There was certainly some confusion earlier today regarding what the carriers’ plans are for the new iPad’s hotspot feature. The tablet, for the first time, will be compatible with high-speed LTE networks. And it will be to share the connection with up to 5 other devices.

As of right now, AT&T, one of the largest carriers in the US, has no idea when or if it will support the feature. But Verizon, on the other hand, has confirmed that its four data plans, starting at $20 per month, will all include free hotspot support…

Verizon’s $20 per month data plan will give you 1GB of usage. This plan wasn’t included on the original price guides we saw, but it appears that the carrier will indeed be offering it along with the 4G version of Apple’s new tablet.

The good news here as that Verizon will also be including the ability to share the iPad’s internet with other devices for no extra cost. That feature alone is almost worth the $20 per month just to use as a backup internet source. Remember, LTE is fast.

In comparison, AT&T’s data plans start at $15 per month for 250MB. And as aforementioned, it doesn’t look like the carrier will be supporting the iPad’s hotspot feature by launch day. So those planning to use it may want to give the Verizon model a second look.


  • Hmmm..I hope AT&T responds soon or they’re bound to loose quit a bit of business just becaus they were not prepared.. O_o

    • Anonymous

      Yeah because Verizon has such a great deal cooked up right?

      • I’m just saying. $20 for 1GB is a great price point if you ask me. I’ve already pre-ordered the AT&T LTE iPad but I must admit Verizon has some good price points and also the fact that there will be no extra charge for tethering. I’m sure AT&T will respond, or I hope they will, and I hope it’s sooner than later..

      • &im saying this in comparison to AT&T’s $15 250MB plan.. O_o

  • Yay, I can stream 2 movies for 20 bucks, even worst than BlockBuster!

    • Anonymous

      exactly this is all soooo sad… smart buyers will just tget the wifi only models and find away to tether for free,,.lololol

      • The real sad thing is that Apple only provides gps for the LTE version, so i guess ill be getting it anyway :/

  • Dylan Knox

    What’s the point of tethering and tethering support if you only have 1GB data?

  • Steven Randolph

    I guess the big bosses could go home and put that 20 worth of coke up there noses

  • Anonymous

    lololol@1 gig.. this reminds me of the expensive cell phone minutes of the 90s…lol

  • Anonymous

    Lol $20 for one gig. Morons. One of many reasons I left the Verizon. Plus their network sucks.

  • Hahahaha, 1GB for 20 dollars, worst ripoff ever. Thank god i live in Sweden.

  • Lupius

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m seeing:
    $20 1 GB hot spot + iPod Touch + $8 Skype subscription + number = cheapest cell phone bill ever?

    * iPod Touch optional of course, if you don’t want to take calls on your iPad and look like a dbag.

  • Anonymous

    Reposted from PC Mag online:

    Don’t imagine you get 4G from Verizon for $30/month As a long-time Verizon user I was happy to upgrade from the iPad1 to the new 4G model but was astonished when I signed up for the data plan. Be prepared for a big first bill. Instead of the advertised $30 for 2GB price my receipt read as follows : Estimated monthly access fee $55.16 (includes one prorated and one full month), Selected Services Access Fees $12.85, Equipment surcharges $48.01, Taxes and fees $5.08, Estimated total $121.10. Apparently this includes an activation fee of $35 and if you stop the service for a month they will charge the same fee again when you reactivate. 03.19.2012 by ronaldecohen