One of the best things about choosing a Verizon flavored iPad over its AT&T counterpart is the fact that Verizon makes tethering your data free.

Right out of the box you can start tethering your iPad’s fast LTE connection to another iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, whatever.

Inside we’ll take a look at how to setup the personal hotspot feature on your new iPad, along with a little test drive…

As you can see, Verizon’s service is no slouch when it comes to speed. I’ve seen it slow down a bit since more and more users have adopted new Verizon iPads, but it’s still much better than I would have imagined. It’s already about 3-4 times faster than my “high speed” broadband upload speed at home.

Did you buy a Verizon iPad? If so, will you be taking advantage of the free hotspot provision?

  • Anonymous

    Has AT&T said how much extra they charge for iPad hotspot feature. If it’s free for Verizon I would think AT&T will want to follow suit. Of course it is AT&T and they are pure evil.

  • Tad

    My speed at home on FIOS is 35/35. My Verizon LTE is ~40/25. I am in awe…

    • Anonymous

      Compare ping times. I’m sure that awe will quickly fade.

  • I mean, this is awesome !
    with such numbers, such a “mobile LTE 4G” connection could easily now become the “main and only Home connection” that people have/pay for !
    No “absolutely necessary need” for a wire/fiber “BroadBand” connection anymore — except Of Course for the “Carriers Data Limitations” at the moment — but it might not be limited forever…

    • Also being the wireless spectrum has less bandwidth than wired so you’ll get slower speeds. Although I don’t know an LTE cell sites capacity.

  • Ha you call your connection ordinary at your home with 30mbps? My home Internet is 3mbps max. Sad thing is I pay $65 a month for that speed too.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon in my area is really fast too. At home I average 15down 2up. On the Verizon iPad I average 25down and 22up. My friend had the thunderbolt when it first came out and when he did his tests Verizon was at 40down and 35up. A lot more people are using lte in this area now.

  • Anonymous

    My friends new AT&T iPad gets 27.06 Mbps down and 8.27 up.

    Your LTE Verizon iPad is not impressive. Except for free hotspot.

  • Doug Wittrock

    I can already ‘tether’ my iPhone, iPad (AT&T) to my MBP using the built in Airport.

  • I think I’ll be connecting my iPhone 4S to my iPad 4G LTE quite often!

  • Anonymous

    Is the tethering feature limited to the new iPad, or is it an iOS 5.1 feature?

    If anyone has updated their iPad 2 (or 1) to 5.1, I would love to know.

  • Howcome making your Verizon iPhone a hot spot is $20/month but with the iPad it’s free?!

  • Helping a friend use his iPad 3 as a possible tethering device or hotspot. Hotspot and tethering ARE NOT the same thing. Tethering means connecting a cable from one device to another device. A hotspot is a wireless connection much like you find in coffee shops or other places that allow public wifi access.

  • I live in Brazil… Just tried this and it worked on my iPad 3 GSM on Claro Network.

  • i cant find it in ipad 3