We just braved the storms to get our hands-on the new iPad to show our lovely readers this evening. Just as a reminder, the third-generation iPad out of Cupertino packs a stunning 2048 x 1536 Retina display, dual-core A5X processor with quad-core graphics, 5-megapixel camera with upgraded sensors, larger battery, LTE, and Dictation…

All of the reviews were right: this Retina display is just absolutely stunning.

Check out our first few moments with the new iPad:

We’re installing a few Retina enabled apps. Pictures don’t really do this display justice!

Jeff will be back in a few minutes with videos of the new tablet. Stay tuned!

  • Shafuan Razak

    just watched you,sebastien n jeff bought 3 new iPad 3’s thru jeff’s livestream. Seems no one there.

    • It was actually me, Jeff, and former iDB staffer Alex Heath. And there was a decent crowd. Good time!

      • Kok Hean


      • yep. he hasn’t been here for a couple of month. He remains a close friend of the site, however.

      • Shafuan Razak

        he is a news contributor at cult of mac right??

  • Not worth the upgrade for anyone with an ipad 2

    • I am upgrading from the iPad 1, but thats just your opinion. It may be worth the upgrade for somebody depending on their needs. Some people dont care about resolution some people do.

    • Anonymous

      i had 2, sold it and now getting the new ipad..worth the upgrade for screen and graphics..of course if you dont feel like getting it, you should just stick with ipad 2 and upgrade next year

  • Cant wait~

  • Where did you buy the iPad from, just curious?

    • local reseller MacAuthority. nice store

  • I also don’t seem to think its worth it. I mean folks are just filling Apples pockets with cash. I have the money but will wait for sure until the next ipad which will probably blow “The New iPad” out of the water. That’s just my 2 cents. I seriously just dont believe this was worth it for those upgrading. But to each his own.

    • wise words i must say.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have any iPad so for me when its released in NZ on the 23rd March I’ll be getting one

    • What’s left though? The only thing they can really do is a better camera and maybe a better battery maybe…not much left for apple to improve on! Maybe heptic feedback, a 3d model?

  • Didnt Jeff preorder a black iPad as well as a white one, and I’m pretty sure he went off tonight to get another one.. Jesus, you guys must be paying him a ton.

  • I ALMOST got the new iPad.. I went to walmart at 12 and they had the 5 new iPads.. BUT sadly they were all black :/ and I wanted the white one 😐

  • u will buy iPad 3 IF:

    1. You havent previously owned an iPad before
    2.you have iPad 1 and want to upgrade
    3.you are a die-HARD Apple Fan and will get every apple product tht da company releases.

    waiting for iPad 4 with huge expectations!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely worth the upgrade if you sold your iPad 2 before the unveiling. I sold my 16gb wifi for $400 on craigslist the day before they announced the same iPad 2 I just sold will be $400 brand new! Now I’m just paying an extra $100 + tax for the new iPad. The upgrade is a no brainer for $100 IMO.

    • well thts nice…

      but in my case selling an ipad2 wifi 32 gb wont be wise

  • Ok, this post just cost me money as I now have to go out and buy one of the damn things myself!

  • Anonymous

    Good thing so many people stood in line. I’m reading and seeing the lines were not big at all. My local Apple still has them in stock.

    Maybe people are getting smart! Also I knew this would happen. The market would get flooded. I bet….BET…Apple will begin to slide over the next few years. This is not a hate rant. I own too many Apple toys to be a hater. The fact is the market will be saturated. My iPad 1 runs great. Battery still lasts forever. Plenty of ipad 2’s for sale on CL, Ebay and now even through Apple. There products last a very long time. Great quality. I am planning on getting an pre-owned ipad 2 off CL and giving my ipad 1 to my kid. It’s got years left in it. I always sell what I buy. I saw this happen with the resale value of iphones on CL. You get less than you used to because there are so many. There is no way Apple can sustain at there current pace. NO WAY! They will keep those ‘Gotta haves’ buyers but will the bring in the billions? I think next year will be the turning point. I’m not saying they won’t make money but I believe their stock value will drop and their profit margin will decline. Do you guys really think people will keep chucking their ipads for minor upgrades. Where not talking about a 2 year phone contract that is subsidized. Mark my words. I honestly don’t think an Apple television is gonna be what we all think. I also dont think people will chuck their current wide screens that work perfectly fine with all is gadgets poking out like appleTV boxes, Roku’s etc for a high dollar iTV. And lets face it…..Siri ain’t gonna be the big ticket. She barely works now. JMO….Sorry if I got off topic. 🙂