Day: March 14, 2012

GeoHot arrested for Marijuana possession while driving to SXSW

While on his way to SXSW, famous iPhone hacker Geohot was arrested for Marijuana possession in Sierra Blanca, a small town with a history of arresting famous people for pot possession, including country singer Willie Nelson, and rapper Snoop Dogg.

While at the checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, the Department of Homeland Security had drug dogs that barked at GeoHot’s car, meaning there was something fishy in the car. GeoHot apparently had a quarter of chronic stashed in the glove box, as well as eatables containing less than 1/8 oz of marijuana…

Sparrow for iPhone now available on App Store

The long-awaited Sparrow for iPhone has finally begun to make its way onto the iTunes App Store. The $2.99 app is now available on the US store. For those of you unfamiliar, Sparrow for iPhone will for sure be your iPhone mail client of choice.

Sparrow for iPhone features:

New 1080p Apple TV reviewed

The latest set-top box out of Cupertino is set to land in customers’ households tomorrow, however, a few reviews of the new Apple TV are coming our way this evening. Publications have gotten the chance to review the new Apple TV, which features 1080p capabilities powered by a single-core A5 processor, and also features an updated UI.

Here’s what people are saying:

First reviews of the new iPad hit the web

The new iPad is set to be delivered to customers some time Friday and will be available in store Friday at 8am. Some mainstream publications have gotten an early look at the new iPad and have just published their review of Apple’s third-generation tablet and its Retina glory.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Apple called back to Congress to discuss privacy concerns

The United States Congress is set to give Apple another look. AllThingsD reports that Congress has sent a letter to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook requesting he sends a company representative to the Capitol to brief Congress on how Apple is protecting its users personal information on mobile devices.

While Apple was called to congress in February, this time around it’s about the issue of apps being able to view customers’ photos, location data, and more without their permission…

Apple offering up to $320 for iPad 2 trade-ins

Looking to sell your old iPad to help pay for a new one? Well, we’ve already shown you a number of places to sell or trade-in your old tablet for cash. But now it looks like you can take your iPad straight back to its manufacturer.

As noted by TheNextWeb, Apple has updated its Reuse and Recycling program to include trade-in values for iPad 2s. The company is now offering up to $320 for the year-old tablet, depending on its model and condition…

Analyst predicting 65 million iPads to be sold this year

Apple’s third-generation iPad is set to go on sale this Friday at 8am. After already selling out of the first wave of pre-orders, Apple’s customers are hoping to get in line to claim the new iPad. iPad sales for Friday have been forecasted to hit one million.

Riding off the assumed success of the new iPad, analysts from Canaccord Genuity are saying that Apple will sell 65 million iPads in 2012…

Did Verizon’s CTO just confirm LTE for the next iPhone?

The theory that Apple’s next handset is going to feature an LTE radio has been tossed about for several months now. In fact, a lot of folks expected the wireless technology to make its way into last year’s iPhone. But obviously that never materialized.

This year, however, it’s almost a given that Apple’s new smartphone will ship with LTE compatibility. After all, it’s new tablet did. But just in case you had any doubts, just read these recent comments made by Verizon Wireless CTO David Small…

New Apple TV orders begin shipping, could arrive early

If you pre-ordered the 1080p Apple TV that Apple introduced a week ago, you’ll be happy to hear that the set-top box has begun shipping. Many customers have gotten the confirmation email from Apple, saying the third-generation Apple TV is on its way to their doorstep.

Apple has told customers that the 1080p Apple TV will arrive on Friday, however, according to FedEx’s systems it says the new Apple TV will land at customer’s doorsteps a day early, as noted by AppleInsider…

Here’s another unboxing of the new iPad

The third-generation iPad, announced by Apple last week, is set to arrive at customer’s doors Friday and go on-sale in stores that morning at 8am. However, a few people in Hong Kong have gotten an early look at Apple’s new 10-inch creation and have unboxed the tablet for all of us to see. We also saw a few pictures taken with the camera earlier this morning.

This afternoon, Chinese publication PCM Online, has gotten its hands on the new iPad. The publication was able to unbox a 16GB white model, featuring 4G…

Get ready, new iPads are starting to arrive at retail stores

Even though some folks appear to be getting their new iPads early, the rest of us are stuck waiting until March 16th. Pre-ordered units are scheduled to start arriving this Friday. And the tablet is slated to hit retail stores the same day.

The good news is that if you plan on braving the lines this week, there are several retailers expected to be carrying the tablet on launch day. In fact, it looks like Best Buy has already started receiving inventory of new iPad units…

New in iOS 5.1: geofencing icon in Location Services settings

We’ve been tracking down new features in iOS 5.1, and besides the obvious addition of Japanese support for Siri, there isn’t much exciting going on.

Earlier this week, we reported about a subtle change in Safari, which now adds a “go to this address” message in the address bar. Today, courtesy of iDB reader Tyler, we found out about a new feature that’s been added to the Location Services settings…