The new iPad features a new camera system from Apple, who detailed the new camera at its media event that took place today. The iPad features a 5-megapixel camera, which includes advanced optics, auto-focus, and white balance. The upgraded iSight camera also features 1080p video recording.

While we’re going to have to wait until March 16th to take our own photos with the iPad’s camera, Apple has posted sample photos (and video) taken with the new iPad on its website. And of course, the photos look stunning…

iOS 5.1 brings along the new camera app to the iPad, which includes auto-exposure, auto-focus, white balance, face detection, and image stabilization software.

The new iPad is available for pre-order now and will be available on March 16th. We’ll be sure to give you our own photos on launch day, but Apple’s stunning sample photos should suffice in the meantime.

What do you think of these shots?


  • I think they look fantastic!

  • when they say ships on march 16th does that mean you will receive it the 16th?

    • I fixed it. Technically, they say “deliver on March 16th”, which means you get it in the mail on that day. Well, actually UPS brings it over to you

  • Anonymous

    the new Nokia has a “41”megapixel camera !! and it’s also supposed to have amazingly good processing software-running ‘Symbian’

    • Anonymous

      Ooohh, 41 megapixels! So it must be better than 5mp.

      • Anonymous

        in this case, definitely.

      • Anonymous

        Nokia Pureview

    • which nokia moblie ? (name of the moblie) PLZ

    • Umm.. It has Symbian.

  • Jex

    it is your hand Jake?
    Awesome output….

    • Did you read?

      • Jex

        Yes I did…. i know they will deliver from March 16th… just a duh !! hah!!

  • What gets more natural than the ladybug photo. Just says apple to me

  • So what about the front facing camera? (really the most important camera on the iPad) and yet it still probably has a VGA camera on it, WTF APPLE? I already got my pre-order in for a white 32 GB Wifi model and yes I am STOKED. Hoping for 1 GB ram and a little better camera, but since they did not mention, i doubt its changed…

    • why do you need more ram?
      it just works! no matter what app you’re running, it works.
      you wouldn’t need 1GB of ram…

  • Where is my 128gb harddisk? i can barely hold my stuffs on a 64gb

    • Kok Hean

      Get a laptop.

    • if they offer more iCloud storage then it would be fine to get stock with 64 or 32 GB…
      instead of 20more gigs in the cloud they should give 200GB! so everybody keeps everything in the cloud.
      at least give the option no matter how expensive…

  • Anonymous

    The Nokia model that has been in the news lately and can be found by searching Nokia 41 megapixel in google. It’s the Nokia pureview 808

  • The second picture is fake, look at the light on the little bug.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care how good the cameras get on a tablet, the fact is that taking pictures with a tablet is pointless when people have mobiles that have better cameras, not to mention the fact you’d look a twat walking round taking pictures with a tablet and you’re looking to get robbed.

    • Well in that direction, holding a tabled would give you more stability than holding a phone, giving you better results; you know, more clarity when there’s less shaking.

      Thieves do not discriminate between tablets and smartphones, careful don’t get fooled.

  • simply..what is the hype about when u have an iphone4?

  • photoshopped