Those of you who have ignored our warnings and upgraded your devices to iOS 5.1 in the past week will be happy to hear that hackers are already hard at work on jailbreaking the new software.

As expected, the 5.1 update, which Apple released last week alongside its new iPad, effectively breaks the exploits used in both the Corona and Absinthe jailbreak tools…

But the good news is that Pod2g seems to be already working on a jailbreak for the software. The infamous hacker, who is largely responsible for both of the aforementioned jailbreaks, recently commented on Twitter that he is “working actively on finding vulnerabilities” in iOS 5.1.

This may not seem like a very big deal — after all, that’s only the first step of many in creating a jailbreak — but we’re still glad to hear the news. After losing prolific hackers like GeoHot and Comex, it’s good to know that pod2g plans on sticking around for a while.

There’s no other details at this time, but rest assured that you’ll know more the second that we do.

Thanks Nick!

  • Awesome!

  • We love you pod2g…(;

  • Nice thats very nice pod2g is the best

  • Tech_Advancement

    I haven’t updated my phone to ios 5.1 since there aren’t any major changes it it.
    So I guess I’ll be sticking to iOS 5.0.1 for a while.

    • There are, sound issues are fixed which I can’t wait for them to be fucking fixed!

  • Great News, but there isn’t really anything in 5.1 that is worth updating for, so I would probably hold off anyway. I wonder if the A5X processor will be any harder then current A5 devices.

  • Imahottguy

    It’s times like these I wish I had the talent to contribute to iOS jailbreaking… I will def be making a donation to Pod2G when I get paid next week! I can’t afford much of anything right now, but it is unfair for us to just take and take without them getting much in return.

    • Anonymous

      Now that is a comment I’d like to “LIKE” more than one time.

  • I say you make a special if you guess the date in the store you get free shipping on 1 order or something like that

    • Anonymous

      Have you read this post? Your answer suggests not, wtf are you talking about lol

      • im saying if you guess the date the Jailbreak will come out you get a special dont get so mad calm down

    • Try using proper english and punctuation next time. I understand what you said but only after reading it over 4 times.

  • That’s great, though I see no rush to update to 5.1. Why must Apple always try their best to stop jailbreaking?! Let us enjoy the devices we paid for freely! Thank goodness for pod2g and the others!

    • Anonymous

      Apple are control freaks and don’t like you doing anything that differs from what they say, I guess they think being able to change a wallpaper is enough customisation.

      • Without the jailbreak community the iPhone would have evolved even slower than it has!!!

      • “Apple is a control freak”, not “Apple are control freaks”

        Apple is a company, so it’s singular.

  • Hi there can someone help me with jailbreaking , contact(iMessage):

    • Anonymous

      Google, it’s an amazing thing for answering questions !

    • Jex

      Visit iDB page who to jailbreak with different software.

  • This guy just doesn’t give up. I feel his is gona kick apple’s ass again. Pod2g your name is cemented in ios history.


  • Thanks pod2g!! We appreciate what you do! Off topic why when I try to sign in to comment with disqus the sign in is halfway off my iPhone screen? Is it just me?

    • Anonymous

      Lol I gave up trying to sign in using my iPhone because of that.

  • Junaid Riaz

    Ios 5.1 unthread jailbreak possilble or not

  • this guy is amazing, committed and invaluable to the iDevice community. We need a big donation pot we can contribute too, then the developer who releases a jailbreak first gets the whole pot of money. I did ask JailbreakCon about this a while back but no response as normal (guess they are busy with the huge project of the event)

  • Hopefully he can find hardware exploits on A5 chip, so we can always get a jailbreak.

  • Anonymous

    So was kakaotalk a joke then?

    • It was a social experiment, to test and see whether or not Apple would pull a “big name” (it’s very popular in korea) app out of the app store just from the rumor that there’s an exploit possibility. It was to test the option of ever using an app based exploit and whether apple would pull said app.

  • Have you guys noticed any improvement in the battery life?

    • Yes a lot of improvement. I update my iPhone 4S yesterday and i still can’t believe how good the battery life is now!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, but I thought he had 5 exploits? And like 3 of them where patched right?

  • Anonymous

    My jb iP4s and I are staying clear of iOS 5.1. The update’s offerings is paltry at best imo. I donated toward the current jb, and will definitely denote again toward the new efforts,

  • guys any news about unlocking? because i want to upgrade my ip4 but its carrier lock…any help will be highly appreciated 🙂

  • tnx Pod2g

  • can the new apple tv be jailbroken yet? or do we still have to wait for that too? im confused

  • Got a replacement iPhone that came with the 5.1……
    waiting patiently.

  • Can’t wait

  • I am on 5.1 and I have an untethered jailbreak. All I did was, do an untethered jailbreak and then update OTA

  • help my son updated my iPhone while it was plugged into my mac book pro ,poor beggar feels awful ;Ihave lost everything ,please pod2g,man find us a new jailbreak because my 9 year old son is feeling bad right now, support the pod2g man

  • good do it soon cuz one of your apps messed up my ipad 2 on cydia so i restored it and now i have 5.1 when i had 5.0.1 and cant find a way to go back to 5.0.1