We’ve heard so many sad stories in the past about ones who accidentally lost their jailbreak, or thought they could go back to a previous firmware when they couldn’t.

As jailbreak aficionados that truly saddens us. Hence, whenever we can help get out a warning, we’re all about it.

The iPhone Dev Team, the folks responsible for tools like RedSn0w, PwnageTool and more, have sounded a loud warning about the iOS 5.1 firmware, and its implications on jailbreaking.

If you’re at all concerned with jailbreaking, we highly recommend you listen up…

In a blog post entitled “March Mayhem” the Dev Team outlines the specifics regarding each device and how they are impacted by the release of iOS 5.1.

In a nutshell, unless you absolutely need the features included on iOS 5.1, don’t update if you care about jailbreaking. Absolutely nothing good comes from updating your device if you care about jailbreaking.

While you can still jailbreak older devices like the iPhone 4, iPod touch, or original iPad with the latest version of RedSn0w, you will lose your untethered status by doing so (not including 3GS old bootrom).

If you update the iPhone 4S, it is flat out impossible to jailbreak, or downgrade to jailbreak the 5.0.1 firmware once Apple stops signing the older firmware. Stay away!

For iPad 2, while it’s still possible to downgrade to iOS 4.x if you have your 4.x blobs saved, (theoretically allowing you to jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 with JailbreakMe) you cannot and will not be able to go back to iOS 5.0, or iOS 5.0.1, even if you have your blobs saved for those firmwares.

For more information, we highly suggest you read the Dev Team’s entire blog post. Even if you’re an experienced jailbreaker, it’s worth looking over as a refresher.

What will you do? Will you stay were you are, or update to iOS 5.1?

  • When can we expect untethered?

    • Tomorrow.

      • Tomororororororororowowowowowowowow

      • andi voicecom


    • Not even 24hrs since release and already asking for untethered ETA?

      • Anonymous

        He asked IF we can expect an unthetered and not WHEN we will get it.

      • Anonymous

        They actually asked “when can we expect it” which is the same thing in essence because he/she wouldn’t be asking if they didn’t need it, more to the point why even ask at all, do some people just do it to annoy others.

      • Expect in this ? Is yes or no… WHEN<<< is saying there will be and what time frame… Smart one

      • Anonymous

        Okay okay, I misread the message.
        I think my brain “ate” the word WHEN bcs that’s something I would love to know since my iPhone 4 just broke and I’m going to buy a 4S next month, and it will probably come with the 5.1 firmware.

  • I upgraded to 5.1 on my 4S… Jailbreaking is cool but I’ll miss my unlockable baseband more.. Oh well.. $600 iPhone anyways lol

  • IOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Video posted by Dev0id:

    Find it in the YouTube Channel: krishnasagarpm

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    To late! I already updated. Jailbreaking is nice, but it’s not that big of a deal to me.

    • How did you go back to non jailbreak? I tried to upgrade my 4S and wipe the jailbreak but I can not itunes tells me it is not possible. Anyone?

      • Anonymous

        I did it via OTA. I don’t use iTunes anymore for updating. I really never kept the JB a full 24 hours, afterwards I totally reset my iPhone 4S.

      • I tried to run the OTA update multiple times and it errors out every time. I am not sure if there is a problem downloading and preparing the package or if my JB got funked up.

        And in addition, my Cydia app disappeared. WTH do I do now?

      • Anonymous

        Man that’s tough, I don’t have to much knowledge when it comes to jail breaking. You really have to do your research, but you should be able to get your answers from Jeff, here on iDownload Blog, or some of the other experts on this forum. You can also try this forum;http://www.iphoneforums.net/. I know there are a lot of people there that can help you.

        By the way did you give it some time after you made the other attempts, may the traffic was to heavy at the time.

  • I wonder how many people would abandon the iPhone if they couldn’t jailbreak it?

    I am definitely one of them.

    • I don’t know. I love my jailbreak and certainly would have thought more about my phone choice had I not saw a jailbreak as a possibility. However, in those few months from the 4S release to the jb I didn’t mind it so much. I certainly would now. It’d be hard enough losing IntelliscreenX alone.

    • Ramiro Correa

      +1 I’ve been on the jailbreak wagon since firmware 1.1.2 (2007) and have not been on a stock firmware since. I attempted to use my girlfriend’s stock iPhone 4S and I wanted to shoot myself. Sure, iOS has come a long way, but I’m a power user and would definitely never use an iPhone if it wasn’t jailbroken.

  • Dan

    I’m staying with 5.0,1

  • Luke Row

    I updated to 5.1 purely for the better battery life

    • Anonymous

      I’m curious to know did 5.1 help the battery drain, I know it’s supposed to, but did it?

  • i think i will not upgrade at all untill i sell my iPhone4s for the next gen iPhone. That what i being doing from 2007 when i got my first iphone and Jeff Hi from Puerto Rico many fans of your blog down here in the enchanted island!!

  • This is a time when CDev repoter can help find exploits. All those crash reports its time to shows us what you can do. Pod2g my money is still on you.

  • When is someone gonna make a bypass for iPhoto.. only works on ios 5.1 and higher 🙁

    • Anonymous

      It can’t work on 5.1 and higher when 5.1 is the highest.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently my post needed approval because I posted a direct link.

      The iPhoto to iPad 1 and other 5.0 fix is out. Here us one site it’s on. Can’t post direct link but is in geekprison .com

    • isn’t there a firmware faker in cydia

  • You kidding me? You know the next jailbreak, won’t be for months!!!

  • why do you guys update when you know what will happen? look how long it took the Dev to find an exploit for 5.0.1….i hate when people “accidentally” update, then b***** and moan at the devs “come on devs” ” when is the next update” updating to 5.1 was not called for AT ALL….anywho,im still on 5.0.1 and i wont be going ANYWHERE til the dev find the exploit… i can wait…turning off your idevice anytime you want is freedom

    • Dan Heusburgh

      Sorry, but Apple took that freedom away a long time ago. I tried /several/ times to turn off my device when it was charging and it kept turning itself on, I’ve held both buttons down and kept shutting it off but it kept turning on no matter what I did. I thought I left it off, then I come back a few minutes and it’s at the lockscreen, already telling me whatever (No SIM, Low Battery, Safemode, Invalid SIM, whatever message here, etc…) message. Annoying.

  • I will not upgrade for now.. I’ll wait to see if i will come out a software SIM unlock .. i hope!

    • think its called R-sim and Gevey can unlock the 4S right now.

  • Anonymous

    So I can still restore to iOS 5.0.1?

    • Anonymous

      any device prior to iPad2 can be downgraded to 5.0.1 as long as you have the SHSH blobs saved

      • DAMN. If I didnt save the blobs than I have no choice but to stay with the jailbreak HUH.

        I tried to update to 5.1 and all attempts failed, even from itunes directly while plugged into a cable.

        Anyone help and shed some light?

      • Anonymous

        what device do did you try to upgrade? when you open Cydia what firmwares does it show at the top of the screen?

      • I tried to update a 4s. Was running 5.0.1 and then JB. Now for some reason my Cydia app disappeared so I cant even check that.

        How can I get the cydia app back. Or even better for now, just restore. Every time I try it says I can not restore.

        The strange part is .. my JB apps are still in tact (intelliscreen) but cydia is gone. 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Stupid, the guy I replied to wasn’t talking about any device; and by the way I don’t need any advice from any jailbreaking noob like you. Of course, I know that A5 and A5S devices can not be downgraded but that was not in the commentary. IDIOT!!

      • Anonymous

        You just proved who the noob is by saying A5 and A5S. There’s no such thing as a A5S, it is called the A5X, that is the chip in the new iPad. You replied to Burge, who replied to George Cocks. When you need some help let me know, and learn how to read DOUCHEPerignon1

      • Anonymous

        I miss typed. Get a life asshole!!!.

  • Anonymous

    “accidentally lost their jailbreak, or thought they could go back to a previous firmware when they couldn’t” … They’re the sort of people that don’t deserve to be jailbroken, I know there are people out there that aren’t clued up on jailbreaking but to update by accident, that can’t even happen and if you were in any doubt why would you do it without at least googling.

    Truth is some people don’t have the brains they were born with, others are just careless.

    • Anonymous

      Agree 100%. Morons abound every time a new firmware comes out.

  • is ultrsnow for 5.1 already out, i won’t update unless i can unlock my 3gs

  • I have an iPhone 4S running on iOS 5.1. Are you saying I can’t ever jailbreak or downgrade my firmware ever again?

    • you cant jailbreak for a while…there will be a new jailbreak sometime though

      • Not to sounds impatient or anything, but roughly how long do these things take?

    • At the mo you can not jailbreak because there is no jailbreak for 5.1
      As for downgrade …if apple are still signing 5.0.1 and you know how to do it the yes… If apple are not still signing 5.0.1 then no… If apple are still signing it if was you I would downgrade now and I mean now.. With the start of 5.0 apple have made it impossible (at the moment )for a downgrade of the i4s

      • Anonymous

        You CAN always DOWNGRADE if you have your SHSH saved or you have ipsw 5.0.1 stitched with either redsn0w or iFaith. It doesn’t matter if Apple is signing the firmware or not. Please, don’t post anything that you are not sure of.

      • just did a bit more googling and reading, seems like all other devices can downgrade, dev team says the 4S is the only one which can’t at the moment, something about iOS 5 not using SHSH blobs to verify restores anymore? >< ah well, must be careful then =p

      • Anonymous

        sure you can always downgrade except for A5 devices, which are the iPad2 and iPhone4S, and the new iPad that’s coming out soon. Read The Dev-Team’s blog

      • I think your not sure …my reply was about a i4s …no downgrade unless apple are still signing…I know cause I got a i4s

      • My question to you is, the article above makes out that I’ll never be able to jailbreak again, using words like impossible. Will I be able to jailbreak again in future? And approximately how long does it take for the Dev Team to create the jailbreak? I’m not serious about being jail broken but I do enjoy the features that come with it.

      • There will be a time when you can jailbreak again…
        As for how long that will be that’s a unknow at this time .
        Jailbreaks could take from a few weeks to even months …at some point you will be able to again.. Know one know yet when that will be

  • people keep saying to save your SHSH blobs, but since 5.x started you can’t restore to a 5.x.x version that isn’t signed by Apple anymore, so how would one (say for some reason, needed to restore to 5.0.1 now) perform a restore at all?

    • Anonymous

      If you have your your SHSH you can or if you have your ipsw 5.0.1 stitched with redsn0w or iFaith

      • so you mean custom build (like using PwnageTool on mac?) I thought that still had to be signed by apple too… (and yes I have my SHSH saved via tinyumbrella)… I’m just curious, better to know now than figure out when i’m panicking =)

      • All phone devices can downgrade with shsh’s expect the i4s
        The iPad 1 can downgrade with shsh’s
        The iPad 2 can with shsh’s but you can not go back to 5.0 or 5.0.1.. Just the new 5.1..

  • Kill me, I updated my 3GS, damn is locked now and can’t do anything, stupid fool

  • yesterday i get new iphone 4 with iso 4.3.1 but i not able to update in 5.0.1 but al last i upgrade it into 5.1 after i did the jailbreak but my safari is not wroking and please help me to how downgrade in to 5.0.1 without SHSH

  • Is it still possible to jailbreak a stock Iphone 4 running 5.0.1 although they stopped signing 5.0.1?

    • Dan Heusburgh

      YES IT IS! “Stopped signing” Just means you can’t restore to 5.0.1 anymore, so don’t screw up or you’ll have to upgrade to iOS 5.1.