Man suing Apple over “misleading” Siri advertisements

By , Mar 12, 2012

Apple’s Siri, featured exclusively on the iPhone 4S, has captured the attention of many over the last few months. Some customers viewed it as a pretty cool addition to iOS, while some have said Siri is pretty pointless. The majority of us were expecting it to be included on the third-generation iPad 3, but that’s not the case.

A New York man named Frank M. Fazio isn’t happy with Siri. He says that Apple has been “misleading” with its features set and has filed a class-action lawsuit, reports the WSJ…

Lawyer Robbins Geller is representing Fazio, and filed the lawsuit in a California court:

[I]n many of Apple’s television advertisements, individuals are shown using Siri to make appointments, find restaurants, and even learn the guitar chords to classic rock songs or how to tie a tie. In the commercials, all of these tasks are done with ease with the assistance of the iPhone 4S’s Siri feature, a represented functionality contrary to the actual operating results and performance of Siri.

The lawsuit asks for unspecified damages, because Siri is apparently less responsive in real life. “Siri either did not understand what Plaintiff was asking, or, after a very long wait time, responded with the wrong answer.” For me, Siri usually responds pretty quick and accurate, however, Fazio doesn’t feel the same way.

Fazio’s lawsuit also asks for Apple not to release any more misleading television advertisements about Siri. While some of the actions in the Siri commercials might be sped up, they don’t appear to be misleading to me.

How do you think the California court is going to rule in this case?

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  • Anonymous

    Hes just trying to make some money, let him try.

    • Anonymous

      ..while stating the fact.. prove him wrong.. you’ve watched comparisons with actual functioning products right?

    • Siv

      Imagine he wins and ends up bankrupting Apple, causing the whole company to collapse…

      • Jake Smith

        sorry man.. that’d never happen.

      • Siv

        It was a hypothetical joke…

      • Seven Eleven

        He would drown in riches before apple loses its iceberg tip of cash

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure if you are aware of what a class-action lawsuit is, but if he wins the case, he won’t be seeing much money as the entire settlement is distributed equally between anyone who joins in with the majority of the money(90% or so) going to the plaintiff’s lawyers.

  • Josh

    No way they will win this case

  • Josh

    Thats what i thought

  • Siv

    Google employee perhaps? :p

  • Sriganesh Gopal

    Siri always responds fast for me. maybe he’s on EDGE on purposely slurs his words to make Siri confused then files a lawsuit to get money?

    • Siv

      Or…or…maybe he’s just lying?

  • Angel YoDuh Castillo

    Smh at this guy..

  • Sebastien

    Have you tried asking Siri “how to play London Calling”? Siri doesn’t tell me how to play, it just tells me she wants to search the web for it. I also tried to ask her how to play a C minor, but she can’t for the life of me understand my French accent… “Let me search for “how to pay a sea minor”

    • Kok Hean

      Pronunciations work best. My accent works quite nicely here in Singapore.

  • ShoyuWeenie

    He won’t win. “Beta” disclaimer. Good luck though!

    • Thomas N Shanna Bernauer

      Not an excuse for apple used as a major selling point for IOS54S

  • Christopher Seeley

    Siri’s always quite fast for me, even when i’ve no 3G coverage…

  • Jumoke

    LOL Only in America…

    • Dylan Knox

      I our culture is very ignorant as many of it’s people are too. I wish We wouldn’t be so currupted and ignorant.. I’m from America, born and raised in Cali, but most of the people here are complete idiots. >.<

    • Dylan Knox

      I our culture is very ignorant as many of it’s people are too. I wish We wouldn’t be so currupted and ignorant.. I’m from America, born and raised in Cali, but most of the people here are complete idiots. >.<

    • Dylan Knox

      I our culture is very ignorant as many of it’s people are too. I wish We wouldn’t be so currupted and ignorant.. I’m from America, born and raised in Cali, but most of the people here are complete idiots. >.<

  • G Tarpey

    Isn’t this labeled as a “beta” app anyhow?
    I’m not sure Apple should be advertising it too since it is not an “official” app.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not an application. Btw.

    • Thomas N Shanna Bernauer

      Not an excuse when it was a major selling point!!

  • Joel Galva

    Everything in the commercial is always better than in person. Have you seen fast food commercials? lol. But yes, at the end it says “Sequences Shortened” so he can’t really complain about the speed.

    • Anonymous

      completely agree, every advert i’ve seen from Apple specifies connection requirements and a “Sequences shortened” disclaimer.

  • Spencer B

    I must admit for us non US users, I’ve often thought the TV ads are misleading. There is a whole bunch of stuff Siri can’t do if you if you are outside the United States and not using US English. I do find her really slow too. Very often I have to say hello or something simple to her to get the connection working!!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree and add that Siri is Crap. The number of times I have had to swear at it for not understanding is more than the times it has understood.

      I can’t find anything location based as not in US.

      And why can’t you say ‘Call Joe Bloggs on Speakerphone’, why can’t you say dial “0800 123 456″ (maybe its a local thing but it won’t dial numbers starting with 0”

  • Adam D

    Did he read the disclaimers in the ad? One of them is “Sequences shortened.”


  • Greg Ceballe

    “americans” :)

  • Phil Randle

    That is ridiculous, its what advertising is. To make the product look as good as possible, of course it wont work all the time. ( I have no issue on Telstra 3G). Are people going to start suing Lynx Deodorant because the commercial says that all girls will follow you if you use it? Some people are absolutely ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Haha. I hope Apple gets the sh** died out of them. However this guy is ridiculous, and needs tI get a life. Wow. Apple stool deserves it. Ya know? Being sued for something so ridiculous. Like they never done that

  • Anonymous

    What goes around comes around. crApple has never filed a rediculous lawsuit.

  • Jason Masters

    They are misleading try asking Siri the same things in the commercial you won’t get the same results it’s an exxaragation

  • Anonymous

    I actually agree with the complaint. Siri in the UK is almost useless, because it can’t search for places outside of the US. Google voice actions is better.

  • Tarek

    Torte, I hope it throws it out

  • James Lawrence

    to be honest fair play im a uk apple customer and we are not fully getting whats advertise’s however uk was not to of got the release of siri so tbh im happy with what i got for now but the adverts in the uk are slightly miss leading because they keep such things as finding any businesses and stuff like public transport i hope that siri if fully released to uk customers get what we are looking for id just to love to expand siris knowledge and have some more fun with the product