To be honest, I have no idea why anyone would want sound effects to trigger every time they launched an app, but I’m sure someone out there has been longing for such a feature.

App Activation Audio is a jailbreak tweak that does just that — it is able to output one of about 20 sound effects every time you open an app.

Check out our video walkthrough of App Activation Audio straight ahead…

As I alluded to, I think such a feature is silly for two reasons: #1 It’s annoying to hear a sound every time you launch an app. #2 It has to be a battery drainer.

With that in mind, I do like App Activation Audio’s multilayered sound effects. Indeed, some of the sound effects included have multiple layers so that they output a different effect each time you launch an app. Check out our video for an example, it’s actually pretty cool.

But that one redeeming factor just isn’t enough to warrant paying $1.99 in my book. Even if it was free I couldn’t see myself using such a tweak. I’m not saying it’s horrible; it works very well, but it isn’t something I find to be practical at any level.

What about you?

  • Anonymous

    THis would only be cool if it said the actual name of the app you launched .. all it does now is say “application” or some other BS.. also it need a recording option so you can record your own custom sounds and words.

  • Dan

    I’ve always found sound effects annoying (ie: key typing sound), I turned them all off on my iPhone, all but text received and email received.

  • Developers are bored and out of ideas

    • Anonymous

      so true..

  • this seems pretty pointless, but for say a blind person this might bring them a lot of utility 🙂 the little niche products that are popping up now are really awesome!