As noted by MacRumors, the simulator known as Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy has just gone live in the App Store. You might recognize the game from Apple’s iPad event last week, as it was one of the titles demonstrated on stage.

So what’s so special about Sky Gamblers? Well besides being one of the first apps to take advantage of the iPad’s new features, its developers are saying that the game delivers “console quality single and multiplayer experiences.”

See it in action after the break…

And it doesn’t just look pretty either. The Namco title is packed with a host of components, including over 40 jet configurations and more than 40 billion square feet of map to play on. Yeah, billion.

Sky Gamblers is optimized for the iPhone 4S and the new iPad, but it’s compatible with older devices as well.

The game is already receiving glowing reviews in the App Store, so at $4.99 we don’t mind recommending that you pick it up today. Especially if you plan on getting your hands on a new iPad soon.

What do you think of Sky Gamblers?

  • Somewhat silly question, but I feel the necessity to ask. If I buy it now on my 4S I can access it later next week when my iPad ‘3’ comes in the mail? I guess I feel confused as its built for three different devices with different resolutions. Anyone?

    • Dan

      if it’s compatible with all three then yes, if you have the same app store account for both devices, you’ll be able to put it on your iPad

      • Thanks pal….. Goddam great community on iDownloadBlog!

  • Awesome

  • Maybe it’s just me that “maneuver” look crappy af

  • If you notice when they blew the aircraft carrier up the guy quickly panned away from the ship. They didn’t want u seeing the poor graphics of the ship exploding. This iPad is not near console like graphics, getting close though but not for a few more generations. But by then new tech for the home console will have emerged. Close but no cigar…

    • And never got close to any buildings , ground, our any thing. If you got close to any of those things it would be very low res.

      • Dan

        I find it funny when people say that tablets will replace console soon… no way. The graphics a top of the line pc/console are able to generate is far superior, and will not be reproduced by a tablet any time soon.

      • Yes sir there’s a reason why consoles soak up so much electricity. I was reading an article about watts consumed and that the iPad consumes far less than a console due to (consoles) higher calculations within the CPU. I wanna say the article was in an gawker website either gizmodo or kotaku pretty interesting stuff