Apple just announced on stage that iOS 5.1 will be available today, and will support Japanese language for Siri. At this time, that’s all we know about iOS 5.1 but I’m sure new features will be unveiled as the event unfolds, so stay tuned for more info.

  • Anonymous

    GM or Final Build?

  • The main event will be when ios 5.1 jailbreak will come till then i dont think many ppl will upgrade

    • Anonymous

      contrary to what you think there are more stock users than jailbreakers. i am jailbroken and still will upgrade to 5.1 just to see what it’s all about first hand.


  • 5.1 patches the corona jailbreak exploit right?

    • Anonymous

      correct. and now the wait begins..

      will it be a few days or months before 5.1.x is jailbroken (Untethered)

      • Anonymous

        That’s a stupid question to ask.

      • Anonymous

        true there’s no way to know. best bet is get comfortable and prepare for a long wait

  • will the ios 5.1 be available for the iphone 4 ?

    • John Brusa


  • Gffggh

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