During the company’s new iPad announcement last week, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and VP Phil Schiller made plenty of claims about both the new tablet and its competition. One claim to stand out was one that struck right at the heart of Nvidia, and it raised a few eyebrows at the same time.

During the announcement it was suggested that Apple’s new A5X chip was much, much faster than the latest and greatest competition, Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chipset. With the Android powered Tegra 3 hardware believed to be the cutting edge of mobile technology, many called the claims ludicrous. Now, after initial testing, it seems that Apple may have actually be onto something after all.

A new video posted by an Australian tech blogger has compared the new iPad and the Tegra 3-equipped Asus Transformer Prime, with the results showing that Apple’s device is indeed the top dog…

The video tells the story, but the upshot is that Apple wasn’t being as harsh on its competition as we all first thought. The new iPad trounces Nvidia’s Tegra 3 in the tests performed, though perhaps not quite the 4x performance that Apple was claiming during the big announcement last week.

Apple’s new A5X chip sports dual CPU cores and a quad-core graphics chip. Nvidia’s Tegra 3 sports a four-core CPU and 12 – count ’em – graphics cores. Apple once again showing that raw specifications don’t necessarily make for a better experience.

We can’t wait to see what Nvidia has to say about that!


  • Anonymous

    That is gonna sting for some fandroids.

    • Anonymous

      I guess it takes a fanboy to know a fanboy.

      • Its real easy to spot a fandroid though….reading apple news when u really dnt like it….typical fandroid…lol

      • Jose Rivera

        You do realize a lot of people own both android and iOS devices. Nah, that’s be unpossible.

        I myself own an iPad, an iPod Touch, and a Samsung Galaxy S and today will receive my Galaxy S2. I use AT&T so I use to own iPhone 3G and 3GS, but you’re right, we’re all *ahem* “fandroids”.

      • Anonymous

        I guess this is one of those ‘been there, done that’ moments.

    • Lol used benchmarking software that utilizes dual core cpu only, somthing tells me theres going to be much differen`t results from nvidia who will know how to write a program that uses 4 cores or more (including gpu cores) to maximize performance. If not a huge bravo to Apple.

  • cruzcontrol1001

    That’s a bunch of droidahrea there LOL

  • Wang Xuan

    GLBenchmark again. Stupid test.

    • What test would you like to see??

  • Divinus FiliuS

    Does the transformer have ICS or Honeycomb installed?
    This is crucial as Honeycomb isn’t the right OS for this chipset – it is an earlier version which doesn’t support it, at least not nearly as fully as it should.
    The iPad is optimized for the 3D benchmarks where Transformer isn’t, especially if its running on Honeycomb, so no, not all is in hardware, its 80% in software ! no siht.
    Again, not in any way more convincing than the slide apple put on display showing the comparison with a chart and its hilarious shadows. This ausie dude would get a broken nose from me for sure!
    The PowerVR chip apple used from Imagination Tech is very powerful, I heard Sony wants to use an 8core version in some freak of a device of their own.
    Again, you cant use same benchmark on Tegra3 gpu and Imagination’s PowerVR, they do things differently.
    It is tough to get fair results.
    But its easy to have biased unfair ones.
    Either way, iOS is 400 years behind Android’s capability and information organization, which is sad. its…just… a list of apps LOL….SUXXX tho I really want that screen 😀

    • Scott Walther

      Keep in mind that saying that it isn’t optimized for the Tegra 3 isn’t a valid excuse depending on how you want to look at the test. Maybe if you are comparing chips only for power and speed comparison. Right now the iPad and the Transformer Prime are the two tablets out there that people think of when they want a smooth tablet to use. Sad since Samsung has been in the game longer I think since they first rolled out there 7″ Galaxy Tab.

      In comparison, the iPad tromps on the Prime as a whole package (the whole package being the software optimization and the chip, not the abilities the iPad has compared to the Prime). It is like saying my honda civic would beat your corvette if I had a built engine and turbo charged. Well, your honda doesn’t have a built engine or a turbo so it doesn’t be the corvette. Maybe in the future the Prime will get ICS or whatever comes next and they will optimize it to work with the Tegra 3. I my Apple Products but I am not closed minded towards other products out there. I am a tech geek at heart.

      • Divinus FiliuS

        Most of the benchmarsk arent optimized for quadcore. Asus doesn’t wait for Google to release its latest software so it gets the Prime out – it also just wants to make $.
        But in a nutshell, I’ve been doing some research finding what actual developers say and I’m slowly getting my answers. Marketing gimmicks and PR is clearing away from both nVidia and Apple, as I’m finding some great info down at XDA Developers, those guys know their siht!
        Turns out that PowerVR’s GPU is slightly faster due to higher memory bandwidth and the tile-based rendering that it utilizes but alot of devs are saying it’s getting more complex due to scaling etc. Also that comparison here, whether we get it or not, is really between Tegra3 and A5 that’s in iPad2 still, when it comes to graphics because the 2 extra cores on iPad3 are primerely there to run the extra pixels, and so on and on….
        But, the comparison is very much like comparing Xbox360(A5) to PS3(Tegra3), as Xbox would leave PS3 in dust over benchmarks of the GPU, but we all know how great(used to be) PS3 graphics are, in many cases more complex than Xbox, due to the Multicore CPU – and that’s what’s important for Tegra, it all together performs twice as fast as A5 and at much higher resolutions, claims Unity, thats where 2 extra cores on A5X’s GPU help juice up that amazing sexy screen on new iPad!
        So Tegra3 looks much better if it were tested as a SoC instead of comparing its GPU component to A5’s. A5 and A5X both have 2 Cortex A9 cores clocked @1GHz, Tegra3 has 4 of those clocked @1.2-1.5GHz, it really should run faster if any of those benchmarks in the video excluding the GPU one which I discussed already were updated to test all 4 CPU’s on Tegra instead only being able to perform dual core tests, that is why most CPU intensive tests above like browsing are very close between the A5X and Tegra3 – the other 2 are smoking a joint!

    • Idiot… Made me laugh though. Apps make the device! Apple has a superior store to Android, much greater developer support and they actually have quality control. Bitch about a ‘closed system’ all you want but it makes far better applications for consumers and demand has proven this time and time again. Better capability? Yeah the GPU test just confirmed which device is more capable and lets face it, it has better hardware all round compared to any Android device. Information organization? Oh please, once an iOS device is Jailbroken you can do whatever you want and still have all the benefits of the Apple ecosystem. We all known it comes down to opinion but you are crazy to think that Android is better than iOS. It’s the most cumbersome, slow, unintuitive, poorly executed, badly programmed and anti user friendly operating system I have ever seen. It may suit your needs but you are posting on a site where pretty much the mass majority of the users are not going to agree with you. Hell, not even the mass population agrees with you; just look at the sales. Android will be beaten out by Windows 8 and so it should, Google is just not the company they used to be, they did have my support a long time ago but they changed…

      • Divinus FiliuS

        …ok, chill man, have a smoke !
        Your pretty eyes have been burned by the ugliness of performance of all those low end, mid range Android experiences you’ve seen, hey, anyone can make an Android phone, its free to use, no matter how hard Apple and Microsoft want to change that, and people who cant afford a $600 phone can still have similar experience for $50! I find that amazing 😀
        Probably most of your bad experiences were in the past… please pick up a Galaxy S 2 (2 yrs old) or another good fagship Droid and you’ll feel differently. Things have changed, have a look !
        iPhone/Pad certainly doesn’t have better hardware than ANY Android device around. And still I can’t I CANTTT ignore live 3D widgets and interface on Android, you said “you can do whatever you want” on a jail broken iPhone – please enlighten me I want to know – but I won’t wait, I’ll go find some vids hold on…ok, I must be dumb because I didn’t find any different interfaces or modifications to iOS homescreen, etc, it still remains a f#@$&*g list of apps, its SAD! all that horsepower…why so afraid to innovate ?
        As for sales, Android is going for 60% of the global market…read your news, I get mine in a widget 😀 !
        P.S. YESS, information organization. I am a student, I do web design on side, I have a krapy online business, work in an office, etc, Information Organization is #1! Android is a seriously customizable OS.

      • word…

      • Bolor-Erdene Bazarragchaa

        ur damn awesome mate liked ur comments!!!!so technical based…and u just mentioned the fact with no single lies…

  • where can i download GLbenchmar 2.1.2?

    • Scott Walther

      2.1 is in the App store for Apple ($4.99 I believe)

  • Ha, ha … tegra fail 😀
    I had doubts when I saw slide in the keynote, however now, after seeing graphical benchmark, I can just laugh on Tegra [Please note I’m Nvidia fan/user 🙂 ]

  • Well, on CPU performance the Prime leaves the new iPad far behind and so far Tegra 3 games showed much more details and effects than games on the iPad. It’s hard to compare two different systems since there are so many points

    • that’s right, Tegra 3 produces much better details as compared to iPad games. I’m no pro but I feel like when I’m on my iPad/iPhone4 i’m playing a game with AF AA HDR turned off. While playing ShadowGun on TransformerPrime/HTC One X, graphics seems so much sweeter and the HDR just simply looks much more amazing. I’m no fanboy, I have all those devices, personally I still love Tegra 3.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!!!! Looks like Apple really did “understate” the high performance of this new iPad 3 vs. iPad 2 and the rest of the industry!

    I like the fact that he ran the 3 separate tests to get a more fair and balanced accounting of just why the iPad 3 DOMINATES, especially over Android.

    I don’t have an iPad 3 (yet, hoping to win the one from iDB) but so far I have been really thrilled with my iPad 2….. Well, that is when I finally get it away from my wife, who constantly uses it!!! LOL, ahh marriage “bliss”….

    This does make me wonder what Samsung is going to do??? Will they “steal” this technology and use it to build their next Galaxy Tablet??? I can already see the lawsuits coming…. Well, at least we will have something to read between now and when the rumors heat up for the release of the iPhone 5…. HaHaHa!!!

  • With one decent game (graphically) available for ipad and many for android what would you rather have for gaming? (also not that with an asus prime tegra 3 you get a keyboard dock that allows you to plug in game controllers)

    Apples problem is they have decent hardware but they hardly deliver on software. as usual it will probably take a jailbreak app/game/tweak to show us how good the new ipad actually is.

    maybe someone could get ios to run on the asus perfectly so we could see an accurate benchmark lol

    • cruzcontrol1001

      You must of bumped your head only one decent graphic game I can name three off the top of my head and who gives a shit about plug in game controllers you have a 10″ tablet not a 50″ tv screen get off your high horse you dumb shit a droid tablet is a failed tablet they will never be as integrated as an iPad to many companies competing with each other one iPad smashing them

      • Divinus FiliuS

        Yo iHole, you can shove it too!
        You know why the intelligent world will always look at you as a human towel?
        Because how gdamn rude and uncivilized you are – none of you simply CANNOT say anything intellectual or factual, technical or challenging in anyway its evident with every post !
        Vomit, that’s all you can do, holly #@&*!
        iPad doesn’t frikin integrate with anything in the real world – where is the micro SD, USB?
        Stupid, STUPID breed of a lazy postmodern consumers.

      • cruzcontrol1001

        Uncivilized, ha your funny comedians are out there looking for a job and here you are posting jokes. You keep telling your self that the iPad is not integrated with anything and I’ll sit back and enjoy mine because I have plenty of stuff to go with. Like I said before the Ipad is smashing any tablet even it’s not integrated with the real world. Well I guess you don’t live in the planet I live in BOY. Who needs to challenge any one when you are reading on a iasshole tech site yes I’m an asshole and proud of it. The numbers speak for them selves so you can go and suck on droid cock drone BOY. Facts are facts you iHater.

      • Bolor-Erdene Bazarragchaa

        i dont hate apple products but srsly ur being a dick ….omfg ur so stupid…go do ur homework gain some technical knowledge then come back…

      • cruzcontrol1001

        Get a life loser two months later YOUR going to challenge me sit down and shut up and mind you business. As for gaining technical knowledge dude you don’t know me to tell me such stupid things. What you need is gain grammar knowledge, common sense and, tacit knowledge and come back at me. YES I love being a dick that is who I am. No one asked you if you liked Apple products but go ahead tell your story KILL ROY.