I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is among the fastest turnaround time we’ve ever seen for a jailbreak for a brand new Apple device.

As we reported earlier, an untethered jailbreak has already been accomplished for the newly released iPad, and now we have the video proof.

Check inside as iDevice hacker i0n1c showcases his untethered jailbreak on video…

Looks pretty legit from this perspective, and remember that i0n1c has backed up his talk before.

It looks like the jailbreak community was just ready to pounce on the new iPad, as MuscleNerd appears to have an jailbreak at his disposal as well. Are you excited to potentially have a new iPad jailbreak so soon after release?

What do you think?

  • interesting, did not know the guy was a Vancouverite xD hehe~

    well, that and the fact that there’s a jailbreak! soon? lol i’m hoping for a A5 jailbreak though for 5.1. =]

  • Fantastic news real top devs, but will somebody show i0n1c how to film a video in landscape orientation.

  • He has that chat app installed that he wanted us all to install. Maybe it really does have something to do with it all

    • I’ve also noticed that, I have it downloaded

  • If u saw, they use the kakaotalk, like they said to download before apple takes this off

  • Thats a userland exploit

  • Anonymous

    I just installed kakaotalk messenger just in case it had something to do with the jailbreak

  • Anonymous

    Reading this from my new iPad 3. Very happy to see this, I have already instinctually used the Zephyr upward close swipe to no avail. Looking forward to jail breaking this bitch.

  • Ionic is a bullshitter f him he’s a big fat phony!!! He is just fng with the jailbreak community like when he had everyone posting pics with their iPads in an elevator that were desperate for an iPad 2 jailbreak I swear I don’t know why you people hang on his fng nut sack this guy is a douche and he has no jailbreak I can guarantee he won’t release jack shit now musclenerd is the real deal he’s verified I’d trust him any day but as far as ionics so called jailbreak it’s fake just like him and his so called kakoa talk messenger everyone should delete that app and stop buying into his bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    we need a new 4S jailbreak

  • Good! I’m gonna jailbreak my ipad (3rd generation) black, 16 gb, wifi only, as soon as i get one from idb as a free giveaway on march 23. 😉

  • Let’s see the model number, could just be a iPad 2 with the new iPad wallpaper

    • He (i0n1c) like to F¿¡K with people’s heads…and give them hope and BAM !!! Take it way and CRUSH any hope that you had for a JB. But ..but and I mean a BIG BUT as you can see he had Cydia open and it was showing iPad 3.1 w/ 5.1…? I gues you can fake your Cydia Video which has been done..! Now if u seen the video Y!! And I mean Y!! Y ..Would he cover the left side towards the bottom of the iPad when clicking on Cydia . I click on Cydia and it shows your device ver. and Cydia ver.(1.1.4) he might be covering his Cydia ID..it’s so hard to trust this type of guy.. that like to screw around with the public. But I think its pretty hard to re- create Cydia front page unless you take the time to fake it.. But he might b that type of guy to do that or not to do that. I don’t think he would waste his time in doing something like that.( I hope he is not that type this time ). I went to go see him speak when he came to Vegas he is really really smart guy and he knows his stuff. I hope and pray or not pray that he is for real this time and will put out a JB for this new iPad….so just changing the wall paper is just to easy…but u never know!!! But I hope that ALL 3 of these Jailbreakers speak to each other and that don’t release all 3..! That would be really crazy… One at a time and hopefully apple is not able to patch ALL THREE JB’s… Jesus I just wanted to make a quick statement..so so sorry…enjoy. And let me know what think..?

  • Why does he covers his cydia model number I don’t I’ll believe it when I see it

    • It’s actually a code that’s unique to every iDevice, jailbroken or not. I would say he hides it so Apple doesn’t block his iPad from using their services because he makes jailbreaks.


  • This is promising

  • when it will be public release? m w8in to jailbreak

  • Siv

    No teasing, more releasing 🙂

  • Can’t wait! 😀

  • So anybody know what he is covering the left-bottom in cydia…?

  • Is there a jailbreak for the iPad 2 running on 5.1 yet??

  • You don’t say!!!

  • I’m impressed.

  • Please make a tutorial video!!!! Thanks