lets say around 10%? Can someone report on this?

    • MrQ

      The new iPad. I called Apple yesterday after my iPad did get extremely hot and after cool down noticed I had light bleed from the top area of the screen. My charging block gets extremely hot charging the new larger battery and it was almost triple the time to charge. Apple ask me to discontinue use until they call me back.

  • Guys this is not such a big issue. It’s just that the new iPad is about 10 degrees hotter than its predecessors. No worries.

  • I don’t have any issues with my 64gb WiFi only. I think this is just people bitching about something when a new product from Apple comes out. Always need to find something to bitch about. I bet there is nothing wrong at ALL. Whine whine whine people.

  • Sarah Davis

    Mine gets hot when I in use. But just came home (had it on charge for 3hrs) and it’s too ht to touch. I’m worried.

  • vonkarl

    my charger gets really hot, and so does the ipad itself, its just burned the connection lead at the ipad end, bought a new genuine one but still getting hot, also it is a lot slower to do things than my partners android tablet..any ideas, im thinking of getting my money back, very unhappy with it