Yesterday we brought you a sneak preview of CamFast (previously FastCam), and it’s a tweak that allows you to invoke the iPhone’s camera API using a simple Activator action.

The nice thing about CamFast is that it even works at the Lock screen, and is faster than Apple’s 5.1 Lock screen camera improvements.

Be sure to watch our video demonstration above to see how it works in action.

  • it’s called Snappy.

  • Would have been better with the name fastcam-_-

  • Doesn’t seem to work with the notification centered pulled down on the lock screen with inteliscreen X. However as soon as you pull the NC up on the lockscreen it works great.

  • Can’t you just set up activator to open the default camera application? It’s slightly slower than in the video but it works just the same.

  • Anonymous

    Works fast. Only thing is is seems to stay open until you cancel it. Even if you press the off button on top right and press it again it stays open. If you turn off and press the home screen button it comes on in the app. Seems like it can override lock screen. Also seems to be a little sticky. You can only exit cam by canceling. I’m sure upgrades will help.

    Would be nice if video was included.

  • Two other issues I’ve noticed that I doubt the developer can do anything about.

    1) If you use it on the lock screen, it times out and goes black
    2) The other issue is that I can’t use my volume-up button to take a picture like I’m used to.

    It is fast though!

    • Anonymous

      and can’t switch to video mode from in the camera

  • Anonymous

    Why does the iris on the camera app always open so sloooowly… dual core CPU (4S) should be open like a rocket

  • I don’t think it’s any faster then slide button on my iOS 5.1 lock screen

  • Anonymous

    this is great and fast

  • Im using snappy 5 …. Does the same and have more option

  • Matthew Croft

    Activator in 5.1 puts me in safe mode.