Late last year, a new application surfaced in the App Store called iTether. The software allowed you to share your iPhone’s 3G data connection with your Mac or PC using a USB cable.

But the app wasn’t even around for 48 hours before Apple pulled the plug on it. The company likely got pressured into removing it by carriers who didn’t like subscribers getting unlimited data tethering for free.

But today, iTether makes its triumphant return…

As noted by 9to5Mac, iTether has been reincarnated in the form of a web-based tethering service. This time around the app is written in HTML5, and is completely wireless. The company behind the app claims it’s completely encrypted and doesn’t require jailbreaking.

Because it’s a web-based service, Apple doesn’t have as much say in the matter as it would with an App Store app. But we’ll see if that stops it from getting involved.

The new iTether service costs $30 per year, but it looks like there is a deal going on right now that’ll let you score the first year for half the price. That’s definitely cheaper than carrier-provided tethering and it won’t force you to give up your unlimited data plan.

Will you be signing up?

Update: Jeff, our video guy and all-around tech guru, gave the new iTether a try earlier and it caused some major problems with his computer. We’re not saying this is a widespread issue, but we felt it was worth noting.

  • nah

  • Not worth getting the big F-U from AT&T

    • I already got that in the form of throttling threats. Time to give it back to them!

  • Will it work with my ipad?

  • MyWi and PDAnet are much easier. But AT&T is super lame with their tethering policies and their tethering packages a rip. Yearly subscription? Only way it would be worth it is if it blocked AT&T from telling you were actually tethering, other than that what would be the point of using the app? I guess if your not jailbroken would be the only reason.

    • I dont see how ATT would be able to tell you would be tethering from this

      • Yes they could, because they don’t have to show you any prove…

      • Not really, I mean they could if they wanted to and I’m not a lawyer but I’m quite sure that would be invasion of privacy.

    • thecrud

      Cant read, that is exactly what encryption does.

  • Heck yeah! I’m a firm supporter of them! I bought the app as soon as it came out. So far, even though other tethering apps have been released, the one that was in the store has been the only one that’s worked. Can’t wait to use this!

  • ALL you have to do is. . then ALL you have to do is. ..

  • Apple At&t Verizon and Sprint just got the s!.t slap out of them. iTether just hit them with the only BackSlap POW!!!!! What did the 5 fingers say to the face SLAP!!! Lol

  • No point to tether for just 2GB(unlimited data plan)…

  • Jex

    No there are other good Tethering apps

    • For an un-jailbroken iPhone, or iPad? Such as?

      • Jex

        I am talking about Jailbroken one… sorry Drew..

      • Dlevi309

        I acually found two in the appstore that look cooler and are only 3 dollars 😛 (or 2.99) i’ll give you a hint search on google “*Rock paper scissors* by jgf” happy tethering ^^

  • Jex

    No there are other good Tethering apps

  • Anonymous

    Shows you how powerful HTML5 is. Nice job

  • this is bawss!

  • this is great im going to update my iphone 4s since a jailbreak is not required and use this instead of my wi. Ive been having problems with my wi, this is cool.

  • Seems to be working well for people. What were the issues Jeff had?